Best Telegram Tipsters

Telegram groups are a great messaging platform for sports betting tipsters to provide their predictions and are growing in popularity. Check out the best Telegram tipsters today. 

There are many free telegram channel links and social media profiles offering free-of-charge tips on the outcome of football games or horse races.

In the world of sports betting, telegram tipster channels have emerged as a beacon for accurate predictions and considered betting advice.

Providing the best tips for match prediction across a range of different sports, these channels direct punters to the best betting groups and reliable online bookmakers.

Whether you’re placing a single sports bet or exploring betting opportunities for major sporting events, the depth of the betting markets covered by these tipsters ensures you’re always in the know.

But the real value and insights are shared in VIP private telegram channels where you subscribe for a small monthly fee.

In our Best Telegram Tipsters guide, we list all the most profitable Telegram channels and groups for sports betting in the UK.

Check out the best Telegram tipsters:

Who Is The Best Telegram Sports Betting Tipster?

The best telegram sportsbook tipster is David Dooley.

The David Dooley VIP Tips Telegram group has been voted the top-rated tipping service in the sports betting industry.

David Dooley Tips has 4 different telegram groups, which include:

The David Dooley tipping service has been voted the best UK sportsbook tipster and the most profitable football tipster in May 2024.

David Dooley Tips provides daily predictions shared in the telegram groups for punters. Enjoy the paid betting tips Telegram groups (VIP channel) and you can also find completely free groups on Telegram.

David’s predictions are hugely accurate in both football and also horse racing where he has the most profitable horse racing telegram channel in the UK.

Best Telegram Betting Groups 2024

Here are the top sports betting telegram tipsters for horse racing, football, and sporting activities in the UK.

David Dooley Telegram Tips

The top-rated UK telegram tipster is David Dooley Tips as the data shows he is top of the leaderboard on profits.

David Dooley Telegram Sports Betting Tipster

David Dooley Tips telegram betting channels include:

The VIP telegram groups have returned a far higher profit margin in comparison to the free telegram group links (but both show net profits).

David Dooley’s knowledge and ability to analyze the data make him a valuable team member at Away Grounds.

Get Your Tips Our Telegram Tips

The Get Your Tips Out (GYTO) Telegram betting group delivers daily horse racing predictions to its members.

This private channel operates on an exclusive invite-only basis, making it inaccessible to the general public. Once in, you enjoy excellent transparency on profits and more.

A significant number of punters who have subscribed to the GYTO Telegram betting group also choose to follow them on Twitter. Use their social media for public channels on what they do.

Joe Norris (pictured) from the getyourtipsout website provides daily predictions on all horse racing events and football games.

Joe Norris GYTO Tips

Joe Norris and Dave Potter are particularly great at predicting the Champions League games and the BTTS and team win tips.

On this platform, GYTO provides comprehensive reasoning, shedding light on the rationale behind their horse selections for various races.

This dual approach, combining real-time updates on Telegram and detailed insights on Twitter, offers a well-rounded experience for bettors seeking valuable guidance and reasoning in their horse racing wagers.

WhichBookie Telegram Tips

WhichBookie offers a genuinely free tipping service to its followers through its dedicated Telegram channel.

This channel, known as the WhichBookie Tips Telegram Channel, stands out for its transparency, providing a comprehensive record of all betting tips, and enabling users to review the complete history of daily recommendations.

The betting expertise at WhichBookie is provided by two individuals, namely Will Smith and Andrew Blair White. Their insights and tips contribute to the quality and reliability of the information shared with subscribers.

Recognising its valuable contributions, the WhichBookie Telegram channel has earned a spot on our esteemed top ten list of the best Telegram betting channels for 2024, making it an attractive option for bettors seeking reliable and transparent betting tips.

The Telegram Tipsters

The Telegram Tipsters has earned its place among the top 10 private groups on Telegram. Comprising a team of five skilled professional gamblers, delivers members some of the finest sports betting advice available in the market.

A distinguishing feature that members appreciate is the convenience of receiving tips through Telegram notifications, a departure from traditional communication methods like email.

