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Our BTTS and Win Betting Tips are excellent for football punters who like increased odds on footy bets.

Today’s “both teams to score and win tips” have been carefully selected by our Professional Football Tipster David Dooley.

If you enjoy wagering football bets on BTTS and Result, David Dooley gives his daily predictions and recently won the accolades for most successful telegram football tipster and best UK football tipster in 2024.

Get both our teams to score and win tips now:

BTTS and Win Predictions Today

Here are both teams to score and win tips for today’s main football fixtures.

CompetitionBTTS Football MatchWin ResultBTTS + Result Tips
FA CupMan Utd v Man CityMan CityToday’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
#REF!Today’s BTTS + Win Tips
FixtureToday’s BTTS + Win Tips
Man Utd v Man City

The BTTS and win predictions have become very popular because of the higher odds offered by the football betting sites.

What is the Both Team to Score and Team to Win?

Both teams to score and win is a two-step bet where you select the team to win the game and both teams to score. It essentially combines a BTTS bet and a match result bet together.

For football bettors to win the BTTS and Result in bet, you need to select the winning team and not win the game to nil.

Both teams must score at least once in the game, and your selection will be the winner.

The BTTS and Win bet is rather new but gaining huge popularity due to the increased odds and high returns attached.

What is a Goal Rush Bet Type?

Goal Rush is the Ladbrokes version of both teams to score bet + win bet accumulator.

The goal rush bet slip is where both teams need to score, and you choose the outright winner of the game.

Goal rush is the term some bookmakers use on their weekend coupons so you can quickly identify the coupon.

You compile your goal rush accumulator by picking out matches where you feel both teams will find the net and confident which team will win the game.

What is the Main Advantage of BTTS and Win Bets?

The main advantage of both teams in scoring and winning is the larger odds.

When you build a BTTS + Win accumulator (goal rush acca), your potential returns skyrocket.

Some football punters wager single bets on the BTTS + Result bet because the increased betting odds provide great wins from your stake.

The bigger betting odds for both teams to score and the outright winner is why the bet type is growing in popularity.

What is BTTS without the Win Bet?

There’s an option to place BTTS bets without the match result being included. This is just both teams to score bet; to win the bet you will need both teams to score.

A BTTS bet is still popular, but the odds aren’t what they used to be but the advantage of this bet is as soon as both teams score, you win that bet.

You won’t need football predictions with the result attached. The BTTS bets have significantly lower odds than the BTTS & Win options.

Why Choose BTTS & Win Bet?

Many punters enjoy the combination of both teams to score and match results as it allows for big odds. When you bet on both teams scoring and the winner, you receive great odds and big potential returns.

Popular Questions

What does both teams to score and no draw mean?

The BTTS No Draw bet is a combination bet that requires two outcomes to come true instead of just one.

To win on the BTTS No Draw bet slip, you need both teams to score and one of the teams to be an outright winner.

It is very similar to Both Teams to Score and win bet type – but you do not need to select which team wins the game.

Which site is best for predicting both teams to score and win tips?

Our most successful tipster David Dooley is the best football tipster for predicting both teams to score and win tips.

At the recent UK Tipster Awards, David Dooley was awarded:

The awards are calculated on profit margins and David Dooley Tips has a great ROI on football bets wagered in 2024.

What is a good BTTS & Win Strategy?

Use our winning BTTS tips as David Dooley applies his strategy to enjoy profitable bets.

These football predictions are carefully formulated by the experienced David Dooley, known for winning awards. His telegram group offers plenty of tips and options for BTTS acca wins and other winning tips.

What competitions can you stake on for BTTS & Win?

You can search the market for a list of competitions that can be added to your BTTS & Win bet.

You can bet on all types of competitions and teams, from the Premier League with Manchester City or Ligue 1 with PSG.

Here are some of the potential markets to enjoy your BTTS & Win Bets:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Ligue 1
  • Ligue 2
  • Serie A
  • Serie B
  • FA Cup
  • EFL Championship
  • Champions League
  • Europa League

Many other competitions can be included in BTTS bets – enjoy the complete accumulator tips on this page for different BTTS & Win.


If you are looking for both teams to score and win tips for today’s and this weekend’s matches, our list of predictions above is worth following.

Our footy tipsters will have predicted a goal-rush game where they feel it will produce an outright winner. Use the BTTS win tips to land some of the most exciting soccer predictions.

Predicting BTTS and the result of a winner increases the betting odds so football bettors enjoy the BTTS & Result bet type.

Our result btts tips and both teams to score and win tips for today have provided our tipsters with some huge winning acca bets.

If you follow the win and BTTS predictions, you only need a few games, and this can be more than 10x your stake in real money winning payouts.

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