Boku Betting Sites

Boku has become a great payment method for many online betting sites accepting Boku payments.

However, like any payment tool, not all betting sites will allow you to use Boku for betting.

If you want to rely on Boku as a core part of your online betting experience, you need to find Boku betting sites that accept Boku as a main deposit and withdrawal payment method.

It also helps to understand the advantages and quirks of Boku betting over other payment options.

Whether you are new to online betting or a long-time horse racing punter who prefers Boku betting sites first and foremost, finding the right places to play can seem daunting.

Thankfully, this list of the best Boku betting sites on the market can simplify things.

Popular Betting Sites that Accept Boku Payments

As of January 2023, there are plenty of betting sites out there that accept Boku deposits.

If you are interested in finding Boku betting sites worth trying, then this list should give you an idea of where to start looking for a new online betting site to play at.

While not that many major UK betting sites accept Boku betting so far, Boku is gradually becoming increasingly popular as a payment method.

This means it will become easier to find good Boku betting sites over time as the platform grows.


Unibet allows Boku betting deposits as a standard payment method for UK customers. This can be done via the Boku banking app for easier access to your Boku account.

888 Sport

The 888 Sports app can accept Boku as a standard payment method, using the Boku payment gateway to speed up the process and simplify everything.

William Hill

William Hill works with Boku, allowing you to top up your account via Boku payments quickly and securely. You can even qualify for free bet bonuses using Boku payments.


Coral allows easy Boku deposits, with the player earning Coral free bets and other bonuses after topping up their account via Boku.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power can accept Boku as a standard payment method, allowing Boku deposits without any other steps or restrictions in place.

Boyle Sports

Boyle Sports players can deposit funds using Boku for extra security.


BetVictor treats Boku as a valid payment method on the official BetVictor mobile app.


Betfred allows Boku payment gateway deposits, requiring only the standard verification steps.


Betway is fully compatible with Boku payments, serving as one of the most notable Boku betting sites on this list.

What is Boku?

Before hunting down Boku betting sites, you should know what Boku is.

Boku is a way to pay for goods and services with your phone bill, charging your payments to your next phone bill for ease of use.

You do not need any bank account or card details and can play at a Boku betting site with little more than a mobile phone number.

As a contactless payment method, you are free to use it straight from your phone, making it a far more convenient option for people who are into online betting and want a faster payment method.

Boku effectively replaces the need for other payment methods as long as you keep your phone bill in check, meaning you can use Boku for your online betting accounts with minimal issues.

Of course, you can only use Boku on sites that accept Boku deposit and withdrawal options.

The list of Boku betting sites above is far from complete, but Boku is still growing in popularity, with more and more betting sites using Boku as a payment method as it grows in popularity.

Why use Boku over other payment methods?

Boku betting sites are becoming increasingly widespread, so it is a good idea to understand why using them for online sports betting sites can be a good idea.

Here are some main reasons why Boku betting sites offering Boku can be a great option for your next betting focus.

Using Boku is effective, like using credit. This completely changes the way you gamble online since the money is collected by direct debit from your next phone bill rather than being taken out of your account immediately.

By relying on your mobile phone bill, you are essentially delaying the payments, allowing you to use Boku to turn your bets into a lump sum at the end of the month.

Doing this allows you to spread your bets throughout the month while still paying for them all at once.

It is often much easier to save up for a single bulk payment. Since Boku is a mobile payment platform, first and foremost, you have constant access to your Boku deposit information and history.

Thanks to this, you can use your mobile phone bill as a source of credit and get a good idea of how much will be added to your bill.


Since Boku uses your mobile phone bill as payment, you can fund your online betting account without making bank account transfers or risking putting your card details into a new site.

If you select Boku, you use your mobile number and phone bill.

This can make Boku a very secure payment method, allowing you to bet online gambling funds without worrying about sharing any credit or debit card details.

Most Boku gambling sites will also have good security overall, making it an even more reliable option.

Boku deposits are more secure than just using your card since they do not technically give your card information straight to the betting sites.

If betting sites do not have your card information, then neither do third parties that hack into those betting sites.


