Huddersfield Town

If you are looking to travel to watch your beloved club play against Huddersfield Town you will absolutely love the atmosphere at The John Smith’s Stadium.

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Huddersfield Town FC is a professional football club that play in the Championship which is the second tier of English Football. Managed by Neil Warnock after recently firing the previous coach Mark Fotheringham was sacked after a very poor season.

In our Huddersfield Town Football Club guide, we showcase all of the important information from the squad, upcoming fixtures and results, and also the heritage of Huddersfield Town Football Club.

Huddersfield Town Registered Squad

Here is a list of the registered squad for Huddersfield Town 2024:

Goal Keepers

Chris Maxwell
Lee Nicholls
Giosue Bellagambi
Michael Roxburgh


Matty Pearson
Tommy Elphick
Thomas Edwards
Brodie Spencer
Oliver Turton
Radinio Balker
Tom Lees
Yuta Nakayama
Matthew Lowton
Luke Daley
Charles Ondo
Neo Eccleston
Jaheim Headley


Alejandro Vallejo Minguez
Jonathan Hogg
Josh Ruffels
David Kasumu
Alex Matos
Ben Wiles
Tom Iorpenda
Michal Helik
Patrick Jones
Michael Stone
Conor Falls
Samuel Sharrock-Peplow
Myles Bright


Delano Burgzorg
Bojan Radulovic Samoukovic
Josh Koroma
Sorba Thomas
Fraizer Campbell
Jack Rudoni
Danny Ward
Brahima Diarra
Kian Harratt
Connor Falls
Rhys Healey
Kit Elliott
Christopher Elliot

Current Huddersfield Town Manager

ManagerAppointment DateToDays in Charge
Michael Duff13/05/202417 Jun, 202435

Huddersfield Town Upcoming Fixtures

Upcoming GameCompetionOpponentVenue
Sat 29 15:00AFC EmleyAway
Wed 03 19:45Alfreton TownAway
Sat 06 15:00GuiseleyAway
Wed 10 19:00YorkAway
Sat 13 15:00Harrogate TownAway

