Apple Pay Football Betting Sites

Apple Pay has become a great tool for making quick payments to many different sites and platforms.

However, if you want to use Apple Pay properly, then you need sites that accept Apple Pay payments.

When it comes to betting sites, not all payment methods will be readily available.

If you want to make Apple Pay payments, you will need to find Apple Pay betting sites, which can often require a lot of searching to narrow down your options.

It is also important to understand why Apple Pay and the wallet app might be a better option than another payment method, especially if you are new to online betting.

Popular Betting Sites that Accept Apple Pay

As of January 2023, there are plenty of sites out there that accept Apple Pay deposits. If you are interested in finding Apple Pay betting sites worth playing at, then this list should give you some of the more notable betting sites that allow Apple Pay betting and deposits.


Ladbrokes allows you to pay and withdraw using Apple Pay, giving you the best of both worlds. This can be done through the Ladbrokes app, so UK customers will need to download the app to their mobile phones to use Apple Pay properly.


Bet365 accepts Apple Pay as a deposit method, like most e-wallets. Users must be playing on the Bet365 iOS app to make these instant deposits and for the site’s best Apple Pay payment experience.

William Hill

The William Hill app allows for Apple Pay payments and Touch ID compatibility to keep iOS users’ money safe from third parties. This allows for slightly easier Apple Pay betting compared to other platforms.


Coral accepts Apple Pay as a safer payment method for secure withdrawals and deposits. This makes it another site that allows both Apple Pay deposits and withdrawals. Free bets earned with Apple Pay deposits are valid for 7 days.


Betfred allows full Apple Wallet compatibility, making Apple Pay a great way to use this betting site easily. This requires an iOS app download to properly use the mobile payment system, so be sure to install it on your device.


The 888 Sportsbetting app allows customers to deposit with Apple Pay and acts as a qualifying bet/deposit for their welcome bonus.

Like many betting sites, Apple Pay can easily be used to make payments within the site’s systems as long as you have an account.


The Unibet cashier page allows users to deposit money through Apple Pay as long as they have the Unibet iOS app. This makes it easy to deposit funds quickly and securely.


BetVictor allows new UK customers to make fast deposits using the iOS Apple Pay wallet, functioning properly across all mobile Apple devices. This must be done through the official BetVictor app on an iOS device, such as an iOS mobile phone.


Betfair makes it easy to provide fast deposits through Apple Pay. The Betfair app on your device enables you to deposit and withdraw money via Apple Pay.


The Betway Sports iOS app opens up fast Apple Pay transactions, providing similar speeds to most e-wallets.

This includes deposits and withdrawals as long as the app is installed and applies to racing, sports, and all other betting options the site holds.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power’s various sites can accept Apple Pay as a valid withdrawal and deposit method.

The usual payment T&Cs apply, so look into the details further before making a deposit.


LeoVegas provides Apple Pay functionality for the UK market, providing facial recognition and Touch ID security options to keep card details safe while making payments faster.

The official LeoVegas sports betting app can have Apple Pay connected to it very easily, even for a brand-new customer.


Apple Pay makes it easy to deposit money into Spreadex with minimal effort.

Payments can be made on the Spreadex website, allowing you to pay the online bookie without using an official app – unlike most betting sites on this list.


The BoyleSports iOS app enables users to fund their bets through Apple Pay, either as their main payment method or as an optional addition to their current methods.

Be sure to read up on the specific menu options used to reach this so that you know how to enable Apple Pay on the site.

Virgin Bet

The Virgin Bet app allows Apple Pay deposits on a range of game types, enabling payments in both GBP and EUR, depending on your location.

This includes deposits and withdrawals, meaning that you can use Apple Pay as your primary payment method for the site.


The Parimatch sports betting app offers Apple Pay as one of its payment methods, suitable for both deposits and withdrawals.

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple’s huge spike in attention and popularity in the 80s led to a lot of innovation, but the company almost collapsed by the 90s.

One of Apple’s most consistent problems was always having to scramble to create something new, meeting the customers’ requirements that they were not prepared for.

However, this turned into an attitude of innovation. Apple Pay is one of their most recent – and successful – attempts to produce something that can completely overhaul the way payments work.

Apple Pay is a contactless payment system available on most modern Apple devices.

Rather than requiring a credit or debit card, Apple Pay allows you to pay using the Apple device itself, skipping much of the busy work involved in using other deposit methods.

