Chelsea Football Club have one of the most notorious football hooligan firms The Chelsea Headhunters.

During the Height of the Chelsea Headhunters era in the 70s and 80s, The National Front and the British National Party would sell their newspapers around the stadium and among main entrances and pubs. Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea Football Club became the new recruitment ground for the far right.

Before Chelsea Headhunters formed there was a previous firm which was known as Chelsea Shed Boys which ran from 1960s to 1985, this firm later turned into Chelsea Headhunters.


On 13 February 2010, members of the Chelsea Headhunters clashed with the Cardiff City Soul Crew at the FA Cup fifth round tie at Stamford Bridge.

Following the clash on 25th March 2011, at Isleworth Crown Court, 24 people were convicted of taking part in the violence, which ultimately resulted in several people being injured, this includes a police offer who had their jaw broken during the clash.

Any of the members who were found guilty received bans from all football grounds in both England and Wales ranging from three years to eight years. Eighteen of the members received prison sentences up to two years.


The Chelsea Headhunters have little to any allies, however Rangers Football Club and Linfield Football Club were to well known allies.

Chelsea Headhunters weren’t short of rivals, with some of the more well known being Millwall Bushwackers, Inter City Firm, Leeds United Service Crew, and The Herd.


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