PayPal Football Betting Sites

Since its founding in 1988, PayPal has continued to revolutionise digital payment.

Millions of PayPal users worldwide tout it to deliver instant deposits. More so, PayPal betting sites trust it to provide secure transactions. And they have incorporated it into their portfolio of payment methods

Top PayPal betting sites use PayPal to help speed up transactions. It is not because similar payment gateways do not exist. The rival stripe comes closer to it when it comes to instant deposits. But PayPal wins because other payment methods feature stringent regulations.

Conversely, PayPal transactions favour a betting site because it is easier to set up the payment gateway. It means that users can transfer money quickly to an online bookmaker and be able to catch lucrative game odds.

The PayPal rhythm is not about to fade. The skyrocketing number of active accounts at 426 million adds fuel to its acceptance as a reliable bet settlement method.

Gamblers who wish to expand their gaming boundaries will most likely find PayPal deposits and withdrawals fulfilling. And it is why more and more PayPal betting sites are gravitating towards PayPal transactions.

The not-so-obvious reasons underpinning the popularity of PayPal gambling lie in its subtle features.

The best PayPal betting sites


Betfred is a licensed bookmaker based in the UK. Bettors love Betfred because it doles out a generous welcome bonus that favours new UK customers the most. The latest sign-up offer lends support to the name “bonus king”.

Players risk £10 to get £60. And as if that isn’t enough, one adds a £10 worth free bet to the chest and proceeds to make 50 spins on casino games, to win a casino bonus. And you still have £20 in free bets waiting five days after the bet settlement.

One can attest that Betfred is living up to its promise. While it is a sports betting company with huge aspirations, it has managed to wow players through promos, casino bonus and free bets.

Albeit bonuses are in plenty, T & Cs apply. Your initial payment should be £10 to qualify for free bets valid for seven days from registration.

So, as a novice, you’d expect easy PayPal deposits and withdrawals to go along with a fat welcome bonus. Well, you aren’t far off. Betfred allows using PayPal to transfer money. You make a minimum deposit of £10 to qualify for £60 worth of free bets.


Horse racing, casino games, and sports excite you? Visit Ladbrokes. The second largest giant bookmaker accepts PayPal. And its conspicuous online presence eliminates credibility issues.

This site is generous with bonuses too. Use their efficient deposit methods to place a £5 bet and enjoy £20 worth of free bets. And it would be best to hurry because the offer goes down after seven days. One more thing, there are no cash outs to indulge in as T & Cs apply to payment restrictions.

More so, Ladbrokes’ extensive list of sports offers the best minimum odds you can take advantage of. And most importantly, they come with free bets worth £50.

The other perk to maximise is the £1 worth of free bets. They feature in selections, and you get paid through the free bets after bet settlement.

Although the free bet offers are hard to come by, they pay in spades when they come around. Lucrative occasions with free bets are premier league openings and sign-up surprises. As a new customer, use the promo code to earn £20 in free bets.

Seasoned customers have a lot to celebrate. They receive regular boosted odds and money back as a free bet on losing games. As such, you’d expect a long bet slip to have good returns. And the juiciest part is that Ladbrokes reward closer to winning bet slips with cash or a free bet.

You can still leverage virtual horse racing to earn a free bet. Here, a £10 first bet comes with an equivalent reward of £10 worth of free bet.

The extensive deposit methods will make you stick with Ladbrokes. You can use e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafecard and enjoy instant deposits. The banking options are great too. Use your Visa to make a £5 deposit instantly.

In horse racing, it offers the best odds. But it helps to shop around. You might stumble upon a bookmaker with good value odds and plenty of free bet sports to wager on.

William hill

William Hill is the UK’s oldest bookmaker trusted by punters for its diverse sports portfolio. This online free bets site covers popular sports leagues and allows niche bettors to make the most out of the site. Whether you find value in the premier league or Bundesliga,

William Hill displays betting stats candidly for you to make wise gaming decisions.

