High Odds Football Tips

The most profitable football tipsters will always say showing profits is about finding value in the betting odds.

We can all choose a banker football selection and think we are a shrewd punter.

But sourcing worthy bet tips or football value tips is harder to find.

In our High Odds Football Tips guide, we look to provide the selections we feel are good value for money in the betting market.

Football High Odds Tips

Here are our big odds football predictions.

CompetitionFootball MatchCorrect ScoreOutright WinnerBet Type
PremierLuton Town vs Fulham4-4DrawValue Bet Selections

What are High Odds Bets?

High Odds Betting involves the punter placing bets on draw results of a few sporting events that can return a win with much more odds of win and bigger odds of payout to the wager or punter.

Of course with this betting and the higher odds it means it is harder for the bet to win. But due to this low odds, the odds of win and the odds of payout you bet and will receive if the bet is successful is much greater.

High odds tips is considered anything great tips playing higher odds or above 2.5. This can often be the best bets displayed as min odds tips of 2.5 or greater on some websites.

You will get a very high odds bet and pay out great payout if any bets with high bets or odds tips greater than 2.5 come in.

For example if you place a bet of £10 on an event with odds of 2.5. You would turn total odds of your £10 into odds greater £25 if your bet is a successful bet.

High odd bets games can be a thrill, when you consider very low stakes games and even bets and the potential returns on bets they offer.

You bet and have the chance to win or bet to win and get two or even three times your money back if you bet, can place bets to win and your bet and are successful.

Read our article on the very best high odds predictions you can find, predictions which are updated frequently to give punters the best chance of making a profit.

We know how much punters love football accumulator bets, we thought it would be a great idea to give punters high odds football accumulator tips to allow you to put bets out there that are a really low chance of winning, but entertaining none the less.

How Do You Bet On High Odds?

The aim of High Odds Betting is to make sports betting give the punter great odds and profits, for risky bets. You have the ability to select odds for one bet or multiple bets via a top online sportsbook or betting site.

Through our tips page you can see the predictions that have the best odds for teams to win games or the odds for teams to score positive numbers, whether that involves a 2.2 line on a team winning a match, to a 3.6 line on the fixture ending in a draw. You can expect a wide variety free bet side of choice on our tips page.

Accumulator bets or a parley bet will increase the odds of win, and the odds of possible win per bet payout per single bet.

How are the Odds Calculated?

You have to keep an eye on the odds for football betting as they can fluctuate throughout the day. It is important to shop around various bookmakers for football betting too, as different bookmakers can offer various odds and betting strategies for football matches.

A lot of these sports betting lines will operate on the 1×2 platform. A match team 1×2 has three possible outcomes. The first teams to score home team wins, the team scored, the away team wins, both teams scored, and the result ends in a draw.

There will be an opening line which is based on odds of the probable result of football match. This line and odds will possibly shift depending on how much money people and teams are placing bets on draw result of the football game. bet.

Things to Note

We suggest taking one bet the following things into account before you make bets on who win any one game or win any bet:

  • Accumulator bets are very enticing, this is due to there being multiple picks on the same bet. If you understand how they work you can review each game and use it to your advantage.
  • Be sure to do your own research, you can use trends on various bookmakers to predict what may happen in the event.
  • Check out the schedules of each team, they can massively impact the odds of a fixture, we also suggest doing the same with injuries

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Limit yourself on what you are willing to spend. Managing your bankroll is massively important when gambling
  • Try not to add too many games to your accumulator, we recommend around four games per accumulator bet.
  • Do not go into high-odds betting with the mindset that you will win every time, you are most likely going to lose bets before hitting one.

Should you bet on a favourite or underdog?

Wagering bets on an underdog in football is a great betting strategy.

Many football outsider predictions are winning bets and if you feel that the potential of a high return is worth the risk, then betting on the outsider is the best option.

If you feel the favourites are dead cert and would rather not take such a big risk, then betting on the favourite is a better option.


Many punters look for 5 big odds selections to add to their five acca bet.

With the football acca insurance or acca freeze promotions, you can find real value in looking to find picks at massive odds.

Our big odds prediction acca bet can pay massive winnings if they all come in.

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