Arsenal Vs Brentford

The matchup between Arsenal and Brentford has been known for producing numerous goals over the years, which provides fans with matches that provide an amazing unmatched atmosphere in both the premier league and cup competitions.

In this article, we aim to present you with all the essential data related to this particular fixture, including the teams’ past performances, and relevant statistics for both sides, to ensure you are well-informed with all the necessary information needed to become familiar with the history between Arsenal vs Brentford.

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Goals ScoredHome TeamFinal ScoreAway TeamDate Of Match
Highest Aggregate2Arsenal0 – 2Brentford1937/1938
Highest Arsenal score:3Brentford3 – 0Arsenal1937/1938
Highest Brentford score:2Brentford2 – 0Arsenal1937/1938

Arsenal V Brentford Records

The table below gives a detailed insight into the Arsenal vs Brentford records over the past few years:

Arsenal winsDrawsBrentford wins
League Cup200

Arsenal V Brentford Previous Results

If you are interested in finding out the previous results of Arsenal vs Brentford take a look at the table below:

1935/1936Thu 01 AugArsenal1 – 1BrentfordLeague
1936/1937Thu 01 AugArsenal1 – 1BrentfordLeague
1935/1936Thu 01 AugBrentford2 – 1ArsenalLeague
1936/1937Thu 01 AugBrentford2 – 0ArsenalLeague
1946/1947Sun 26 MayBrentford0 – 1ArsenalLeague
Sat 12 OctArsenal2 – 2BrentfordLeague
1938/1939Mon 06 MayArsenal2 – 0BrentfordLeague
Sun 08 SepBrentford1 – 0ArsenalLeague
1937/1938Thu 18 AprBrentford3 – 0ArsenalLeague
Mon 15 AprArsenal0 – 2BrentfordLeague

Other Arsenal H2H Stats

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Other Brentford H2H Stats

If you want to check out other Brentford H2H stats then check out the list below:


Hopefully, after reading this article you have all of the information you need on the exciting history of Arsenal vs Brentford.

The stadiums of Brentford and Arsenal Griffin Park and The Emirates Stadium, both hold a lot of memories for fans in terms of securing previous match wins and also scoring exhilarating goals in the process.

Arsenal vs Brentford has always been a good matchup, that always provides fans with a great game.

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