But the most intriguing value you can harness from William hill is the diverse payment methods. It accepts deposits from a debit card, Paysafecard, and PayPal, to name a few.

Using PayPal is exciting. The betting genius doesn’t include deposit fees. Perhaps it is a characteristic that sets it apart from rival betting sites. On the flip side, it has a flat minimum deposit of £10.

The processing time will blow your mind. It is instant, and you won’t have to wait long before your bet credits stake reflects on the betting account.

The other aspect to worry about is its authenticity. Luckily, William hill scores highly on trustworthiness. The bookmaker is licensed and has stringent casino bonus regulations limiting bonus withdrawals.

T & Cs apply to casino wagers. For you to maximise your winnings, the wagering bonus and your deposit count the most. Use the rule of little deposits and minimum bonus to stay afloat.

William Hills’ sportsbook rewards new members with hefty welcome bonuses. Make £10 deposits and get a reward worth £20 in free bets. Of course, the T & Cs apply. Place the free bet on 1.5 minimum odds within fourteen days from sign-up to enjoy the offer.

William Hill’s other free bet offer comes when you sign up for a new account. You’ll get £40 worth of free bets upon placing a £10 bet and after a qualifying bet settlement.

And there is more in store for you. William Hill’s sportsbook has a non-withdrawable free bet that is valid for seven days. And after the settlement of the first qualifying bet, you are eligible for more than £30 in free bets. Free bets expire within 30 days after you have placed a qualifying bet.

It is easy to use your free bets. Create a bet slip featuring your preferred selections, and then click the number of free bets you want to use. But be careful to comply with the site’s rules. Remember that when it comes to free bets, T & Cs apply.

You can then use your preferred payment method to cash your winnings. Remember that payment restrictions on overseas countries follow withdrawal protocols, and full T & Cs apply.


Bet365 is another excellent site when it comes to betting with PayPal. Users love it because it is a powerhouse for their favourite sports and games with free bets. You’ll find casino games, poker, sports, and e-sports. And the best part is that the user interface is pretty simple that a dummy can find their way around.

With a username and a password, you are all set to gamble. Log in to your betting account and use PayPal to top it up. But there is something incredible about bet365. At the time of account opening, you can redeem your deposit bonus.

And as you continue to use the platform, you’ll realise that all gaming categories receive bonuses. All rewards accept casino bonuses and follow a simple process when redeeming winnings. T & Cs apply, and you must nail the claiming details to avoid misappropriating your bet credits stake.

Overall, bet365 is a rocking UK-licensed betting site that accepts PayPal deposits. And you can trust them for all your sports and casino gambles. The site has an organised interface, and you can locate your favourite games hassle-free.

If you wish to play e-sports and dabble with casino games, the near-perfect layout allows you to do your thing. Use the promo code to sign-up and earn free bets.

The versatile payment method offers plenty of deposit options for your betting needs. The debit card deposits serve you if you don’t have an e-wallet. But if you have PayPal or Neteller, you can make a free instant deposit using PayPal without cursing anybody.

Bet365 bonuses paid in bet credits are nice to have. You can get over £30 in free bets as a new customer. However, there are exclusions relating to minimum odds and a free bet. T & Cs apply. For instance, a £10 bet qualifies you for a maximum free bet worth £50.

T & Cs apply to new UK customers withdrawing winnings for the first time. Subsequent withdrawals are painless, and you get your money within 48 hours.

PayPal is the frontier in the fintech space.

As earlier stated, PayPal transactions made a novel entry in the industry early in the 21st century. Since then, it has seen unchallenged tremendous growth. Currently, PayPal controls 50% of the fintech market share thanks to its massive credibility.

With a presence in over 200 countries, it has established trust amongst PayPal users. And online and brick-and-mortar customers use it to facilitate PayPal deposit and credit agreements.

Statistics on PayPal usage indicate that merchant accounts will continue to rise. And it is because PayPal has built a good reputation that has helped increase its familiarity amongst new UK customers.