While originally meant to replace the debit card as a payment method, many people use Apple Pay for in-person and remote payments, including online betting sites.

Unlike using a debit card or your bank account, a site visitor can use Apple Pay as a middleman.

This makes Apple Pay a more secure deposit method overall and can be a great alternative for people who want to deposit funds while keeping their bank details completely safe.

Of course, this also requires that your chosen betting site accepts Apple Pay transactions – and many online or sports betting sites are not open to using Apple Pay yet.

With Apple Pay becoming a fairly notable payment method among betting sites, it is becoming easier to find sites accepting Apple Pay.

However, that does not mean that all online betting sites are Apple Pay betting sites, so it is important to know if you can use your Apple Pay account before you start playing there.

How Do I Use Apple Pay?

Using Apple Pay is not as hard as you might think. The Apple wallet system is very similar to most widely-accepted e-wallets.

However, learning how your Apple Pay account works is still important before using it as a deposit method to pay betting sites (or make bets directly).

To make a deposit using Apple Pay, you must go to one of the compatible-with-Apple Pay betting sites and enter their deposit page. Set up the deposit as you would with any other deposit method, then choose Apple Pay as the payment method.

This will bring you to the Apple Pay app, where (if you are logged into an Apple Pay account) you will be shown an outline of your payment and the total cost.

To confirm it, you will have to verify your identity using the pre-prepared ID verification method, then confirm the payment like you would a payment from your bank account or credit or debit card.

Sites that allow Apple Pay do not always allow you to withdraw funds to the platform directly, meaning that you will only be able to use your Apple device as a deposit method.

However, there are other ways to withdraw funds, and you can always move your money back into your Apple Pay account as needed. Just be aware that when a site accepts Apple Pay, it might say it accepts it as a payment method rather than a way to withdraw funds.

Setting up an Apple Pay Account

If you want to use these Apple Pay betting sites, then having an Apple Pay account is important.

While it is not hard to make Apple Pay work once you have it ready, setting up an account is vital to using Apple Pay as a whole. You can’t select an Apple Pay betting payment option if you do not have an account set up and ready.

To set up Apple Pay on your Apple device (an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch or MacBook), you need to update to the latest version of iOS and then follow some simple steps to get it all ready.

  • Open up Apple Wallet on your device. This is usually a pre-installed app, but if not, you can get it from official Apple sources.
  • Add your card information. This has to be a debit card, usually a Visa. Note that the full extent of this card information will not be shown on any Apple Pay betting site you visit, not even on the cashier or banking page, so your bank card details will be kept private.
  • Check and verify your card information using the Apple Pay verification process.
  • Set up any passwords and security measures that you want. This includes Apple Pay Touch ID.
  • Start using Apple Pay!

Note that Apple Pay will be slightly different across different devices.

Using it on an Apple Watch will be different from controlling it with a MacBook since the interface will be different.

Get used to how Apple Pay works on your chosen devices before you try using it for a deposit so that you know how to adjust all of the settings and controls.

You will need to have an Apple Pay account ready if you want to select Apple Pay as online betting payment method, so be sure to get your account ready ahead of time.

Apple Pay sports betting is quite a widespread option, but you can only link your Apple Pay account to your account on betting sites if it is fully set up and working.

Why Should You Use Apple Pay?

When you use Apple Pay for an online betting site, you can get various benefits and advantages that most other payment methods do not provide.

This includes paying completely contactless and keeping your bank account and card details secure since you can select Apple Pay as a safe and secure payment option.

Playing at any site with Apple Pay accepted as a payment method can be great for several reasons.

Apple Pay works straight off your mobile device and Apple account, making it a self-contained payment option that does not rely on other online payment systems and e-wallets to function.

Setting up Apple Pay is relatively easy, meaning creating an account on your Apple device is not hard.

iOS users can quickly start using Apple Pay ahead of playing on any online betting site offering Apple Pay as a deposit method, meaning it is fairly easy to start using Apple Pay as a whole.

It is worth noting that Apple Pay is also free of other fees. While some online betting sites may have additional fees for certain payments even if they accept Apple Pay, the Apple Pay system is easy to use without spending more than you intended.

However, it is still important to look into any payment restrictions that specific Apple Pay betting sites may put in place.

Are Apple Pay Deposits Secure?

The added security allows you to use Apple Pay safely knowing that your bank card details are kept private.

