Best Football Tipsters

When looking to place bets on football games, it is always advised to see who the most successful football tipsters predict. These can help give you more insight and useful advice when making your own predictions on the outcome of a match. 

The best football betting tipsters research all the latest team news, home advantages, weather, players’ stats, and even the referee.  They have done all their homework to help you make a balanced decision.

The highest profitable football tipsters will look for vulnerable favourites – knowing how to identify a false favourite in the betting markets is where you can find real value in the prices. As well as looking for underdogs who may be overpriced.

Find some of the best bets for football fixtures this week.

In this Best Football Tipsters guide, we will explain everything you need to know about a tipping service and the best betting tipsters to follow.

Find out more about the best football tipsters today:

Who is the Best Tipster for Football Bets?

The best football betting tipster in the UK is David Dooley.

Showing the highest profits year on year, David Dooley is best known for his brilliant football tipping service and that’s why we believe him to be the best betting tipster in football.

Shrewd punters register to David Dooley’s private telegram football tips group to get amazing insights into potentially profitable football bets.

The David Dooley football tips telegram group was recently voted the best telegram tipster group for football bets.

Although David Dooley shows the largest profit margins there are still dozens of highly effective Football Tipsters to follow in July 2024.

We look at some others out there who are widely tipped by punters and other betting sites.

Top Football Tipsters 2024

Here are the best football betting tipsters in the UK, check out our most popular football tipsters list:

David Dooley

A clear winner for the top-rated football tipster is David Dooley for securing the biggest profit percentage winning margins.

David Dooley Football Tips has built up a deserved reputation as the top football tipster in the United Kingdom. Paid football tipsters such as David look to offer you profits on a regular basis.

Find out David Dooley’s Football Tips for the upcoming fixtures.

Or alternatively, subscribe to his telegram channels for all his football betting predictions:

David’s picks are based on stats, team news, and finding angles in the betting odds the leading bookmakers have priced up incorrectly.

In the past couple of seasons, David has returned the largest return on investments to a level stake bet.

The results speak for themselves, with his recommended bets having amassed huge profits and holding an impressive long-term record.

David is also a keen horse racing punter and secured the crown of best horse racing tipster in 2024.

Get Your Tips Out

Joe Norris from Get Your Tips Out (GYTO) recently won the Best UK Sports Betting Tipster prize in the recent iGaming Awards.

Joe’s football predictions have shown profitable returns, and are undoubtedly a footy tipster to follow on everything from the Premier League and World Cup to lower-team football matches.

If you’re a Euro football punter, you will enjoy Champions League matches and other football betting markets that are predicted at GYTO.

Join GYTO for all their football and footballer tips using their betting strategy.


PredictZ is another great football tipster known for providing free football tips and predictions across UK leagues. The free analysis, football forms, and statistics are known as being some of the most insightful around.

PredictZ supports and promotes responsible gambling, and PredictZ tips do not guarantee winning bets or profits – as all tipsters should.

As one of the best football tipster sites with a range of betting markets, they offer a football fans guide with a list of predictions. Known as the profitable football tipster – you can play for great average monthly profit.

Goal King

The person behind the infamous Goal King is a guy called Steve Hudson. Steve is well known and well respected in both football and betting circles as he has managed the popular tipping service – AccaTipster.

As with all the other tipsters in our list Goal King is worth paying attention to with his selections.


The Tipstrr tipping service is a great place to find free football tips online.

With high strike rates and positive ROI the Tipstrr tipsters make our top ten list of most successful footy tipsters. They have different options with free membership and a premium package.

They have a proven track record and have enjoyed bringing so much money in for their members; you can join and easily follow their betting strategy.

Kevin Pullein from the Racing Post

Perhaps one of the most famous football tipsters around is Kevin Pullein from the Racing Post.

According to those who work with he is “quite simply the best football analyst and forecaster ever to have appeared in print in the UK.” Quite an accolade! So, although he may work for a racing newspaper, he is certainly one to follow.

Tipman Tips

The Tipman Tips team provides daily footy predictions on all English football games.

If you subscribe on, you get added to a private telegram group to be sent inside information on football betting tips.

The subscription is a monthly fee to receive sports betting tips on both football and horse racing events.

