6.57 Crew

The 6.57 Crew is a football firm that is linked to Portsmouth Football Club. The name is 6.57 came from the time that the Portsmouth to London Waterloo train left Portsmouth and Southsea Station.

During the 1980s the 6.57 Crew caused chaos up and down the country and were labelled one of the most active films.

Due to their convictions of football related crime, 130 Portsmouth hooligans had to give up their passport so they could not travel to the 2006 World Cup in Germany.


On 22 September 2001, the 6.57 Crew fought with Coventry City fans both at the match and in Coventry city centre. Before the game took place hooligans from both clubs clashed in the city centre.

Ninety three people were arrested for their involvement in riots involving over 300 people before and after the game with South Coast rivals Southampton.

A Home Office report in October 2007 listed all football banning orders by club. Stats showed that Portsmouth had 95 banning orders in place against who are termed “risk supporters” which at the time was the most in the Premier League.


6.57 Crew has had a wide variety of membership numbers of the year, during the 1980s it is believe that the firm had between 200-500 members. During the 2000s the present day there has been around 50-150 members of the 6.57 Crew.

The founding location of the 6.57 Crew was Portsmouth and the Firm was founded in 1979 and is still running to this day.

The most common ethnicity in the 6.57 Crew was mostly White British, Norther Irish and Irish.


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