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Welcome to Away Grounds. We are passionate about all aspects of football and review the top football grounds in the country as well as offering news and views on everything from the top events, betting guides and exclusive competitions.

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Football Away Grounds Overview

Here at Away Grounds, our goal is to provide in-depth guides into all of the football away grounds here in the United Kingdom, covering all the 4 major football leagues: The Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2.

When attending an away ground for the first time, it can be very useful to know the easiest routes to arrive at the stadium, as well as where to park, nearby pubs and hotels, safety information and more.

Our job is to provide our readers with this information for each stadium we cover, ensuring your day out is as enjoyable and well-planned as possible.

A True Fans Guide to Football Grounds

When it comes to a fans guide to football grounds, we cover it all, from old football grounds drenched in history to modern grounds with advanced features tailored to fans, we’ve got you covered.

Within our guides we will also do our best to include official videos from the club’s YouTube channels, as well as their recent social media posts to keep you updated with the club and their latest news.

We’re aware that changes to grounds happen all the time, with clubs renovating their stadium and sometimes even building a completely new venue. That’s why we work hard to keep all of our reviews up to date, providing nothing but the most accurate information to our readers at all times.

Football Grounds Near Me

If you’re searching in Google for “Football Grounds Near Me”, then you’ve come to the right place. Simply head over to our Stadiums tab to see all of the football stadiums in the UK’s main leagues, and find the ground close to you!

We want your day out to be as pain-free and enjoyable as we can, so within our reviews you will find all you need to know about your chosen stadium to make your day the best it can be.

And don’t worry, as new teams get come into the football league, we’ll add a new page to our site with all the relevant info! The last thing we want to do is have football grounds missing from our site, so each year we will update this ready to go for the new season.

All UK Football Stadium Information

All UK Football Stadium Information can be found here, making your away days at football grounds a day to remember.

We’ll continue working hard to add new pages to our site, and if there’s anything you’d extra you’d like us to add to our review pages for away grounds please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Here’s to more away days!

As the Founder of Away Grounds, I love travelling to watch football matches throughout the UK. I play soccer for Leigh Genesis FC and support Man Utd. I set up Away Grounds with the desire to share my passion for football with other like-minded footy fans. When travelling to away fixtures there was not enough information on a football away days guide so we have set up to bridge this gap. I apologise when I use the term "Soccer" but we have some US followers also lol