Pete Nordsted

Pete Nordsted is best known for his book “Mastering Betfair” which contained strategies for making money trading on the betting exchanges.

Pete now runs two football betting websites, Trade on Sports and also the website with fellow full-time punter Danny Jacques.

Pete Nordsted is a full-time sports trader and football betting expert, and head of the top football advisory service Premier-Betting.

Mr. Nordsted is very widely respected in the betting industry and has built up a formidable knowledge of football betting. The best tipsters football bets are available with Premier Betting.


Predictology is basically a huge database and this top-class website utilises a database of over 350,000 football matches from around the world!

From all this information they develop and build profitable football strategies that have been proven time after time.

Never heard of them? We recommend checking them out asap!

Ben Linfoot

Ben Linfoot makes our top footie tipsters list.

Ben concentrates mainly on the big leagues (such as the English Premiership) and the Champions League.

Unlike other tipsters he is very selective in his approach, often only tipping a few matches or outcomes a day rather than lots of different results.

Ben is probably best known for his Value Bet column, which offers value bets for the weekend footy fixtures.

He is certainly one to follow.

Angus Loughran

Angus Loughran is a British sports commentator and pundit.

He was better known as Statto and worked with David Baddiel and Frank Skinner on Fantasy Football.

He writes daily tips on The Daily Telegraph and online bookmaker Easyodds.

His stats-based football predictions are good to follow if looking to wager bets on weekend football games.

Andy Robson

Andy’s Football Tips which he shares on @AndyRobsonTips has good conversions on the over/under goals betting markets.

Andy Robson Football Tips is a good source of information to try and beat the bookies.

Football Elite Tips

Football Elite provides selections for top-flight football games and predictions of the outcome of the betting event.

Football Elite is an email-based sports betting tipster service by Matt Love.

The focus is on placing bets for the top European leagues including England, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France.

What Type of Tips Do Football Tipsters Provide?

The top-rated football tipsters can provide any of the following types of tips:

  • Over 1.5 Goals Betting Tips
  • Both Teams To Score Tips
  • Football Accumulator Tips
  • Away The Lads Predictions
  • Home Sweet Home Predictions
  • First Goalscorer Tips
  • Football Bet Builder Tips
  • Shots on Target Predictions
  • Half Time / Full Time Tips
  • Booking Points Predictions

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning on Football Bets

Placing bets on footy and being a successful football tipster is all about increasing your chances of winning money.

Here are the best tips to increase your chances of winning money when betting on football:

  • Look to identify false favourites in the betting markets
  • Find the online bookmaker’s Best Enhanced Odds Offers
  • Sign up for new betting websites and make the most of the free bet welcome bonuses
  • Open accounts with all the best football betting sites so you place bets with brands with the largest odds for your selection
  • Source special offers from the leading bookmakers on football games

Many of the above work is done by professional tipsters, follow the ones we have mentioned above.

What Events do Football Tipsters Provide Predictions On?

The most accurate football tipsters provide predictions on the following footy games:

  • English Premier League Football Predictions
  • English Championship Football Predictions
  • English League One Football Predictions
  • English League Two Football Predictions
  • FA Cup Football Predictions
  • Champion League Football Predictions
  • La Liga Football Predictions
  • Bundesliga Football Predictions

What to Look for in the Best Footie Tipsters?

The bets football betting tipsters all will have different strengths and weaknesses and each may well specialise in certain leagues and areas.

For example some will be great at Premiership football betting, whereas others may excel in foreign or lower-league domestic football. Depending on which match or outcome you are looking to bet on, check that tipster is the best in that niche.

Who are the Best Free Football Tipsters?

We have looked at the best football tipsters in some detail above these include:

  • David Dooley
  • Get Your Tips Out
  • Ben Linfoot
  • Predictology
  • Goal King
  • Kevin Pullein from the Racing Post
  • PredictZ

What is a Football Tipster?

A football tipster is someone who offers advice and predictions about football matches. These people help others choose who want to bet on games and make informed choices.

Football tipsters will look at various factors including team performance, team selection, player stats and form, historical data and performance, current form, injuries and even the weather.

These tipsters can be independent or part of a betting service or work for a bookmaker. They share their insights and tips on blogs, social media, or websites, explaining why they think a certain team will win or how a match might play out.