Making Boku an informal part of your mobile phone contract allows you to use it alone or alongside other deposit methods, meaning you can start using Boku for quick and easy payments as needed.

It can be a relatively simple payment method that streamlines many of the problems that other payment methods run into, making it much easier to use Boku for general betting as either a new or experienced player.

When betting sites accept Boku, they provide a simpler deposit method that can make online sports betting far easier.

Since Boku uses your mobile phone bill, you only need to supply a mobile number, which can dramatically speed up the deposits.

This can allow you to bet entirely from your phone – something that other platforms do, but often in more complex ways.


As a payment method suitable for many online betting sites, Boku provides a consistent method for depositing to these sites quickly.

Transfer times are generally faster than a bank account transfer or direct debit since using Boku is similar to using a debit card.

This means you can easily settle into using Boku betting sites deposits without worrying about unexpected fees or issues with your debit card details.

You can deposit and withdraw funds reliably if you can handle mobile phone payments.

While you still need to plan to pay back the extra charges on your bill, this can be easier to manage since you know that all of the money is required by a specific date rather than spread throughout the month.


Like all payment methods, you want to use Boku carefully.

However, if you prefer large one-off payments, then it can be much easier to use Boku due to how it funnels all of your credit into your phone bill.

While some people may consider this hard to keep track of, many users may appreciate how straightforward this makes the deposits.

By delaying the payments until you receive your phone bill, you are effectively pushing the money you owe into a single big payment.

This can make it much easier to focus on saving up to pay it back since everything is rolled into a single large bill that you can keep track of directly.

Placing Bets with Boku

Using Boku as a payment method is not as hard as you might first think – you need to understand how it fits into most existing site structures.

Boku deposits can be handled in the same way any standard deposit method would, making them ideal for people who want a new payment method that they can begin using straight away.

  • Enter the website and go to the deposit/payment page.
  • Choose to use Boku as your payment method.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to deposit.

Placing bets is usually a similar process across most betting sites.

Remember that different sites may have vastly different payment method restrictions, so you will want to know about these before using Boku.

Either way, paying by phone bill as a form of direct debit can be a lot faster and easier than many other payment methods.

Deposit Restrictions

Many sites will have restrictions on how certain deposit methods can be used or the amount of money you can actually deposit with them.

Using Boku will occasionally mean that you run into situations where a sports betting site restricts your potential bet options.

Be sure to look into the specific restrictions and limits you may be under when using Boku.

Some betting sites may enforce a higher minimum deposit amount or require you to verify your identity with another payment method before you can pay from your phone bill.

This varies between each online bookmaker and betting site, so it can be a good idea to look into the website first to see what kind of terms and conditions you may have to follow.

Online Betting Sites with Boku

There are plenty of Boku betting sites to choose from, with more and more springing up as the Boku platform gets more popular.

Many of the best Boku betting sites are the ones that offer bonuses which you can earn with Boku, such as free bet features or welcome bonus offers.

Boku becomes incredible for casinos and betting sites that rely on a lot of smaller deposits since it pushes all of your betting site deposits into one big payment.

This can make using Boku the ideal choice for any general betting account.

Online Sports Betting with Boku

If you are trying to move money into your sports betting account, Boku can be a great choice.

Being able to pay off your Boku sports betting deposits later allows you to focus on the sports betting itself and gives you a way to catch one-time events or bonus features that you would not be able to afford with a normal payment method.

While not all sports betting sites will accept Boku, the ones that do can often allow it as a great way to handle your sports betting deposits.

Whether horse racing or betting on specific matches of particular games, Boku makes it a lot easier to get those deposits across without worrying about giving up your information or exposing too much of your bank account.

If you want to use Boku, you must turn to a betting site that allows Boku as a payment method.

Above are some of the best Boku betting sites on the market, but remember that there are still countless sports betting sites to choose from.

Look at your options and see which sites suit your interests or needs the closest.

Is Boku Regulated?

Boku is a regulated payment method that is completely safe to use and does not try to push any unwanted plans or fees onto the user.

This makes it an ideal alternative payment method to tools that might offer the same services less conveniently, and its growing acceptance means that more and more sites are starting to offer it as a choice.

