Trustly Betting Sites

For many people, a Trustly account can be a secure and safe way to make bets.

If you want to use your Trustly account fully, you need to find the best Trustly betting sites that allow it as a deposit method.

While Trustly is still gaining popularity throughout the betting industry, not all sites allow all payment methods or online banking account options.

If you want to deposit funds flawlessly, you need to find an excellent sports betting site or gambling site that supports the betting payment methods you want to use.

The Trustly payment method is quickly becoming a more widely-accepted way to transfer money, withdraw funds and place bets through near-instant payments.

What is Trustly?

Before you can start hunting down Trustly betting sites, you should know what Trustly is.

As a platform, Trustly provides similar services to PayPal, making Trustly betting a relatively secure and anonymous way of paying for online sportsbooks.

Offering security and protection measures that meet with the Payment Services Directive, Trustly allows you to pay betting websites and gambling sites without giving up bank account information.

Sites that accept payments from the platform do not see your true bank credentials.

Beyond that, Trustly serves as a straightforward payment tool for online betting site players.

More secure than bank transfers and faster than many other indirect methods, it allows you to play at most sports betting sites with minimal risk.

Why use Trustly over other payment methods?

Trustly betting sites that support the Trustly payment platform can be a great place to handle online betting.

While there can be any number of reasons to rely on Trustly, there are some core advantages to using the platform to top up your betting account.


Trustly is an incredibly secure way of playing at some of the best betting sites on the market.

Trustly, sportsbooks can be played without giving up important information, allowing you to keep your details safe from online bookies and malicious third parties.

Since you are not giving up any bank details, Trustly betting sites tend to offer greater security overall. If betting sites do not have your card or bank information, then neither do third parties that hack those betting sites.

Trustly is a surprisingly simple option compared to other payment methods, giving you an easy way to top up an online betting account.

Using a similar system to platforms like PayPal, Trustly can become an easy and short-notice payment option for any gambling sites that allow it.

This means that you can quickly add to your sportsbook account on any compatible sportsbook site without relying on slow deposits and withdrawals, all while still having more security than using a bank transfer.


Given that the platform works with many different online betting sites, Trustly provides a consistent and reliable method for depositing to these sites quickly.

Transfer times are faster than many other options and with more security than just using a bank transfer.

Since Trustly betting does not involve any particular gimmick or specific paying method, it can become a great and consistent alternative to your bank account.

Not only does this make it easy to simplify things, but it makes depositing quicker.

Like all payment methods, you want to use Trustly carefully to make sure that you are getting the best out of the platform.

However, as a platform, Trustly does not rely on strange features that could throw off new users or force you to pay extra fees – it is simple, easy to learn, and can become a major part of how you handle online payments.

Placing Bets with Trustly as a Payment Method

Using Trustly as a payment method is relatively easy once you learn how the platform is used to pay for Trustly betting sites.

Trustly deposits can be handled the same way as any standard deposit method, which should be simple if you have used other similar payment platforms before. First, you need to sign up.

The process for this is simple:

  • Visit the Trustly mobile phone app or official website.
  • Click “Get Started” and enter any required details.
  • Read through the terms and conditions.
  • Start using the platform as you please!

Placing bets is usually a similar process across most betting sites.

While different Trustly betting sites may have their own specific payment systems or particular ways you have to use the site itself, using Trustly as one of your standard payment methods is straightforward.

  • Enter the website and go to the deposit/payment page.
  • Choose to use Trustly as your payment method.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to deposit.

Many sites will restrict how certain deposit methods can be used and max and min deposit amounts.

Using Trustly will occasionally mean that you run into situations where a sports betting site restricts or limits your deposits and withdrawals.

Look into the specifics behind each Trustly betting site before you play there.

Knowing things like minimum withdrawal and minimum deposit limits for certain payment option types can be important if you want to get the most out of a particular online bookmaker.

Online Betting Sites and Betting Account Payments with Trustly

There are plenty of Trustly betting sites to play at, with more sites offering support for the platform as Trustly gets more popular and widespread.

Many of the best Trustly betting sites are the ones that offer bonuses that Trustly users can earn, from free bet features to special welcome bonus offers.

If you are trying to move money into your sports betting account, Trustly can be a great choice.

While not all sports betting sites in all sports markets are going to accept Trustly, it is still a great way to break into numerous betting markets while keeping your details safe.

The simplicity of Trustly means that it can be ideal for all sports marketing and online gambling types, especially if you choose the best Trustly betting site for your particular interests.

Whether horse racing or betting on specific matches of particular games, Trustly makes it a lot easier to get those deposits across without worrying about giving up your information or exposing too much of your bank account.

To deposit and withdraw funds, you must turn to a betting site that allows Trustly payment.

Is Trustly Regulated?

Trustly is fully regulated by the Swedish Financial Services Authority and licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Using the platform with all of the best Trustly betting sites is safe.

