Villa Hardcore

Aston Villa Hardcore is a football hooligan firm which is associated with Aston Villa based in Birmingham, England.

The Firm have been active since 1993 and founded by Steven Fowler, following up on previous firms known as The Streamers, C-Crew and Villa Youth.

The name Villa Hardcore originated from a Metropolitan Police Officer announced “Here come Villa’s Hardcore” following the firm’s antics before an away match against West Ham United in November 1996.

There is a new younger wing of the firm that has emerged under the banner “Hardcore Youth” with two of the firm members being banned in January 2010. The two were named as the ring leaders by police and were also made to pay a £500 fine each in court.

During Aston Villa’s clash with Cardiff City at the Cardiff City Stadium, estimated 30 Villa Hardcore members attacked The Cornwall which was a meeting point for Cardiff City supporters following the final whistle.


In October 2002 fifteen people were arrested in a series of dawn raids in connection with serious disorders committed in the Rocky Lane area of Aston before the game between Aston Villa and Birmingham City in September 2002.

On 12 August 2017 after Aston Villa’s Championship match against Cardiff City at the Cardiff City Stadium, around 30 Villa Hardcore members attacked The Cornwall public house in the Grangetown area of the City where Cardiff supporters had gathered following the final whistle.


Aston Villa Hardcore is still running to this day and has an estimated 250-500 members.

The Aston Villa Hardcore have clashed many times with the Zulu Warriors over the years, who are associated with Birmingham City.



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