Arsenal Firm

The Gooners and The Herd are Arsenal’s two most famous hooligan firms. The Gooners were mainly active between the period of the 1980s and 1990s, the name is commonly used now by the majority of Arsenals fanbase. The Herd on the other hand were notoriously known for periods between the late 1970s and early 1990s with the firm still existing, but remaining undercover.

The Herd who were founded in Holloway, London had many rivals in their time and some still to this present day, these include, West Ham’s I.C.F, Tottenham Hotspur’s Yid Army, Chelsea’s Headhunters and Millwall’s F-troop. The Herd had many clashes over the years but the two most well known came against Millwall fans at Highbury in 1988 and with Galatasaray fans in City Hall Square, Copenhagen in 2000.

A majority of The Herd were considered to be a fighting and violent firm, however some of the members were not physically violent, a great example of this is Dainton Connell often referred to as Denton “The Bear” Connell who was referred to as a folk hero by large parts of the Arsenal supporter base, he sadly died in a car crash in 2007, and his funeral was attended by 3000 mourners which included some ex Arsenal players.


There are two Arsenal hooligan firms which range across many years.

The Gooners and The Herd are described as Allies and are said to have merged a lot throughout the years.


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