Over 1.5 Goals Betting Tips

A popular football bet wagered at the best online football betting sites is the over 1.5 goals betting market.

Sports bettors are regularly searching for expert advice and statistics related to previous games for goals scored to figure out if this is a good bet. It’s always worth checking out what the best  football tipsters have to say.

In our Over 1.5 Goals Betting Tips and Predictions guide, we provide you with today’s fixtures with the best chances of being over 1.5 goals scored in the game.

Get the current Over 1.5 Goals per match tips:

Over 1.5 Goals Betting Tips

Today’s Over 1.5 Goals Per Game Predictions

Here is the list of games today with the best chances of being over 1.5 goals in the match.

CompetitionFootball MatchOver 1.5 Goals Tips
FA CupMan Utd v Man CityToday’s Over 1.5 Goals Per Game Predictions

What Does over 1.5 goals Mean in Football?

Over 1.5 goals in football mean the total number of goals in a football match will be above 1.5 goals (i.e. 2 or more goals).

Under 1.5 goals in football mean the total number of goals in a game will be below 1.5 goals (i.e. 1 goal or less).

Football punters enjoy wagering bets on the total number of goals in a football game because it keeps the match interesting to watch until the 90th minute, and is a popular bet selection for punters around the world.

Is over 1.5 a Good Bet?

The 1.5-goal bet is good for punters who feel the football fixture will be end-to-end or have scored goals in the game.

When it comes to football betting predictions, the over 1.5 goals bet is a secure and easy outcome bet type.

The over 1.5 goal bet slip lets you place your stake on whether both teams will score two goals in total or more in the regulation of the game 90 minutes (it does not include any extra time).

These bets are particularly good to place if you have done your research on specific teams. For example, one team may have an attack-minded coach, whilst the other team may be known for having a poor defensive strategy.

In this example, an over 1.5 bet could be great.

Best Way To Use Over 1.5 Goals Tips

As the odds of the over 1.5 goals football predictions are often short in price, it is best to include them in football accumulator bets.

Having a single on over 1.5 goals tips will not return much in winnings unless you wager large stakes.

Many football bettors combine multiple fixtures into trebles, accas or lucky 15 bets.

The over 1.5 goal bet type is a high-accuracy bet so you can slowly build up your betting fund by placing one of these bets daily using our tips.

Adopting an over 1.5 goals accumulator strategy using the daily over 1.5 goals tips is the way to go!

Additionally, you can also use any free bets you have on an over 1.5 goals bet too, which does factor in to some people’s betting strategies.

Take a look at our betting tips for this betting type above, with all the pre match picks and best odds available.

Summary of Over 1.5 Goals per Match

If you are watching a live game and think there will be 1 goal or fewer during a match’s regulation 90 minutes, then select ‘under 1.5 goals’.

If you think there will be 2 goals or more by the teams playing, then select ‘over 1.5 goals’.

Over 1.5 goals markets are often too short in the pre-match markets, but it can be a fantastic market for in-play bets or even half-time betting.

It can be good to research any potentially one-sided matches or games that are likely to see a lot of goals prior to placing your bet.

Be sure to take a look at all of our bet tips today, as well as all of the other footy betting predictions we have on our site.

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