And now, an average person trusts PayPal more than other rival payment companies such as Apple pay. It means customers are more likely to make deposits using PayPal if their online clients accept PayPal.

PayPal has a friendly user interface.

Over time, PayPal has continued to evolve, and now it prides itself on an unmatched modest app. Users find it pleasurable to interact with the app as it allows automatic sign-in. Even better, it is more convenient for people who struggle with logins.

The app allows users to access their bet credits without using passwords or opening email accounts. And because the app is compatible with all Smartphones, anybody wishing to venture into sports betting can access it.

PayPal provides the easiest way to deposit money to online betting accounts and online casinos. Whether you work with a bookmaker or a casino, PayPal allows quick transfers from your preferred source.

If the best PayPal betting sites have stringent regulations, you can make an electronic transfer from your bank account or use your debit card.

And once you are ready to cash out, withdrawing money using PayPal is simple. PayPal allows you to use your debit or credit card to withdraw funds at an ATM. But electronic checking offers convenient and secure services. The extra layer of security cushions your funds from phishing betting sites.

How PayPal works on online betting

For starters, it is worth noting that PayPal is a reputable online payment company that liaises with licensed betting sites that accept PayPal. Players residing in countries where online gaming is legal report immense benefits from PayPal payment processing.

Bet365 and other big brands have used PayPal’s services to expand online gaming locally and overseas. PayPal’s approval of the big brands helped spur its awareness. And it has been instrumental in breaking boundaries and helping them introduce non-traditional games to great players worldwide.

As such, PayPal’s deposits and withdrawals will continue to be the go-to e-wallet in gambling. Online sports betting sites accept PayPal because it provides convenient online transactions. And they have crafted easy-to-follow steps to help UK customers to create a PayPal account.

Even though betting sites with PayPal have developed custom procedures to simplify withdrawals and deposits, there seems to be a theme that unifies them. Clients must follow a step-by-step approach that looks like this:

  • Step#1: login into your online betting site account
  • Step#2: Hover over to the deposit and withdrawal menu
  • Step#3: locate the Paypal icon and select Paypal as your preferred payment option
  • Step#4: if you have an account, enter your PayPal logins; if not, initiate the process to open a brand account.
  • Step#5: If your account executes instantly, you can make a PayPal deposit.

Link PayPal to your bank account to simplify PayPal deposits and withdrawals. Again, the online betting sites will guide you on the best procedure to follow and establish a seamless interaction with the online bookmaker.

Why best PayPal bookmakers love PayPal

Online transactions are risky, and industries globally are keen to serve consumers using legit e-wallets. Online betting sites that accept PayPal are no exception. Online bookmakers wince when a payment method is sluggish and subjects bettors to long and slow transactions.

PayPal is a darling to online gambling. And its popularity has exploded thanks to the following features:

Compatibility with mobile phones

It allows gamers to make real-time PayPal deposits and make the most out of minimum odds. It is even juicier when the PayPal user can deposit funds to a sportsbook account and receive a welcome bonus as a free bet hassle-free.


PayPal has seen many days in the industry, and it has improved services to cater to sports betting sites’ needs. Gamers can use the app to make instant deposits and withdraw their winnings within 24 hours.

The e-wallet leverages its modest features to provide users with flexible PayPal deposit services. For instance, if you wish to change a currency, PayPal allows you to flip it at the touch of a button. And you are free to keep changing it at no additional cost.

Top-notch security features

No one loves a porous payment system that alerts third parties about your transactions. PayPal understands this fear and has gone above and beyond to establish a secure deposit and withdrawal system.

It values your love for anonymity. And you can use PayPal to send funds to a top PayPal betting site without worrying about banks keeping records of your transactions. It could be the key feature as it allows you to manage your transactions while keeping mischievous eyes in the dark.

Close to zero Paypal deposit charges

The company will not charge you a dime if you make deposits and withdrawals on PayPal. But using debit or credit cards will attract a small fee.