This modern approach ensures timely updates and enhances the overall experience, resonating well with the members seeking valuable insights for their sports betting endeavors.

Betting Hub Racing Telegram Tips

Betting Hub enjoys a substantial Twitter following, with nearly 90,000 dedicated followers. They consistently provide football tips that have achieved notable success.

Adding to their services, Betting Hub Racing Tips has recently introduced a dedicated racing tips channel on Telegram. The best part? It’s entirely free to join. Bettors can expect fresh racing tips published daily, expanding the platform’s offerings and catering to a broader spectrum of sports enthusiasts.

This is one of the best betting tips channels with options for racing and football tips.

101GG Telegram Group

The 101GG Telegram Group provides exceptional betting tips, alongside substantially enhanced odds and attractive betting offers, courtesy of the seasoned team at 101 Great Goals.

Enthusiasts can access the 101 Great Tips and Bets channel through a free betting tips Telegram group link.

To make things even more convenient, the @GG101s channel ensures that you receive all of 101’s premier football tips and horse racing bets directly in your inbox.

Please note that this service is intended for users aged 18 and above, with a responsible gambling approach promoted (begambleaware).

The 101GG Telegram channel has earned recognition, and voted as one of the primary football betting Telegram group links to join, affirming its popularity and credibility among bettors seeking valuable insights.

Tipman Tips Telegram Tips

Tipman Tips boasts an excellent subscription-based sports betting Telegram group that caters to both horse racing and football betting enthusiasts.

When you subscribe through, you gain exclusive access to a private Telegram group, where you receive valuable inside information on sports betting tips.

Distinguished as one of the United Kingdom’s premier subscription-based tipping services, Tipman Tips is a vibrant sports betting tips community.

The company operates under the name Tipman Group LTD, a UK-based entity that has expanded its team significantly.

With four full-time employees, two skilled web developers, and a dedicated group of 20 social media promoters, Tipman Tips has become a prominent player in the industry, offering valuable insights and expertise to their subscribers.

This subscription service is open for anybody who wishes to pay and join as a member.

Star Tipster Telegram Tips

Star Tipster has established an impressive track record, proudly showcasing a profitable Return on Investment (ROI) for level stake wagers.

As a notable feature, Star Tipster Picks operates as a free horse racing tips Telegram channel, extending its services to VIP customers through a subscription-based model.

For those seeking exclusive benefits, the subscription to the Star Tipster Telegram account is competitively priced at just £9.99 per month.

This subscription provides access to premium horse racing tips and insights, catering to enthusiasts who prioritise valuable, actionable information for their betting endeavours.

Summary of the Best Telegram Tipsters

We have looked at the current best Telegram tipsters in the UK, all the ones we look at and have reviewed are worth checking out!

Telegram tipsters have recently gained significant attention in the world of sports betting. The rise of betting tips telegram channels and telegram betting tips channels has made it easier for punters to access reliable betting information.

These channels, managed by expert telegram betting tipsters, offer daily betting tips and insights on the betting odds of various sports events, especially football betting tips.

What makes these telegram channels stand out is their provision of free tips. A majority of the best telegram betting tipsters provide free betting tips, aiming to help their subscribers place as many winning bets as possible. In addition to these tips, some channels even offer free bets or free bet stakes as a way to attract more subscribers.

This is indeed a testament to the competitive nature of betting online.

Newbies who join these betting tips telegram channel often benefit from a welcome sign up bonus, further motivating them to test their luck with sports bets.

Furthermore, for those who are sceptical about the authenticity of these channels, many have a proven track record, showcasing their past successful predictions and establishing themselves as reliable sources for the best betting tips.

Given the increasing popularity of the telegram app, joining the best telegram groups related to betting has become a trend. These groups not only provide betting tips but also give insights into the best betting sites where punters can place their bets with competitive odds.

In summary, if you’re looking to maximize your chances of placing winning bets, seeking out exclusive telegram betting tips from renowned tipsters is the way to go. With free bets, daily insights, and a community of enthusiasts, it’s the perfect platform for both seasoned punters and beginners.

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