Best Betting Tipsters

For every fan placing football bets, the dream is to find that profitable football tipster who can transform their passion for the sport into winnings.

We have tried and tested the best football betting tipsters to ensure you’re always in the loop with the best footballing tips.

Dive deep into our meticulously curated football tipsters list and discover the most popular football tipsters who have carved a niche with their insightful football predictions.

Whether you’re seeking free tips or insights from the best tipsters, we have you covered.

We understand the importance of value, and hence, we also feature free tipsters who bring substantial knowledge to the table and even some possible bets at bigger odds.

From the thrill of the Premier League to the intensity of European leagues, get ready to elevate your betting game with our handpicked list of the best in the business.

Find out more about the best betting tipsters:

Who is the Best Sports Betting Tipster?

The best sports betting tipster is David Dooley, who provides football and daily horse racing predictions.

David Dooley Tips won the Most Successful Sportsbook Tipster at The UK Gambling Awards in June 2024.

David’s daily tips provide punters with selections on daily horse racing events and football game predictions for a variety of events and competitions.

Find underdog racing tips with exciting betting strategies that could prove profitable. Simply join the Telegram group that David runs, as it was recently voted the number one Telegram betting tipster group in the UK.

David Dooley has built a profitable campaign and reached the top 10 list of best football tipsters for profit in 2024.

Best Sportsbook Tipsters 2024

Here are the most popular tipsters in the world:

David Dooley

The top-rated sportsbook tipster with the highest profit margins is David Dooley Tips.

David Dooley has been recognised as the number one football tipster and horse racing tipster on numerous occasions, and he once again took home the title of the leading football betting tipster in 2024.

David Dooley Tips Football Tipster

Behind David Dooley’s unparalleled football predictions lies an exceptional team. This comprises data analysts diving deep into match statistics, sharp punters evaluating team form, and professional tipping services bolstering his extensive research.

David Dooley unearths in-depth research on the most anticipated football match results, user-friendly betting calculators, and a wealth of insights on wagering bets in the world’s top football competitions.

David Dooley also made it as number one of the best football tipsters.

GYTO – Get Your Tips Out

GetYourTipsOut (GYTO) distinguishes itself as one of the prominent professional tipsters in the UK, renowned not only for its excellence in football predictions but also for its leadership across various other sports categories.

Their dedicated website serves as an invaluable resource, guiding bettors in crafting effective betting strategies. Given the remarkable success and high demand for tipsters of this caliber, it’s imperative to recognize their expertise.

GYTO also has a huge social media following and is regarded as one of the best-paid tipster services online.

Get Your Tips Out offers a range of daily selections, including NAP, NB, and a noteworthy “notebook” pick. Many punters gravitate towards their platform, driven by the impressive track record and sound reasoning behind each selection.

Football enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the accuracy of their daily football tips, significantly enhancing the likelihood of achieving successful outcomes in their betting endeavors.

Forebet has secured its place on our esteemed list of top tipsters, offering a unique algorithmic approach to their predictions. Leveraging advanced software, they meticulously analyse patterns, leading to a substantial average monthly profit.

It is one of the best tipster sites online, and it is known for its proven track record. Join their tips on most popular sports.

This football tip service ranks among the finest, delivering Forebet predictions rooted in a mathematical breakdown. Their cutting-edge algorithm identifies the optimal betting markets, providing members with an opportunity to reap significant profits.

The platform is rich in diverse markets, and the professional tipster has dedicated an entire site to results, form analysis, and daily tips. Whether you’re seeking in-depth insights or aiming to capitalize on promising betting opportunities, Forebet stands as an invaluable resource for both seasoned bettors and newcomers.

Forebet operates as a football match prediction system that relies on mathematical algorithms to generate its forecasts.

Betting Gods

The Betting Gods consist of a group of 17 accomplished betting tipsters, all of whom have successfully passed a rigorous proofing and onboarding evaluation process.

The Betting Gods network consists of numerous betting experts who all specialise in different sports.

While a vast number of bettors aspire to attain professional gambling status, only a minute fraction ultimately meet the criteria.

In August 2023, Betting Gods proudly features a lineup of renowned horse racing tipsters, including prominent names such as Quentin Frank and The Bookies Enemy.

It’s worth paying their membership for some of the exclusive betting predictions. You can look up their results and profits from the last 12 months to check out their track record. Find a range of sports betting tips, with experts available in all popular sports.

The network consists of a professional football tipster, best horse racing tipsters and other sports betting portfolio with plenty of other markets.

Hugh Taylor

Hugh holds a significant presence as a prominent social media tipster, consistently demonstrating impressive profits through his recommended prices.

However, punters encounter a challenge due to the swift disappearance of these favourable odds, a direct response from bookmakers reacting to Hugh’s selections.

Tipsters Empire

The Tipsters Empire is a tipster platform that prioritises quality over quantity in its approach.

Every tipster affiliated with Tipsters Empire is required to provide exceptional betting recommendations, and comprehensive write-ups, and exhibit excellent communication skills.

Founded by James Walsh, a fervent enthusiast of National Hunt Horse Racing events, the Tipsters Empire reflects his passion for the sport.

James particularly looks forward to the annual 4-Day Cheltenham Festival, making it his favourite event on the racing calendar. This betting tipster service is a favourite among horse-racing punters – use their betting strategy from expert tipsters.


As of August 2023, the Tipstrr platform stands out as one of the premier destinations to discover highly successful free horse racing tipsters as well as top-quality free football tipsters available on the internet.

Offering both an intuitive betting app and a user-friendly website, the Tipstrr dashboard is a treasure trove where enthusiasts can find a tipster that perfectly aligns with their unique betting preferences.