This makes it a safer option than any unregulated platform system: bets are handled safely and reliably, going directly to the online betting site you are using.

Remember that you also need to consider the site’s safety.

Choosing the wrong sports markets site can still get you into worrying situations, so take your time and look at your options throughout the gambling industry to choose a site you feel you can trust.

Should You Use Trustly for an Online Betting Site?

Trustly is an excellent platform that does not try to over-extend or push itself on its users.

Serving as a simple and reliable payment tool, it opens up an easy way to handle all kinds of betting payments without worrying about the platforms you are relying on – or exposing your information to online bookmakers.

If you want a platform that you can use casually without having to risk sharing any information, then Trustly can be a great choice.

It offers some great features and an excellent level of user control and safety, all while being relatively easy to use and pick up.

Whatever kind of horse racing or sports fan you might be, Trustly is an excellent platform to choose as your main betting tool.

It is accessible on most mobile devices and desktop or tablet systems and can be used safely without forcing you to be incredibly careful about what you are doing.

Whether you are a long-time player who sees competitive odds as the best odds or a brand-new player who gets anxious over minimum withdrawal and deposit limits, Trustly is easy to switch to.

Even if it does not become your main payment method, it can still be an invaluable platform to keep around as a quick and hassle-free payment site.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning on using Trustly, then it helps to know the specifics behind what you are doing.

These frequently asked questions might clarify a few things you need to know about the platform.

Can I Use Trustly Internationally?

Trusty is an international payment option that can be used throughout the US and Europe and in multiple additional countries.

Some countries may have particular laws on how these platforms can be used.

Be sure to check Trustly’s T&Cs and additional country details before you commit to using the platform in specific places.

Can Trustly be trusted?

Trustly uses the same encryption system as a bank account, meaning that your sports betting is kept secure and regulated throughout your entire time using it.

It is a licensed payment institution authorised and supervised by the Sweden-based Financial Supervisory Authority.

This amount of regulation ensures that the platform is not going to suddenly disappear or take money from customers.

The company running the platform is committed to keeping it current, including ensuring that everything is legal and properly regulated.

Is There a Minimum and Maximum Deposit Through Trustly?

Trustly has no maximum deposit limit since this usually depends on the UK betting sites you are playing at.

However, the minimum deposit amount is £10, which is a fair amount considering that most casinos and betting sites also use that limitation.

The minimum amount you can withdraw at any time is £10, and the maximum is £20,000.

This should be more than enough for most normal players or veteran players who focus on competitive odds and high stakes.

Will I Get a Welcome Bonus or Free Bets if I Pay Using Trustly?

In most cases, a deposit through Trustly will trigger any welcome bonus features, free bets, and other casino bonus offerings that you are eligible for.

This all depends on the casino, of course, so look into the casino bonus features before you deposit.

A qualifying bet settlement is still a qualifying bet. With Trustly, you should see a free bet applied normally as long as you hit the requirements, which usually means a minimum deposit or minimum odds bet.

Most online casinos will hand out free bets as long as you hit the requirements, regardless of your payment type.

Again, check each site before making a payment. If the bonus features and free bets are that important to you, then you want to be sure that you are going to get them.

Is Trustly Better Than an E-Wallet?

Trustly uses most of the same advantages as e-wallets since it is an e-wallet.

This means that you can use them mostly interchangeably, although Trustly still has some major advantages that can push it into being the better option.

This also means that it is easy to learn to use Trustly if you already have a history of using e-wallets.

The biggest differences are the platform’s design and layout, but that is not hard to learn and does not make much of a difference when making a deposit.

Does Trustly Have Fees?

Trustly has no hidden fees, charges or costs when using Trustly. This makes it a great option for people who worry about how much they are going to spend or lose from their account with each payment.

Can I Block Access to Trustly?

While there is no pre-prepared system for blocking access to your account to get over bad gambling habits, you can always contact support to figure out an alternative option.

Do not hesitate to talk to support if you need more advice or options.


Trustly is a great platform for sports betting as a whole, whether that is horse racing or your standard sports betting options.

As long as you find a betting site that supports it, Trustly can become a great way of making payments quickly and easily with minimal security risks.

It is important to choose the right site. For example, if a bonus feature is only activated with a min odds bet amount, you will need to hit that min odds requirement to earn it, Trustly or not.

However, if you find a site you like, then it can be one of the most reliable payment platforms you have available.

Being able to activate free bets (as long as you meet any free bet requirements) is just another benefit of Trustly. Unlike some alternative payment method options, Trustly is still accepted for free bet bonuses and additional features since it is effectively just a stronger e-wallet platform.

Whether you are going to be using Trustly large-scale horse racing or just doing casual sports betting as a hobby, Trustly offers some great advantages that make it worthwhile. It is a functional and fee-free platform that can be ideal for making deposits, earning free bets, and keeping your information secure.