Huddersfield Town Previous Results

05 Aug 2023Plymouth Argyle v Huddersfield TownL3-1League Championship
08 Aug 2023Huddersfield Town v MiddlesbroughL2-3League Cup
12 Aug 2023Huddersfield Town v Leicester CityL0-1League Championship
19 Aug 2023Middlesbrough v Huddersfield TownD1-1League Championship
26 Aug 2023Huddersfield Town v Norwich CityL0-4League Championship
02 Sep 2023West Bromwich Albion v Huddersfield TownW1-2League Championship
16 Sep 2023Huddersfield Town v Rotherham UnitedW2-0League Championship
20 Sep 2023Huddersfield Town v Stoke CityD2-2League Championship
25 Sep 2023Coventry City v Huddersfield TownD1-1League Championship
30 Sep 2023Huddersfield Town v Ipswich TownD1-1League Championship
03 Oct 2023Birmingham City v Huddersfield TownL4-1League Championship
07 Oct 2023Sheffield Wednesday v Huddersfield TownD0-0League Championship
21 Oct 2023Huddersfield Town v Queens Park RangersW2-1League Championship
24 Oct 2023Huddersfield Town v Cardiff CityL0-4League Championship
28 Oct 2023Leeds United v Huddersfield TownL4-1League Championship
04 Nov 2023Huddersfield Town v WatfordD0-0League Championship
11 Nov 2023Hull City v Huddersfield TownL1-0League Championship
25 Nov 2023Huddersfield Town v SouthamptonD1-1League Championship
29 Nov 2023Sunderland v Huddersfield TownW1-2League Championship
02 Dec 2023Swansea City v Huddersfield TownD1-1League Championship
09 Dec 2023Huddersfield Town v Bristol CityD1-1League Championship
12 Dec 2023Huddersfield Town v Preston North EndL1-3League Championship
16 Dec 2023Millwall v Huddersfield TownD1-1League Championship
23 Dec 2023Norwich City v Huddersfield TownL2-0League Championship
26 Dec 2023Huddersfield Town v Blackburn RoversW3-0League Championship
29 Dec 2023Huddersfield Town v MiddlesbroughL1-2League Championship
01 Jan 2024Leicester City v Huddersfield TownL4-1League Championship
07 Jan 2024Manchester City v Huddersfield TownL5-0FA Cup
13 Jan 2024Huddersfield Town v Plymouth ArgyleD1-1League Championship
20 Jan 2024Blackburn Rovers v Huddersfield TownD1-1League Championship
28 Jan 2024Queens Park Rangers v Huddersfield TownD1-1League Championship
03 Feb 2024Huddersfield Town v Sheffield WednesdayW4-0League Championship
10 Feb 2024Southampton v Huddersfield TownL5-3League Championship
14 Feb 2024Huddersfield Town v SunderlandW1-0League Championship
17 Feb 2024Huddersfield Town v Hull CityL1-2League Championship
24 Feb 2024Watford v Huddersfield TownW1-2League Championship
02 Mar 2024Huddersfield Town v Leeds UnitedD1-1League Championship
06 Mar 2024Cardiff City v Huddersfield TownL1-0League Championship
10 Mar 2024Huddersfield Town v West Bromwich AlbionL1-4League Championship
16 Mar 2024Rotherham United v Huddersfield TownD0-0League Championship
29 Mar 2024Huddersfield Town v Coventry CityL1-3League Championship
01 Apr 2024Stoke City v Huddersfield TownD1-1League Championship
06 Apr 2024Huddersfield Town v MillwallW1-0League Championship
09 Apr 2024Preston North End v Huddersfield TownL4-1League Championship
13 Apr 2024Bristol City v Huddersfield TownD1-1League Championship
20 Apr 2024Huddersfield Town v Swansea CityL0-4League Championship
27 Apr 2024Huddersfield Town v Birmingham CityD1-1League Championship
04 May 2024Ipswich Town v Huddersfield TownL2-0League Championship

Popular Questions

When was Huddersfield Town Football Club founded?

Huddersfield Town Football Club was founded in 1908.

What is Huddersfield Town’s nickname?

Huddersfield Town’s nickname is “The Terriers”.

What are some of Huddersfield Town’s notable achievements?

Huddersfield Town has won three English top-flight titles, in 1924, 1925, and 1926. They also won the FA Cup in 1922 and 1969. In recent years, the club has competed in the Championship, the second tier of English football, and reached the playoffs in the 2016-2017 season, eventually earning promotion to the Premier League for the 2017-2018 season.