This can be very important for online betting sites since it ensures that only the user has access to any bank transfer information – you are not giving up bank details to the betting site, which means that you do not have to worry about your information being stolen by third parties as easily.

The Touch ID system allows you to have Apple Pay accepted at most physical stores alongside online sites while still requiring your fingerprint to confirm the payment, making it a very effective way of paying for a range of different things with a single payment method.

Through Touch ID, a mobile device thief would need to pass the Touch ID check to make any Apple Pay deposit.

Even if your phone is unlocked, Touch ID stops unregistered Apple Pay users from using Apple Pay to use your money for their own bets or payments.

Apple Pay Betting FAQs

When using Apple Pay with your betting account – either for doing a sports betting deposit or withdrawing your bet settlement – you need to understand the specifics behind certain parts of the process.

The more you know about making these payments, the easier it becomes to make sure that you are doing everything correctly instead of risking assumptions that might not be true.

Can you use Apple Pay on a betting site?

As long as a betting site allows you to use Apple Pay as a valid payment method, you can make bets through your betting account as normal.

Note that free bet bonuses may depend on how you deposit into your betting account, so an Apple Pay sportsbooks deposit may not earn you the free bets casino bonus.

Is Apple Pay better than other platforms?

While other services like Google Pay exist, these are exclusive to specific platforms.

If you already use Apple devices, then Apple Pay gambling deposits are the most convenient option since you most likely already have the app installed (or even set up) on your device.

Does Apple Pay accept credit cards for gambling?

Credit cards cannot be used for making deposits this way.

The best Apple Pay betting experience comes from using the platform with debit cards and your betting account on the site.

Do Apple Pay deposits have maximum and minimum deposit limits?

Apple Pay does not have any limits on deposits, meaning that you can approach Apple Pay sports betting however you like.

However, it is important to understand that these limits do still apply to sites. Even some of the best betting sites have highly restrictive deposit limits, qualifying bet amounts for free bets and other casino bonus features.

Whether you want a free bet casino bonus or want to make a normal deposit, be sure to look at the limitations of your betting account on the site itself.

Why is Apple Pay so popular for betting sites?

Apple Pay betting sites use the payment platform to its fullest, providing a range of advantages that most standard payment methods do not. This includes greater security, easier payments, and a range of other major advantages.

Since the platform is linked to a device, it also becomes much easier to manage your payments, keep your account secure, and check the amount of spending money you have left. This can all lead to easier, faster and healthier gambling habits if used correctly.

Can Apply Pay support withdrawing gambling winnings?

There are specific conditions behind withdrawing to Apple Pay, meaning that not all betting sites will support or allow it. However, for the average user, there will still be other ways to withdraw your money – mostly by withdrawing it to another source and then pooling it back into Apple Pay.

For the best Apple Pay experience, be sure to have other withdrawal options on hand.

If you cannot withdraw directly, you can at least withdraw your winnings and use them as needed.

Are there any Apple Pay fees?

No extra fees are charged on the platform itself, although this does not remove any fees applied via the site itself.

All sites that have their fees applied to payments will need to mention them somewhere, so look around their terms and conditions or payment pages to better understand where fees might apply.

The more you know, the easier it becomes to make deposits in a way that minimises the number of extra fees you will be paying on your betting money.

Summary of Using Apple Pay for Betting Sites

Apple Pay can be a great tool for betting, especially since bonuses like free bets are still available to earn.

The best Apple Pay betting experience comes from using the platform like a normal payment method, and many popular sites make that possible.

Whether you are aiming to earn things like free bets and other bonuses or want to find a quick way to deposit money to a range of sites, Apple Pay can be an ideal choice of a payment platform.

Just keep in mind that it still has its limitations and niche uses and will not always be the ideal option for tackling a range of betting sites and styles.

The best Apple Pay betting advantages are the ones that come from the platform itself – added security, better access to your money, easier management of your funds, and the simplicity of using it over other third-party payment options.

If you are already an Apple user, you likely have at least one device that can fully support Apple Pay, making it a great choice for deposits on any gambling site.

Remember to look into the usual specifics before making a deposit.

Knowing how you earn free bets (and the requirements behind using those free bets) or the minimum deposit amount can make a big difference to your betting experience, whether you are using Apple Pay or not. Do your research and prepare ahead of time, especially if you are new to online betting.

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