The Muckers

The Muckers are a football firm linked closely with Blackpool Football Club. The name comes from the word mucker, which means good friend.

Blackpool aren’t the biggest club in England but they have a long standing history of hooliganism, which has all but vanished in recent years.

Blackpool has a few main rivals which The Muckers have gone up against over the years, these include Preston North End, Burnley Football Club and Bolton Wanderers.

The Muckers were named among the six worst clubs regarding football hooliganism, the list included:


During a clash with Bradford City fans in October 2006, fans before and after their home match when the Princess Hotel pub had all its windows smashed as Blackpool fans attacked the Bradford fans drinking inside.

In 2007 Blackpool Police warned football hooligans not to attend the local derby against Preston North End in Preston on 8 December 2007.

The Blackpool Gazette reported on 17 November how comments on a Message Board used by The Muckers claimed that Blackpool fans were planning to infiltrate the home stands at the Deepdale Stadium in Preston.


The Firm that was popular amongst Blackpool fans before The Muckers was the Rammy Arms Crew which took their name from the pub they drank in across from Blackpool North Railway Station known as Rammy Arms Crew.


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