In Play Live Betting Tips

You may have tried your luck at In Play Live Betting in the past and found yourself coming up short. Our aim is to help you build confidence to play smart and knowledge-based bets.

This gives the punters an excellent opportunity to take advantage of significantly higher odds than you would have found in pre-match markets.

The great news for punters is that most bookmakers these days provide in-play betting opportunities, if you want to go and use an exchange to bet on sports, the opportunities can get even more appealing.

You can also find complete live betting strategies using the top professional football tipsters – that help you with tactics on how and when to bet.

InPlay Betting Predictions

Here are our in-play betting predictions to back the team at half-time.

CompetitionFootball MatchCorrect ScoreBet Type
#N/AInPlay Betting Pick

We have chosen these football teams because they usually start the game slowly and improve second half.

In-Play Betting Tips

When it comes to in-play betting, one of the most attractive features is how accessible it is these days for the average punter, we would argue it is unacceptable not to try and use this form of betting to your advantage.

It is important to remember that the Bookmaker always has the upper hand when it comes to sports betting, however, if you decide to go down the in-play betting route, things can drastically swing in your favour.

You have the ability to use a wide variety of strategies while in-play betting, we have identified these strategies and compiled them below.

Tip #1 – Bet on The Favourite if They Concede First

The first tip we would suggest is actually waiting for the fixture to kick off, you may find larger odds for a market than you would if you bet before the game has started.

The reason for this is when it comes to football, anything can happen, and if you wait for the situation to arise, you may just be able to capitalise and find a tonne of value.

An example would be if Arsenal were listed at 2.0 to win a game before it had kicked off and they concede first, you may see a shift in the odds rising to 2.5 or even higher.

This will obviously depend on many factors like the time the goal was scored, if the goal is scored early or anytime in the first half, it is usually deemed a good idea to back the favourite. The team who went into the game as favourites will often turn the game around and find a way to win, usually to their increase in squad players and impact substitutes off the bench. This gives you the ability to lock in some tasty odds while they are down 1-0.

Tip #2 – If The Game is a Draw Towards the 75th Minute, Back the Favourite

When it comes to in-play betting, football is a lot more interesting than other sports, there is always the possibility of a draw which can throw a spanner into the works. This is different from a wide variety of other sporting events such as tennis and basketball.

In these two sports there is no possibility of a draw and the game will always end up with a definitive winner and loser. However, you can actually use this to your advantage in football, especially when it comes to in-play betting to facilitate this strategy. If you have the ability to identify a game that is heading for a draw after 75 minutes, you will see that the draw market will obviously become more favourable.

If you are able to identify the winning markets for either team at the 75 minute point in the game, you may be able to check the odds and see that they are at least 2.5 or even higher for the team deemed as the underdog

This gives the punter an ideal chance to bet a small amount with the chance of a much larger return just by simply waiting and seeing how the game plays out. We have to state that there is of course risk that the game will end in a draw, but this is football, anything can happen.

Tip #3 – Be Sure to Bet on a Substitute as an Anytime Goalscorer

The anytime goalscorer market is one you will expect to find on any reputable bookmaker. It is a very popular market among sports bettors, and if you can identify an offensive player who is in good form, it is always an appealing bet to place.

The anytime goalscorer market operates slightly differently post-kick-off. This is the case will all of the other markets we have talked about in this article, the odds here are massive depending on the player you choose.

You will be left waiting for a player to come off the bench as a substitute, ideally, the player should have been brought on with the intention of getting the team a goal. The odds that you typically find here will depend on the situation in the game as well as what time the player has been subbed onto the pitch, you will typically find that the potential can be quite high for a relatively small wager.

Tip #4 – Be Sure To use the Cash Out Feature

A wide variety of Bookmakers these days will offer a cash-out option as one of their staple features. There is a wide misconception that cash-out features are only ever offered for bets that are made within the pre-match markets, this isn’t the case at all.

If you sign in to your bookmaker of choice and make an in-play bet, they will offer you the option of a cash-out option if things swing in your favour. Obviously, this is a fantastic feature from a football betting perspective, as you could make a bet and then cash out a few seconds later and take a small profit.

It is important to state, that things won’t always work out this way and you may end up losing money doing this if you are too late when cashing out, however, you can see how powerful the early cashout tool is when used correctly.

Tip #5 – Avoid Chasing Losses

In-Play Betting can become a very attractive proposition when you are armed with the knowledge and have a ironed out strategy pre-game. However the flip side to this, is that it can also become massively problematic for those who chase their losses.

We can’t state the importance to distance yourself from any emotions attached to either the team, the players, or the game at hand.

Tip #6 – Be Sure To Watch Live

You are able to place a live bet and go about your day without following on with the fixture. We would argue that it is really important to watch the game live instead of taking a gamble on the unknown. Watching the game live allows you to pick up knowledge and notice patterns in the game which you can use for your advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Easiest Sports to Predict in Betting?

It has been deemed that the three easiest sports to predict are as followed:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball

If you are looking to start In-Play betting and are much more familiar with one sport than the other, we would suggest starting there.

How do you Win in Live Betting?

When it comes to winning in Live Betting, we would suggest placing very little bets, as this allows you to watch the game carefully and not have to focus on many different things at once. Be sharp and wait for the right moment to bet and pounce on the value at hand.

What is the most Profitable Live Betting Strategy?

Hedging bets is out in front when it comes to profitability when Live Betting. This is where you’re able to place multiple bets to cover all possible results and still end up leaving with a profit.

Summary – Final Thoughts

In-Play betting which is sometimes referred to as Live Betting allows punters to bet on games that have already taken place. The benefit of this is the odds change throughout the game in response to what is happening currently in the game.

We would argue that if you are an avid football watcher, in-play live betting is a market that you should definitely take advantage of as you can use your additional knowledge to your benefit.

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