A 2.9% deposit fee often applies to bookmakers that accept PayPal deposits using a debit or credit card.

The pros and cons of using PayPal in sports bets

PayPal is the bread and butter of online gambling companies thanks to seamless PayPal withdrawals and deposits.

The pros of using a PayPal deposit account on the PayPal Website

If you are in countries that approve PayPal, you are in luck. PayPal allows you:

To fund your account easily

Whether you fancy fantasy sports, system bets, or regular ones, PayPal easily speeds up funds transfer to prominent brands such as Bet365.

Use your debit card to load your sports betting wallet. You do not have to worry about delays because deposits and withdrawals execute instantly.

Low minimum deposit to serve your needs

Depositing money to betting sites is a free affair. And to spice up, the best PayPal betting sites accept deposits as low as £5.

It tells you that PayPal is your best payment method if you struggle financially and want to bite the bullet.

Ubiquity in mobile transactions

Let’s say PayPal has a breakthrough in the offline world. Its easy-to-use app performs well on a mobile platform.

Therefore, you do not have to log in to your email when betting with PayPal is at hand. Instead, reach out to your e-wallet and make a PayPal deposit like a pro.

The betting narrative is no longer about local alternatives but more about aligning your needs with the best sports betting sites in the world.

Mind-blowing offers

PayPal has partnerships with several companies, such as eBay. You can find the best deals and offers with your PayPal account.

The offers can be exciting, and you may want to trade your points for them or recommend someone else.

Additionally, using PayPal credit exposes you to the best offers ever. The first four months come at zero interest, after which you pay the ordinary interest rate for transactions below £99. Even better, they allow you to make flexible payments.

Unrivalled customer service

PayPal prides itself on efficient customer service. Provided you are a legit customer, PayPal’s customer services respond to your queries quickly.

Whenever you run into trouble regarding your PayPal account, send them a direct message and expect an answer within 24hrs.

But you can call them to fast-track your issue if you have an urgent need. The kind staff members are happy to help you solve your problem. And they do not get intimidated by frequent calls.

Do more with PayPal

Other than deposits and withdrawals, PayPal allows you to use a credit card to complete business payments.

PayPal offers you purchase protection. So you do not have to fret about damages or losses.

Provided your business partner holds or accepts PayPal payments, you qualify for PayPal’s refund protection.

PayPal conducts due diligence to determine your eligibility for the purchase protection program.

The cons of using PayPal in betting sites

Just like any other payment method, PayPal has its dark side.

  • Some countries like Afghanistan and Ghana have banned PayPal. And you can only make do with the online payment gateways available.
  • PayPal tends to suspend a PayPal account operating against its terms of service.

Depositing funds to the best PayPal betting sites using PayPal

Betting with PayPal is an unstoppable task. Although T & Cs apply, PayPal offers three easy-to-use methods when adding funds to your gaming wallet.

  • PayPal cash
  • Bank account transfer
  • Debit card

All you have to do is choose a method that resonates with your needs. And then follow the simple procedure behind each approach.

Topping up your e-gaming wallet using PayPal

Use the balance in your PayPal account to fund your account. Once you have logged into your PayPal app, proceed in the following manner to deliver funds safely into your sports betting account:

  1. Choose your preferred payment method and enter the amount you wish to transfer. Keep in mind the minimum deposit accepted by your PayPal betting sites.
  2. Once the process completes, your app populates a page that may require re-entering your logins. Feed in your login details.
  3. Be sure to verify your transaction before pressing the pay button.
  4. Click the pay, and your account is credited instantly.

Note that if you wish to use a debit card, it would be best to push through with the card application process before executing any transaction to escape inconveniences.

How to withdraw winnings From A bookmaker Using Paypal

Betting with PayPal gets sweeter when bet settlement arrives. Here, you’ll want to use the winnings to satisfy your gratifications.