Since Boku works based on your phone bills, proper regulation and legal operation are important.

When you make Boku sports betting payments, your phone number is the only information you give to your preferred betting site.

Even if Boku were unregulated, this would limit the amount of information and damage the platform could do.

Naturally, regulation matters when your mobile number is involved. The Boku website does not make it easy for third parties to break into your account and use your number or funds.

Should You Use Boku with an Online Betting Site?

Boku is an excellent platform for dealing with any betting site, offering some great benefits without any notable drawbacks.

While it still obviously falls under the same limitations as any other deposit method might (some sites limiting your total deposit options or not accepting Boku at all), it also provides a fairly unique way to pay.

Using Boku, you can delay your payments until you get your phone bill, which can be a surprisingly powerful advantage.

Most online bookmakers take payments right then and there, but if you select Boku, you can delay these payments until later in the month. If this lines up with your usual payday, then it can be a perfect way to simplify your betting habits.

While using tools like a Neteller account can be a good alternative, these still function more or less like bank accounts.

Using Boku completely changes how your payments are handled, which can make it far more useful than a Neteller account, depending on your needs and the way you like to pay your betting costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are planning on using Boku, then it helps to know the specifics behind your actions.

This FAQ covers some of the basic details you will need to know before using Boku to pay for a sports betting site.

Can I Use Boku with an International Mobile Phone Number?

Boku is available in over 60 distinct countries, and international numbers from these countries should work perfectly across the entire Boku platform.

However, some sites may limit the countries that can play at them – a foreign number may not be allowed to deposit there.

This all depends on how strict the site is. Some UK-only sites may not allow a number from San Francisco, for example.

Is Boku Pay-As-You-Go?

Boku can take credit from your PAYG phone, although these make it act like a regular bank account due to how credit is handled on these phones.

Even so, Boku works with PAYG phones if you want to pay for a sports betting site.

Is There a Minimum and Maximum Deposit Through Boku?

Boku generally limits the maximum deposit amount to £30. However, when it comes to minimum deposit amounts, this depends on the site.

Look into any UK betting sites you plan to play at, to see if there is a minimum deposit limit.

Will I Get a Welcome Bonus or Free Bets if I Pay Using Boku?

In most cases, a deposit through Boku will trigger welcome bonus features, free bets, and other casino bonus offerings.

This depends on the casino bonus and the terms of the online casinos you are playing at, so this will not always be the case.

A qualifying bet settlement is still a qualifying bet. With Boku, you should see a free bet applied normally if you hit the requirements, such as a minimum deposit requirement.

This includes the fact that free bets expire, so you will want to use them as valid instead of waiting for them to expire.

Is Boku Better Than an E-Wallet?

Boku is not necessarily a better payment option than any other platform; just different.

This makes it a great alternative to your existing options and does not take anything away, so you can even switch between Boku and another service if necessary.

What Happens if You Can’t Pay The Phone Bill?

Boku is not involved in the affairs of you and your mobile provider. Mobile bookmakers are also not involved since they already have their money.

If this happens, you must deal with your phone provider, not the Boku support team.

Are Boku Charges Refundable?

Boku payments cannot be refunded since they work off your phone bill.

If you get Boku payments on your bill that you did not make, talk to your phone providers to dispute and discuss them.

Can I Block Access to Boku?

If you feel you need to restrict your access to Boku, it can be blocked temporarily.

Unblocking the account requires proof of identity, which is not a simple on-off switch.

If you need to step back from gambling, then Boku makes it easy to block yourself and harder to unblock on a whim.

Boku Summary

Boku is a great platform for betting, from conventional sports to horse racing.

It is one of the only betting site payment options that delay your payments for a while, providing a completely different betting experience that can make a huge difference to any player.

Activating free bets (with the same free bet stakes and free bet requirements) is just another benefit of Boku.

Unlike some alternative payment method options, Boku does not usually avoid free bets and additional features, which can be a great all-around option for managing your money.

Whether using Boku at its maximum deposit limit for large-scale horse racing or casual sports betting on the side, Boku offers some great functional advantages that make it worthwhile.