Pay By Phone Bill Betting Sites

While paying by cash or card can be a good option for some betting sites, using mobile phone credit is becoming an extremely popular way of paying for betting sites from mobile devices.

It might sound strange to use your mobile phone bill for a betting site payment method, but you would be surprised by how many sites offer it.

There can be some major advantages to the phone bill method – if you know how to use it.

Why use pay-by-mobile options over other payment methods?

Using a pay-by-mobile deposit method can be far more useful than you think.

Pay-by-phone options come with two distinct advantages: being far more secure than other options and providing a way to manage payments more effectively than just making deposits to mobile slots sites directly.


Choosing to pay by phone bill effectively removes your card details (and most of your bank details from the equation).

When you pay by phone, you only have to worry about your phone credit amount and number, which means that your mobile payments are actually very secure. This is great for people who want to play at mobile casino sites without giving up too much information.

While other services like Apple Pay can also hide or abstract your payment information, pay by phone bill systems do not require another platform.

You just need your phone and your betting accounts – any mobile casinos that accept phone bill credit will usually take your pay by mobile deposits as normal, although they may require some kind of ID verification first.


Another often-overlooked feature of choosing to pay by mobile phone credit is the delay. Since the money is taken directly from your monthly phone bill, you are not drawing straight out of your bank account.

This allows you to pay by phone bill as a way of delaying your payments until the end of the month and makes pay by mobile one of the few alternative payment methods that you can use in this way.

For example, say you normally get paid just before the end of the month. Using this method on phone betting sites lets you put the mobile payments on your phone credit, allowing you to make bets even if you do not currently have the spare money to afford them.

Since the money is only taken at the end of the bill, you are not paying for your deposit at the exact time you make it.

As you might expect, this can make pay by mobile phone credit options incredibly powerful.

You are paying for your deposit later on, giving you a chance to claim short-term free bet bonuses or other features that might be gone by the time you get paid.

You only need to worry about paying off your phone credit bill when it arrives.

Placing Bets with Phone bill as a Payment Method

Using Phone bill as a payment method is often extremely easy, despite what you might think.

Most of the best betting sites offer it as a default payment option when making a deposit, and since you do not require any special account, you can set up a mobile payment option very quickly in only a few easy steps:

  • Enter the website and go to the deposit/payment page.
  • Choose to use pay by phone/pay by mobile as your payment method.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to deposit.

Remember that some sites may have specific deposit method restrictions, and that can apply to mobile credit as well.

Be sure to look at the terms and conditions of each site before you start betting online, just to make sure you understand the limits involved.

Using Online Betting Sites with Mobile Phone Credit Payments

Paying with your mobile phone bill can be an incredibly powerful way of funding betting sites, especially if you are a long-time player who wants to move to a new payment option.

There are plenty of advantages to using mobile betting sites in this way, even if some of the major pros are not immediately obvious.

Choosing to pay by mobile phone bill skips many of the busy work and security risks you can face while playing at betting sites since it is mostly focused on your mobile number rather than any bank details.

Not needing to rely on your bank account or cards can be a major boon to people who hate giving away too many details too easily.

Most online bookies will accept phone bill betting as a direct payment option, allowing you to bet using phone bill credit without needing to set up any other accounts or services.

This hides most of your personal and financial information but can also speed up transactions so that you pay the betting sites a lot faster.

Are Mobile Phone Bill Payments Regulated?

Since most pay by phone options are entirely freeform, most phone bill sports betting is unregulated due to the nature of the transaction.

While using a middleman might add some regulation and oversight, it also skips the entire point of using phone bills, since you are not dependent on more than just your phone number and network provider.

While it is not regulated in a usual sense, phone bill betting sites can still be a great choice if you want to use your mobile phone credit as a payment method for mobile casinos.

On its own, phone bill sports betting is entirely between you and the online bookies that you play at, so you need to make sure that you are playing somewhere trustworthy (like you would with any payment option).

Should You Use Phone bill for an Online Betting Site?

Choosing to pay by phone can be a great choice for almost any betting site that allows it. Phone bill deposits are a lot easier to manage if you always get paid in the same way at the same time, and it is often faster and more secure than most other deposit methods.

When you bet using phone bill-based credit, you are also delaying your payment for a while.

