Brentford Vs Chelsea

Brentford and Chelsea are two football clubs from West London, and they have a long history of rivalry on the pitch. The two teams have played each other numerous times over the years, and their matches are often eagerly anticipated by fans of both clubs.

In this article, you’ll find all the crucial information about a particular fixture, such as the past performances of both teams and relevant statistics for each side. Our aim is to provide you with all the essential data so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of both Brentford Fc and Aston Villa.

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Goals ScoredHome TeamFinal ScoreAway TeamDate Of Match
Highest Aggregate4Chelsea1 – 3Brentford1938/1939
Highest Brentford score:4Chelsea4 – 0Brentford2012/2013
Highest Chelsea score:2Chelsea2 – 0Brentford1946/1947

Brentford Vs Chelsea Records

Below is a table of records for Brentford vs Chelsea:

Brentford winsDrawsChelsea wins
League Cup001
FA Cup013

Brentford Vs Chelsea Previous Results

If you’re looking for the previous results of Brentford Vs Chelsea, take a look at the table below:

1935/1936Thu 01 AugBrentford2 – 1ChelseaLeague
1936/1937Thu 01 AugBrentford1 – 0ChelseaLeague
1935/1936Thu 01 AugChelsea2 – 1BrentfordLeague
1936/1937Thu 01 AugChelsea2 – 1BrentfordLeague
2012/2013Sat 17 FebChelsea4 – 0BrentfordF.A. Cup
Sat 27 JanBrentford2 – 2ChelseaF.A. Cup
1946/1947Fri 15 MarBrentford0 – 2ChelseaLeague
Sat 09 NovChelsea3 – 2BrentfordLeague
1938/1939Sun 25 FebChelsea1 – 3BrentfordLeague
Tue 22 OctBrentford1 – 0ChelseaLeague
1937/1938Sat 09 MarBrentford1 – 1ChelseaLeague
Wed 23 OctChelsea2 – 1BrentfordLeague

Other Brentford H2H Stats

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Other Chelsea H2H Stats

If you want to check out other Chelsea H2H stats then check out the list below:


The Brentford vs Chelsea rivalry has produced some memorable matches over the years, and fans of both clubs will be eagerly anticipating their upcoming meetings in the Premier League.

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