Newcastle Gremlins

The Newcastle Gremlins are a football firm that are associated with Newcastle United Football Club.

Newcastle United Football Club have been been culpable for some of the worst football related fighting ever witnessed in the UK.


In March 2002, the Gremlins who at the time were lead by “General” John Robson of Birtley fought with hooligans from Seaburn Casuals which is Sunderlands firm in a pre-arranged clash near the North Shields Ferry terminal.

On 2 April 2003 around 95 fans were arrested when 200 fans of both Sunderland and Newcastle clashed in Sunderland City Centre before an England UEFA Euro 2004 Qualifying match against Turkey in the city.


The Newcastle Gremlins firm still exists to this day.

There is believed to be around 250-300 members and have had only one ally over the year which was the English Border Front who are associated with Shrewsbury Town.

The biggest rivals to the Newcastle Gremlins are The Seaburn Casuals who are associated with Sunderland Football Club and the Inter City Firm who are associated with West Ham United.


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