Football Draw Betting Tips

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The draw betting market is often overlooked because football punters tend to favour one team over the other rather than predicting a stalemate. But wagering bets on the draw can certainly yield profit and our top footballing tipsters have picked out these top bets today.

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Football Draw Betting Tips

Football Draw Betting Tips

Here are our football draw betting tips for today’s games.

CompetitionFootball MatchPrediction
Champions LeagueGalatasaray vs Manchester UnitedDraw
Champions LeagueSporting Braga vs Union BerlinDraw

What Is The Draw Betting Market?

Although it may not be the most glamorous way to gamble, betting on a draw can offer significant value if approached strategically and with the right draw betting tips. Unfortunately, this market is often overlooked because fans tend to favour one team over the other rather than predicting a stalemate.

However, successful draw betting requires a keen understanding of statistics and the ability to analyze them effectively. Like any other betting market, there are certain favourites that bettors are more likely to wager on, such as teams with strong defensive capabilities like Atletico Madrid.

Nevertheless, predicting a draw can be challenging as few teams intentionally set out to secure a stalemate. However, with the right approach, including utilizing reliable draw betting tips and logical analysis, betting on a draw can be a rewarding experience.

How to Win Betting on Draws?

Sports bettors understand in some games the draw can be where the value for money in the betting market is.

Here are strategies on how you can win with draw selection bets.

Value Betting

When it comes to gambling, there is often a nod to trusting one’s gut instincts. This has been a successful approach for many bettors since the inception of gambling. As a result, fans will often support their favoured team, regardless of their form.

For instance, if Real Madrid is on a 15-game winning streak with an impressive goal difference, and they are playing against a struggling Barcelona team missing many of their star players, Barcelona fans will still bet on their team to win. The same goes for Real Madrid, even if they have lost to their opponents in their previous ten meetings.

This type of optimism often results in the bookmaker being liable for either Real or Barcelona winning, and as a result, the bookmaker will increase the odds of the other outcome(s). Since fewer people tend to back the draw, the bookmaker will lengthen the odds, increasing the value of draw betting tips.

To identify value bets, you need to find matches where the majority of bettors have backed one team to win, resulting in longer odds for a draw. This emphasizes the value that can be obtained by betting on a draw.


As previously mentioned, some teams have mastered the art of preventing their opponents from taking all three points, but this could come at a cost of sacrificing their own chances of winning. Atletico Madrid is an example of such a team, with a strong emphasis on their defensive tactics. Although their midfielders and forwards possess scoring and creative abilities, they are often utilised to track back and work defensively for the team’s greater good.

This makes Atleti a prime candidate for draw betting tips, with their matches often resulting in stalemates. In the 2019/20 season, Atletico recorded an impressive 16 draws in the league, significantly more than second-placed Barcelona and champions Real Madrid.

While they are hard to defeat, they are still susceptible to dropping points, making them an ideal team to back in draw betting tips. Approximately 50% of Atleti’s 38 league games last year ended in a draw, proving their potential in the draw market.

Statistics play a significant role in draw betting, especially when following football draw accumulator betting tips. If a team has a high percentage of games that end in a draw, it is likely that they will draw again. Moreover, checking historical results between teams is crucial before following any football draw accumulator betting tips.

For instance, despite a team entering a game having scored 20 goals in their last five games, if their historical clashes with their local rivals have frequently resulted in 0-0 draws, backing a draw would be a prudent option, especially if their manager tends to settle for a point in significant games.

Mathematical Approach

When it comes to using mathematics for betting on draws, there are various complex methods available, but we recommend a simpler approach. Look at specific leagues where draws occur more frequently, often due to lower-scoring teams.

In leagues where high-scoring games are common, such as the Premier League, predicting a draw can be challenging as one team usually outperforms the other. Hence, it’s better to focus on leagues where defensive play is a priority, and draws are more prevalent.

Additionally, consider betting on matches where teams are equally matched in terms of ability, as they may cancel each other out. Keeping these factors in mind while following football draw accumulator betting tips can help increase the chances of winning big.

Draw Betting Systems

We suggest several draw betting systems that can be employed when using your own draw betting tips or following the football draw accumulator betting tips of experts. These include:

Betting On A Drawn and Odd Total Goals

This draw betting approach involves taking advantage of the tendency for most bettors to bet on a team to win, rather than betting on a draw. While a draw is typically backed at around 2/1, the bookmaker will often inflate the odds of a draw due to most of the money going on Team A or Team B to win. As a result, the odds could stretch to 3/1 or higher. By betting on three draws with these inflated odds of 3/1, even if you only win once, you will still make a profit.

This betting method is commonly used in draw betting and is frequently utilized by tipsters when creating their football draw accumulator betting tips.

Summary of Best Draw Betting Tips

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