Football tipsters aim to help those placing bets by providing extra information, but it’s always smart to gamble responsibly. Their advice is just one piece of the puzzle when deciding how to bet on a football match and any punter can predict an outcome.

Overall, tipsters add an additional layer of analysis to the excitement of football betting, but caution and common sense should always guide betting decisions, and remember the decision is always yours.

We have unraveled all of the top football tipsters in this article, finding you the best football tipster services that offer various predictions.

What factors do Football Tipsters Take into Account?

Football tipsters consider various factors when predicting the outcomes of football matches. These include:

  1. Team Form and Performance: tipsters scrutinise recent team performances, looking at wins, losses, and draws, to gauge current form. Good recent form will give a team confidence although it could cramp the odds.
  2. Player Availability and Injuries: injuries to key players can notably impact a team’s chances. If a top Premier League striker is injured, it might diminish their team’s goal-scoring potential. If the preferred goalie is out, this could make them vulnerable at the back. These are factors to take into consideration.
  3. Head-to-Head Records: historical data between two teams can illuminate their dynamics. If a particular Premier League side consistently dominates another, this trend might continue with one team having a psychological advantage. These can be tough to break.
  4. Home and Away Performance: teams’ performances at home versus away often differ. For instance, a mid-table Premier League team might be strong at home but struggle on the road against top-tier opponents. Some grounds are more notorious to play at than others such as Old Trafford.
  5. Player Statistics: analysing stats like goals and assists by individual players is important to gauge their recent performances and if they are coming into form.
  6. Tactical Analysis: tactics, formations, and styles influence outcomes. If a defensively solid Premier League team faces an attacking-oriented one, the tactical clash could shape the game. A manager would change this depending on the opposition and need to be fluid in approach.
  7. Weather Conditions: weather impacts play. Rain and wind in a Premier League match might affect passing accuracy and influence strategies, some bad conditions can aid weaker teams.
  8. Team News and Lineups: last-minute changes can affect outcomes. If a key Premier League defender is unexpectedly benched with injury, it could weaken the defence.
  9. Motivation and Stakes: high-stakes matches evoke different efforts. In the Premier League, a team battling relegation might display heightened motivation against a top contender as they are fighting for their lives.
  10. Managerial Factors: a manager’s decisions matter. If a Premier League coach employs an unconventional strategy, it could disrupt the opposing team’s expectations.
  11. Psychological Factors: teams’ mental states impact performance. If a Premier League champion is in a slump, their confidence might waver and this can be pounced on.
  12. Market Analysis: odds movements and betting trends reveal insights. If a Premier League underdog’s odds suddenly shorten, it suggests strong betting interest and inside information.

These factors inform predictions made by football tipsters, however, football matches remain unpredictable. Football tipsters offer guidance, but successful betting requires thoughtful consideration and responsible practices.

Popular Questions

Who is the best free football tipster in the world?

The best free football tipster in the world is David Dooley Free Football Tips.

In recent surveys, the David Dooley Football Tips FREE telegram group was voted:

  • The most accurate free football tipster
  • The most reliable football prediction group in the world
  • The highest-profit football prediction site for free

The free telegram group provides football predictions, free analysis, statistics, the latest results, league tables, and team news.

Recently voted the best free football tipster in the world covering all of the major football leagues but mostly focusing on the English Premier League.

Summary of the Best Football Betting Tipsters

When researching the best football tipsters you want to analyse the history of who has the best strike rate. Many of those listed are free football tipsters so you don’t need to sign up or subscribe in order to get these tips.

The most accurate football tipster in July 2024 on the profit graphs is David Dooley Tips who has great success with football betting and has recently been voted as the best football tipster in the UK.

In second place on the leaderboard is Get Your Tips Out which also provide horse racing tips for UK and Irish Races.

Whether you are on the search for the best football tipping website, the best soccer tipping telegram group or football tipsters with the highest strike rate we always promote safe gambling, so Please Gamble Responsibly.

The highest profitable football tipsters can change on the leaderboard with many football tipsters on Instagram, football tipping services on Twitter and some sharing in private telegram channels.

The team at Away Grounds will continue to update and list the best soccer tipsters in the world for our sports bettors and football punters.

Here are all the football tips for today’s matches.

Subjects covered in our guide: free football tipsters, most profitable football tipsters.