Luton Town MIGs

The Men in Gear (MIGs) are a Football Firm associated with Luton Town which was formed in 1980s. The MIGs were formed in 1982 in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. The MIGs took over from the “bovver boy” skinhead type of hooligans of the 1970s, wearing expensive clothing and trainers. This is how they got the name Men In Gear. Luton Town MIGs had two main rival firms, those being Watford and Queens Park Rangers.

Tommy Robinson is one of the most famous Ex-MIG members, who has written two books on his experiences within the firm. MIG Crew is all about the MIGs Firm, the other book is MIG Down which documents his 25 years in football hooliganism.


In November 2005, Police arrested 18 Luton hooligans after fighting broke out at the Black Horse, in Coventry Road as yobs battled each other both inside and outside the premises, using bar furniture as weapons.

During a fixture between Luton Town and Bristol City, hooligans engaged in a mass brawl after football match in November 2019. Groups of opposing football fans were involved in the disorder and several assaults took place.


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