Brentford Vs Nottingham Forest

The Brentford vs Nottingham Forest fixture is one that has been known to produce some close games over the years, with many of the games in both the premier league and the cup ending in draws.

The purpose of this article is to provide readers with all of the essential data required for this fixture, including past performances for each team and also relevant statistics for both sides.

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Brentford Vs Nottingham Forest Records

Here are all of the records for Brentford vs Nottingham Forest over the years:

Brentford winsDrawsNottm Forest wins
League Cup001
FA Cup001

Brentford Vs Nottingham Forest Previous Results

Take a look at the previous results for Brentford vs Nottingham Forest:

Other Brentford H2H Stats

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Other Nottingham Forest H2H Stats

If you want to check out other Nottingham Forest H2H stats then check out the list below:


In this article we have provided you with all of the important information to familiarise yourself with the history of the rivalry between Brentford and Nottingham Forest.

The history of this fixture is very even with both sides taking victories at both The Community Stadium and The City Ground, with some great games played at both.

This clash has been very even over the years and the two most recent results have been draws. As Forest returned to the premier league this fixture will garner a lot of excitement from both sets of fans and some neutrals.