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If you are looking to travel away to watch your team play against Plymouth Argyle, you will love the atmosphere at Home Park.

Be sure to check out our in depth guide to Home Park away fans to find all of the essential information regarding the fastest route to and from the stadium, and also if there are any pubs, restaurants and cafés in the local area that are welcoming to visiting fans.

Plymouth Argyle FC is a professional football club that plays in League One which is the third tier of English Football. Managed by Steven Schumacher the side are enjoying a great season in League One and trying to win the title.

In our Plymouth Argyle Football Club guide, we provide our readers with information about the squad, upcoming fixtures and results, and also the history of Plymouth Argyle Football Club.

Plymouth Argyle Registered Squad

Here is a list of the registered squad for Plymouth Argyle 2024:

Goal Keepers

Robbert te Loeke
Romain Larrieu
Conor Hazard29 (0)030
Luke McCormick
Callum Burton2 (0)000
John Jack Ruddy
Michael Cooper19 (0)030
Adam Parkes
Tyler Coombes
Zak Baker


David Worrell
Lino Sousa3 (5)010
Gary Sawyer
Jason Dodd
Julio Pleguezuelo24 (11)030
Graham Coughlan
Dan Scarr27 (4)171
Joe Edwards25 (12)240
Mathias Kouo-Doumbe
Tony Capaldi
Jakub Sokolik
Adam Randell33 (14)490
Paul Connolly
Peter Gilbert
Ashley Phillips17 (2)040
Matthew Sorinola7 (6)120
Brandon Pursall
Oscar Halls


Lee Hodges
Jordan Houghton32 (10)060
David Friio
Keith Lasley
David Norris
Lionel Ainsworth
Akos Buzsaky
Paul Wotton
Mustapha Bundu9 (19)300
Lewis Macleod
Alfie Devine9 (5)031
Lee Makel
Bali Mumba38 (8)3110
Lewis Gibson40 (3)060
Darko Gyabi9 (0)020
Steve Adams
Brendan Galloway19 (8)130
Saxon Earley2 (0)000
Callum Wright12 (12)020
Adam Forshaw8 (5)030
Charlie Miller
Michael Peck
Jack Matthews0 (1)000
Carlo Garside
Jude Boyd
Jeffrey Forkuo
Jarvis Cleal
Jack Endacott
Angel Wariuh
Frederick Issaka1 (5)000
Caleb Roberts1 (2)000
Ethan Mitchell


Stevie Crawford
Mickey Evans
Morgan Whittaker47 (1)1950
Steven Milne
Jose Baxter
Mikel Miller22 (14)1120
Nick Chadwick
Scott Taylor
Ryan Hardie35 (8)1330
Marino Keith
Dexter Blackstock
Ben Waine11 (24)410
Ruben Wilson
Freddie Issaka1 (0)000
Rhys Shirley
Kieran Edworthy
Scott Crocker

Plymouth Argyle Upcoming Fixtures

Plymouth Argyle Previous Results

Popular Questions

When was Plymouth Argyle Football Club founded?

Plymouth Argyle Football Club was founded on August 23, 1886, making it one of the oldest football clubs in England.

What is the nickname of Plymouth Argyle Football Club?

The nickname of Plymouth Argyle Football Club is “The Pilgrims”. This nickname dates back to the early 20th century, when the club’s supporters used to make long journeys to support the team.

What is the highest league position that Plymouth Argyle Football Club has ever achieved?

The highest league position that Plymouth Argyle Football Club has ever achieved is fifth place in the second tier of English football, which was then known as the Second Division, during the 1974-75 season.

Manager History

02/04/2024 – 30/06/2024Neil DewsnipEngland19/07/1964
07/01/2024 – 01/04/2024Ian FosterEngland11/11/1976
19/12/2023 – 06/01/2024Neil DewsnipEngland19/07/1964
07/12/2021 – 18/12/2023Steven SchumacherEngland30/04/1984
01/07/2019 – 06/12/2021Ryan LoweEngland18/09/1978
28/04/2019 – 30/06/2019Kevin NancekivellEngland22/10/1971
01/07/2015 – 27/04/2019Derek AdamsScotland25/06/1975
06/01/2013 – 30/06/2015John SheridanIreland01/10/1964
18/09/2011 – 01/01/2013Carl FletcherWales07/04/1980
24/06/2010 – 18/09/2011Peter ReidEngland20/06/1956
10/12/2009 – 30/06/2010Paul MarinerEngland22/05/1953
27/11/2007 – 09/12/2009Paul SturrockScotland10/10/1956
28/06/2006 – 21/11/2007Ian HollowayEngland12/03/1963
23/09/2005 – 14/06/2006Tony PulisWales16/01/1958
20/04/2004 – 06/09/2005Bobby WilliamsonScotland13/08/1961
05/03/2004 – 19/04/2004Kevin SummerfieldEngland07/01/1959
31/10/2000 – 03/03/2004Paul SturrockScotland10/10/1956
01/07/1998 – 04/10/2000Kevin HodgesEngland12/06/1960
01/07/1995 – 03/02/1997Neil WarnockEngland01/12/1948
02/03/1992 – 11/01/1995Peter ShiltonEngland18/09/1949
01/01/1990 – 30/06/1990John GregoryEngland11/05/1954
01/07/1988 – 30/06/1990Ken BrownEngland16/02/1934
01/12/1984 – 30/06/1988Dave SmithScotland22/09/1933
05/01/1979 – 30/06/1981Bobby SaxtonEngland06/09/1943
14/02/1978 – 16/03/1978Lennie LawrenceEngland12/12/1947
11/10/1972 – 21/04/1977Tony WaitersEngland01/02/1937
01/02/1968 – 01/03/1970Billy BinghamNorthern Ireland05/08/1931
01/10/1963 – 30/04/1964Andy BeattieScotland11/08/1913
01/07/1957 – 30/06/1960Jack RowleyEngland07/10/1920
01/07/1938 – 30/06/1947Jack TresadernEngland26/09/1890
01/07/1910 – 30/06/1938Robert JackScotland04/04/1876
01/07/1905 – 30/06/1906Robert JackScotland04/04/1876
01/07/1903 – 30/06/1905Frank E. BrettellEngland00/00/1862

Plymouth Argyle Trophies

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Plymouth Argyle Football Club is a professional football club based in Plymouth, England. The club was founded in 1886 and currently competes in League One, the third tier of English football.

In terms of their style of play, Plymouth Argyle are known for playing an attacking and possession-based game. They often utilize a 3-4-2-1 or a 3-4-1-2 formation, with a strong emphasis on keeping the ball and building up play from the back. They also have a reputation for being defensively solid, with a well-organized backline and a hardworking midfield.

Overall, Plymouth Argyle are a well-respected club in English football, known for their entertaining and effective style of play.

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