Baby Squad

Leicester’s Firm, The Baby Squad have had many altercations with the Chelsea Headhunters over the years who follow Chelsea Football Club. In the early 2000s Leicester were listed as the 7th most violent Football Club in England and Wales. The Baby Squad were ambushed by hooligans from fellow rival Luton Town at the Leicester Train Station before it was split up by police.

Police confiscated knives from a group of 100 hooligans from both The Baby Squad and also Coventry fans. Eleven men were arrested as a result of this incident with one man who suffered with minor head injuries.


In February 2008, nearly a dozen men were arrested after up to 100 hooligans were involved in running battles between both fans from Leicester City and Coventry City outside a pub in Coventry. At this particular battle police confiscated knives and one victim suffered minor head injuries.

The week before the incident with the Coventry fans, 12 men were also arrested after clashes between fans from Leicester and Norwich in which some men sustained minor injuries.


Baby Squad were formed in 1981 and are still running to this day. Baby Squad was founded in Leicester and is believed to have between 90-110 members. Some of the biggest rivals of Baby Squad include Chelsea Headhunters and The MIGS.


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