And it is why you will love to nail the PayPal withdrawals right the first time.

This is what you have to do:

  1. Log into your online betting account.
  2. Navigate to the withdraw funds page and choose your favourite payment method. In your case, using PayPal serves you best. Select PayPal and proceed to the next step.
  3. Now choose the amount that dazzles you and press the withdraw button to complete the transaction.
  4. You’ll receive a notification telling you your transfer was successful. And hold your horses for 48hrs before the funds reflect in your bank account.

Sports UK betting sites that accept PayPal

PayPal gambling sites have a universal characteristic. They feature lucrative products attracting gamers from around the globe. And they have incorporated simple ways to make deposits for bookmakers or online casinos.

Two features qualify PayPal as the favourite payment method. One, it is pretty easy to fund a PayPal account. And secondly, PayPal favours large transfers through peer-to-peer transfers.

The two reasons lay a solid foundation for the best betting sites to adopt PayPal. if you love to wet your feet on international gambling, the sky is the limit.

Several reputable betting sites have incorporated PayPal into their payment methods.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the notable players on the field.

Why you should use PayPal betting sites UK

Betting with PayPal allows you to take advantage of the high odds in the market. The instant deposit feature positions you as an early bird gamer that combines logic with timing to extract the most bucks from a bookmaker.

Casino bettors would argue that PayPal payment restrictions have a hand in casino bonuses because T & Cs apply. While most sites limit casino gambling to two or three, best PayPal betting bookmakers swear by rich live casino games. That way, gamblers have a diverse game base to entertain them.

Other benefits include:

Anonymous payments

As a serious bettor, you’ll appreciate your privacy. It allows you to delete your footprints on a public platform if online transfers are dear to you. And the last thing you want is to disclose your system bets.


A robust system with end-to-end encryption understands that malicious bots roam the internet waiting for a compromised network to attack. Entrust your betting needs to a reputable bookmaker, and rest assured that your financial information is safe.


PayPal may not be the perfect payment method, but because it has been in business for many years, it has earned the trust of millions of users. This hints at one vital issue, there are millions of active PayPal accounts and you can easily find a business partner who accepts PayPal withdrawals.

Frequently asked questions

Do PayPal betting sites offer bonuses?

Yes. PayPal gambling sites come with exclusive bonuses such as the 888 sports, £30 in free bets and £20 in free bets. In addition to the sign-up casino bonus, other PayPal gambling sites offer attractive casino bonus.

Do gamblers incur deposit and withdrawal charges when betting with PayPal?

Many PayPal betting sites don’t charge a deposit fee when a client makes PayPal transfers. The 2.9% fee applies to business accounts using debit and credit cards to settle payments.

Does PayPal have a withdrawal option?

The withdraw button is invisible when there are no funds in a PayPal account. It becomes visible when you have transferred winnings from your betting account.

Is it safe to use PayPal as the primary deposit method?

Of course, yes. Unlike a direct bank transfer, PayPal has an extra layer of security that safeguards your financial details.


PayPal may not allow you to maximise your e-wallet as you desire. But it offers better services than other online payment methods. People have used it to make secure payments, and their experience screams better withdrawal services than competitor e-wallets. Free and instant deposits beat traditional methods such as debit card deposits. This feature positions it as the best e-wallet for adding funds into a sportsbook account and allow bettors to max qualifying bet stake.

Paypal’s Competitor E-wallets

Albeit, PayPal controls 50% of the fintech market, alternative e-wallets are providing exemplary online betting services such as:

  • Apple pay betting site is a peer-to-peer payment with excellent web payments
  • Paysafecard betting sites offer shoppers secure online payment
  • Neteller betting site is a legit electronic money transfer with worldwide presence
  • Skrill betting sites serve Europe and US clients the best
  • Stripe betting site stores debit card information and integrate with e-commerce sites better
  • The square betting site is an excellent credit card serving businesses with a small clientele
  • Venom betting sites facilitate peer-to-peer payments

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