Half Time Full Time Tips

Half Time Full Time betting, often abbreviated as HT/FT betting, is a type of sports betting where you wager on both the halftime (first half) and full-time (second half) outcomes of a sporting event.

This type of bet is commonly associated with soccer (football) but can also be applied to other sports.

HT/FT betting can offer higher odds compared to traditional match result betting (e.g., win, lose, or draw) but is also considered riskier because you must correctly predict both halftime and full-time outcomes for your bet to win. It’s important to do thorough research and consider the form and statistics of the teams involved before placing HT/FT bets.

How does Half Time Full Time Betting Work?

Half Time Full Time betting is very similar to the WDW market, however the major difference is that you are betting on the winner, score, outcome of the league or game, final result and also who the team, league or team or league is leading at half time.

You have the ability to make bets and play games on a variety of bets out of 9 different bets in this market, bets to play this game which include:

  • Home Team Win/Home Team Win
  • Home Team Win/Draw
  • Home Team Win/Away Win
  • Draw/Home Team Win
  • Draw/Draw
  • Draw/Away Win
  • Away Win/Away Win
  • Away Win/Draw
  • Away Win/Home Win

Half Time Full Time Odds

The odds you can expect to find will vary depending on the bookmaker or betting site you choose, as well as the the game, football team, league, division, league or match itself.

There are many different outcomes to games as you can see from the table in the list above, as there is so many outcomes to games you can predict you will find that the odds can generally be higher.

What Makes a Good Half Time Full Time Bet?

We would suggest that there are some important measures before putting on a team full game. Half Time game, Full Time bet, below the table you will see some of the games most key tips and things to note and remember.

Do Your Research

When gambling matches this is one of the most important things in betting market you can do as a punter, there are many possible options for a team winning the final bet. It is possible for one team to be dominant and win a lot of matches of games at both Halt Time and Full Time.

You will find that if a team is playing well and sets up defensively in the first half before tiring in the second half, you will find that teams who have a first lead will go win a lot of matches, draws at half-time and Losses at Full Time will be a better bet.

We provide the best data around sports and for this market, we provide the best tips and predictions for sports, which will vary each game week. For more information on how you can use the sports data and tips we provide to increase the chance of winning your bets, read on.

Take Advantage of Offers

This may only benefit first time bettors, we would urge players to take advantage of any offers or bonuses that bookmakers put on the table, for example this for example is an excellent way to increase the value of your bank roll when just starting out, and gives you the added confidence to put a bet on, as it your bet is money that isn’t seen as your money in your own eyes.

HT FT Acca Tips

A great way to increase the value and profitability of an HT FT bet is to place them in an accumulator bet.

The odds however massively increase, so you your team can receive a massive win if you are successful. We suggest if you are adding Half Time and Full Time bets to win an acca, you stick to 3 or 4.

Half Time Full Time Predictions

Here are our Half Time Full Time Predictions for today.

CompetitionFootball MatchHT/FT TIPSBet Type
PremierArsenal vs Everton1/1HT FT Soccer Predictions
PremierBrentford vs Newcastle United2/XHT FT Soccer Predictions
PremierBrighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester UnitedX/XHT FT Soccer Predictions
PremierBurnley vs Nottingham Forest1/XHT FT Soccer Predictions
PremierChelsea vs AFC Bournemouth1/1HT FT Soccer Predictions
PremierCrystal Palace vs Aston Villa1/XHT FT Soccer Predictions
PremierLiverpool vs Wolverhampton Wanderers1/1HT FT Soccer Predictions
PremierLuton Town vs FulhamX/XHT FT Soccer Predictions
PremierManchester City vs West Ham United1/1HT FT Soccer Predictions
PremierSheffield United vs Tottenham HotspurX/2HT FT Soccer Predictions

HT/FT 1/2 and 2/1 Tips For Today

The ht/ft 1/2 and 2/1 tips for today are a list of predictions where you think a team will be losing at halftime and go on to win the game.

The comeback kings of losing at HT and winning at FT provide huge odds.


Half Time is a betting market that is based on predicting the result at both half time and full time.

It is important to remember that these markets are for the 90 minutes only

The htft prediction list is a great analysis of how you feel the game will unfold.

Our ht/ft free tips are great value football tips for punters who like to find bigger returns to their stake.

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