Using credit from mobile phones is a great deposit option compared to other banking methods.

While you will have to find other withdrawal banking methods to withdraw any of your winnings, this can still skip a lot of the busy work and potential security risks.

If you are using your mobile phone exclusively, a service like Apple Pay or Google Pay can become a good withdrawal method instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning to pay by phone bills, then it is important to understand how deciding to pay by phone bills can impact you in various ways.

The more you know about the pay by phone option, the easier it becomes to decide if it is the right option for each phone betting site you want to play at.

The more you know about how this system works, the easier it becomes to use it in a way that benefits you.

Can I pay by phone internationally?

You can usually pay by phone internationally so long as you are allowed to play at your chosen casino.

When you pay by phone bill, you are basically just charging something to your phone bill, so it should not matter that you are charging online casinos to that bill as long as you can pay the cost.

Just remember to check this with your phone provider before you pay by phone.

There may be some situations where you can’t pay by phone into betting accounts or sites, so you should review your valid payment options before attempting to use any.

Can Phone bill payments be trusted?

When you pay by phone credit, you are basically putting your trust in the other side of the transaction.

Since there is no middleman, you need to make sure that you trust the casino – although you can get legal help if you are scammed out of your money.

Even so, you must look into each casino carefully to ensure nothing goes wrong.

How much can I deposit at a pay-by-phone bill casino?

The limits of being able to pay by phone, casino or otherwise will depend on several factors.

Both the phone casino and the company providing your phone bill may end up setting limits on these kinds of deposits – casinos usually push for minimum deposit requirements, while phone companies will aim for maximum deposit limits.

These vary from company to company, so read any relevant T&Cs if you need to.

Will I Get a Welcome Bonus or Free Bets if I Pay Using Phone bill?

With phone betting, bonuses should still be fully accessible. Most betting sites treat phone payments as the same thing as regular deposits when it comes to things like the free bets features.

If you want free bets, valid deposit requirements have to be met, but that is generally based on the amount you add to your betting account rather than your deposit method.

Still, this can be something worth looking into as well.

If you really want free bet stakes, it is important to know if you can actually earn those free bets from the online casinos through your phone credit or if you would have to use a bank account instead.

This is also a good chance to review the minimum deposit requirements and/or qualifying bet for earning the bonus.

Is mobile payment better than an E-Wallet?

Using this kind of phone payment system can be a great boon to anybody who prefers to keep their information secret and make easy payments into their betting account.

The biggest limitation is that you can’t withdraw without another choice of banking methods, but this can be overcome if you employ other secure banking methods specifically for withdrawing.

Even if you are already using an e-wallet, this method can still be useful for making quicker and more secure payments across multiple sites or delaying the cost until later in the month.

Does pay by phone have hidden Fees?

In general, there should be no extra fees for using your credit like this.

However, several betting sites may enforce a minimum deposit limit higher than what you wanted to deposit, and failure to pay your bill on time will naturally result in charges from your provider.

Can I Block Access to your mobile bill payments?

Since there is not really a platform in place for the phone payments (the entire thing is done manually), you also do not get controls like being able to block yourself from using it.

However, it may be possible to contact your provider and tell them to block payments to specific sites or even prevent you from using your bill as a payment tool at all.

Pay By Mobile Gambling Summary

As a payment tool, paying with your mobile credit can seem like a strange sports betting tool.

However, with no extra fees and no real minimum deposit amount of its own, it can be perfect for a range of sports betting system bets across countless different sites.

Being able to earn casino bonus features and free bet offers makes it far more versatile than you might think.

Whether you are chasing free bets with a qualifying bet settlement or just looking for an easy payment option, using the credit on your phone can be just as flexible as most banking methods.

It is one of the most secure banking methods because it does not use any banking details.

This simplicity can make it a surprisingly good method for tackling almost any kind of betting site as long as it is a valid way to pay there.

If you are interested in using your credit on your phone in this way, then do not hesitate to look deeper into how it works and what you should expect.

These kinds of payments are relatively simple and straightforward, but many people overlook them due to the worry that they will go over a comfortable credit amount.

With some forethought and planning, it becomes incredibly easy to manage your money and limit your spending while still getting all of the benefits mentioned above.