Manager History

13/05/2024 – 30/06/2027Michael DuffNorthern Ireland11/01/1978
19/02/2024 – 10/05/2024André BreitenreiterGermany02/10/1973
29/01/2024 – 18/02/2024Jonathan WorthingtonEngland16/04/1983
21/09/2023 – 29/01/2024Darren MooreJamaica22/04/1974
16/02/2023 – 20/09/2023Neil WarnockEngland01/12/1948
09/02/2023 – 15/02/2023Chicho PèlachSpain05/09/1988
28/09/2022 – 08/02/2023Mark FotheringhamScotland22/10/1983
07/07/2022 – 14/09/2022Danny SchofieldEngland10/04/1980
23/07/2020 – 30/06/2022Carlos CorberánSpain07/04/1983
20/07/2020 – 31/07/2020Danny SchofieldEngland10/04/1980
09/09/2019 – 19/07/2020Danny CowleyEngland22/10/1978
17/08/2019 – 31/08/2019Mark HudsonEngland30/03/1982
21/01/2019 – 16/08/2019Jan SiewertGermany23/08/1982
14/01/2019 – 20/01/2019Mark HudsonEngland30/03/1982
09/11/2015 – 13/01/2019David WagnerUSA19/10/1971
04/11/2015 – 08/11/2015Mark LillisEngland17/01/1960
03/09/2014 – 04/11/2015Chris PowellEngland08/09/1969
11/08/2014 – 02/09/2014Mark LillisEngland17/01/1960
14/02/2013 – 10/08/2014Mark RobinsEngland22/12/1969
24/01/2013 – 13/02/2013Mark LillisEngland17/01/1960
20/02/2012 – 23/01/2013Simon GraysonEngland16/12/1969
12/08/2008 – 15/02/2012Lee ClarkEngland27/10/1972
25/04/2008 – 04/11/2008Stan TernentEngland16/06/1946
05/04/2008 – 03/05/2008Gerry MurphyEngland21/05/1944
11/04/2007 – 01/04/2008Andy RitchieEngland28/11/1960
10/03/2007 – 09/04/2007Gerry MurphyEngland21/05/1944
27/06/2003 – 06/03/2007Peter JacksonEngland06/04/1961
26/03/2003 – 06/05/2003Mel MachinEngland16/04/1945
01/07/2002 – 26/03/2003Mick WadsworthEngland03/11/1950
16/10/2000 – 30/06/2002Lou MacariScotland04/06/1949
24/05/1999 – 16/10/2000Steve BruceEngland31/12/1960
07/10/1997 – 10/05/1999Peter JacksonEngland06/04/1961
21/06/1995 – 06/10/1997Brian HortonEngland04/02/1949
01/07/1993 – 30/06/1995Neil WarnockEngland01/12/1948
06/03/1992 – 30/06/1993Ian RossScotland26/01/1947
05/05/1988 – 05/03/1992Eoin HandIreland30/03/1946
12/10/1987 – 04/05/1988Malcolm MacDonaldEngland07/01/1950
01/07/1986 – 30/06/1987Steve SmithEngland28/04/1946
01/10/1978 – 30/06/1986Mick BuxtonEngland29/05/1943
29/09/1977 – 30/09/1978Tom JohnstonScotland30/12/1918
23/12/1975 – 30/06/1977Tom JohnstonScotland30/12/1918
01/07/1968 – 30/06/1974Ian GreavesEngland26/05/1932
01/10/1964 – 30/06/1968Tom JohnstonScotland30/12/1918
01/07/1956 – 30/06/1959Bill ShanklyScotland02/09/1913
18/04/1952 – 31/10/1956Andy BeattieScotland11/08/1913
21/08/1947 – 11/03/1952George StephensonEngland03/09/1900
01/07/1943 – 30/06/1947David SteeleScotland29/06/1894
01/07/1929 – 30/06/1942Clem StephensonEngland06/02/1890
23/08/1926 – 30/06/1929Jack ChaplinScotland10/10/1882
01/07/1925 – 16/08/1926Cecil PotterEngland14/11/1888
01/04/1921 – 31/05/1925Herbert ChapmanEngland19/01/1878
23/12/1919 – 23/03/1921Ambrose LangleyEngland10/03/1870
01/07/1912 – 31/01/1920Arthur FaircloughEngland00/03/1873

Huddersfield Town Trophies

League Division TwoRunner-up1919-20
FA CupRunner-up1919-20
FA CupWinner1921-22
FA Charity ShieldWinner1922
League Division OneChampion1923-24
League Division OneChampion1924-25
League Division OneChampion1925-26
League Division OneRunner-up1926-27
League Division OneRunner-up1927-28
FA CupRunner-up1927-28
FA CupRunner-up1929-30
League Division OneRunner-up1933-34
FA CupRunner-up1937-38
League Division TwoRunner-up1952-53
League Division TwoChampion1969-70
League Division FourChampion1979-80


Huddersfield Town Football Club is a professional football club based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. The club was founded in 1908 and has a rich history, having won three top-flight titles and the FA Cup twice. In recent years, the club has competed in the Championship, the second tier of English football.

Despite some ups and downs in recent seasons, Huddersfield Town remains a competitive team in the Championship, and their style of play has won them many admirers among football fans and pundits alike.

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