Naughty Forty

Naughty Forty is a football firm who are associated with Stoke City Football Club. At their peak the firm had over 700 members and were one of the more violent football firms in England.

In the late 90s a large number of hooligans invaded the pitch at The Britannia Stadium following a 7-0 defeat to Birmingham City in the first division.

Following a trip to Portsmouth in 1985 the Naughty Forty was born, and rapidly became one of the most notorious football firms in Britain.


During a 2001 clash with Stoke City, 84 people were arrested after fans clashed during the Potteries derby with Port Vale. Violence broke out in the streets around Vale Park in the Burslem district of Stoke. There were also two pitch invasions and fans from both clubs threw missiles at each other.

On 28th April 2002 Stoke City played Cardiff City at home. Staffordshire Police mounted a large operation and had to call in officers from other forces and around 1,000 officers were on duty on the day.

Former N40 founding member, Mark Chester, wrote a detailed book regarding his exploits with the firm in 2006 stating that he was a reformed character and he is not proud of his past.


The Naughty Fort code was simple, whatever the odds, they would always make a stand.

Naughty Forty was soon joined by the Under-Fives, who were a younger firm aiming to gain acceptance from the Naughty Forty.


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