Since its establishment in 2014, has processed and meticulously verified an extensive array of betting tips across numerous sports, empowering sports aficionados to make well-informed decisions.

Many devoted users of follow tipsters specialising in their favourite sports, while others seek to expand their sports betting knowledge and diversify their portfolio, a strategy that minimises risk and proves pivotal in achieving profitability as a sports bettor.

Criteria for Identifying The Top Football Betting Tipsters

In evaluating the credentials of a top football tipster, there are several key indicators that truly set the best apart from the rest:

Strike Rate

Often synonymous with the “win rate,” the strike rate paints a picture of how frequently a tipster’s predictions hit the mark.

It’s instrumental in forecasting potential victories if you were to follow their tips and in determining the ideal bank size.

While a general benchmark for football tipsters floats between a 40-50% strike rate, it’s imperative to note that this rate might oscillate based on the specific markets the tipster operates within.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Widely hailed as a barometer for tipster performance, the ROI showcases the earnings a tipster has accumulated for every 100 units (be it Pounds, Dollars, Euros) wagered.

To put things in perspective, an ROI of 40% indicates a profit of £40 for every £100 staked.

In the football betting landscape, an ROI surpassing 5% is commendable, while anything beyond 10% over an extended period is truly outstanding.

Bank Growth

This pivotal metric underscores the growth of your original investment over a specified duration.

For instance, a starting bank of £3,000 that burgeons by 75% within a year will culminate in a total of £5,250.

Longevity and Consistency

Arguably the most telling, longevity underscores a tipster’s prowess in sustaining excellence.

While many tipsters might make a splash with their initial successes, it’s their ability to maintain this momentum that’s truly laudable.

Those who persistently yield profits year after year underscore their superior edge over bookmakers, making them invaluable assets to bettors.

Only an elite group of tipsters can boast of such consistent profitability, while many others gradually fade into oblivion.

Selecting The Best

In assembling our definitive roster of top-tier football tipsters, we take the more important factors into account.

Our list of the top ten football tipsters, emerges from comprehensive reviews undertaken on our platform, ensuring full disclosure of results for the sake of transparency.

We regularly refresh this list, blending recent performances with longstanding records.

We keep our eyes peeled for emerging tipster talents, inducting them into our list when their performance justifies their inclusion.

Many of the above all offer free betting tips.

Football Tipster Red Flags to Watch Out For

While we’ve previously discussed top-notch football tipsters, it’s equally crucial to know what pitfalls to avoid when seeking football advice.

Be cautious of the following:

  • Over-the-Top Promises with betting tips: Remember the adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? This applies perfectly to tipsters. If someone claims consistent wins or boasts an unrealistic ROI like 50%, tread carefully. It’s always advisable to consult sites that offer independently verified results.
  • Unshared Results: A credible tipster will always share their complete results for public assessment. If they hesitate, one might wonder what they’re hiding. Prioritize those who transparently display their track records.
  • Suspicious Sales Pages: Be on the lookout for standalone sales pages. Often, they come packed with exaggerated success stories and boastful claims, yet lack concrete, verifiable outcomes to support their narrative.
  • Brief Track Records: A tipster’s longevity is a good indicator of their credibility. While some may debut with impressive short-term outcomes, it’s the consistency over years that truly matters, not just fleeting achievements spanning weeks or months.
  • Guaranteed Fixed Matches: Numerous platforms might tempt you with “fixed matches” insights. It’s wise to bypass them; they’re likely deceitful. If someone genuinely had information about a fixed match, they wouldn’t peddle it online for a trivial amount. They would capitalise on it silently.

Always bear these pointers in mind. The world of tipsters has its share of unreliable sources and scams, and being vigilant can save you from unnecessary pitfalls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Football Tips Free?

While many football tips can be accessed for free, punters sometimes have the option to opt for a paid subscription.

Are All Tipsters Profitable?

Most tipsters found online are not very profitable for punters. However, the tipsters we endorse have consistently demonstrated profitability over several years.

Can I View Football Tips on My Mobile?

You can access the best football tips on your mobile device or desktop. Accessing football tips is straightforward for everyone.

Which Leagues Do We Offer Tips?

Most of our suggested tipsters primarily focus on the Premier League and European leagues.

That said, several also delve into lower-tier leagues and international fixtures.

Summary of the Best Betting Tipsters

When it comes to sportsbook tipsters giving betting tips, several names stand out for their expertise and reliable predictions across various sports. GYTO (GetYourTipsOut) is one of the UK’s most renowned professional tipsters, excelling in football and horse racing predictions.

With a dedicated website aimed at assisting bettors in formulating effective strategies, GYTO’s daily selections, including NAP, NB, and noteworthy “notebook” picks, attract a large following seeking accurate insights for successful bets. is a notable platform offering algorithm-based football predictions. Their mathematical approach provides users with comprehensive insights, helping them make informed decisions based on patterns and probabilities.

Betting Gods is a trusted platform that features a diverse group of tipsters who have successfully passed rigorous evaluation processes. These tipsters specialize in various sports, catering to a wide range of betting preferences.

Hugh Taylor, a high-profile social media tipster, is known for showing strong profits at his advised prices. However, punters need to act quickly as bookmakers quickly adjust odds in response to his selections.

Tipsters Empire, with its “Quality over Quantity” approach, features tipsters who offer excellent suggestions, thorough write-ups, and top-notch communication skills, providing a high standard of quality for bettors.

Tipstrr, founded in 2014, has become a reliable destination for verified betting tips across multiple sports. Their platform helps users follow tipsters in their favourite sports while expanding their knowledge to enhance their sports betting portfolio.

These tipsters, each with their unique strengths, offer valuable insights for sports bettors, contributing to more informed and successful wagering decisions.

Here are all the football tips for today’s matches.