Chelsea Vs Crystal Palace

The Chelsea vs Crystal Palace fixture has been known to produce some very close and tight games, whether that be in the Premier League or the domestic cup competitions.

Throughout this article we aim to equip you with all the important information related to this specific fixture, anything from previous meetings, relevant statistics for both teams, we do this to ensure you as a consumer have all the relevant information.

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Goals ScoredHome TeamFinal ScoreAway TeamDate Of Match
Highest Aggregate6Crystal Palace1 – 5Chelsea1969/1970
Highest Chelsea score:6Chelsea6 – 2Crystal Palace1997/1998
Highest Crystal Palace score:2Crystal Palace2 – 2Chelsea1924/1925

Chelsea Vs Crystal Palace Records

Here are all of the records for Chelsea vs Crystal Palace over the years:

Chelsea winsDrawsCrystal Palace wins
FA Cup312
League Cup001

Chelsea Vs Crystal Palace Previous Results

Here are all of the previous results for Chelsea vs Everton over the years:

2019/2020Sat 09 NovChelsea2 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
2018/2019Mon 30 DecCrystal Palace0 – 1ChelseaLeague
Mon 04 NovChelsea3 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
2017/2018Sun 10 MarChelsea2 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Mon 14 OctCrystal Palace2 – 1ChelseaLeague
2016/2017Mon 01 AprChelsea1 – 2Crystal PalaceLeague
Tue 17 DecCrystal Palace0 – 0ChelseaLeague
2015/2016Wed 03 JanCrystal Palace0 – 3ChelseaLeague
Thu 29 AugChelsea1 – 2Crystal PalaceLeague
1924/1925Thu 01 AugChelsea2 – 2Crystal PalaceLeague
Thu 01 AugCrystal Palace1 – 0ChelseaLeague
2014/2015Fri 03 MayChelsea1 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Thu 02 MayChelsea0 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Fri 18 OctCrystal Palace1 – 2ChelseaLeague
2013/2014Fri 29 MarCrystal Palace1 – 0ChelseaLeague
Sat 14 DecChelsea2 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
2004/2005Tue 19 MarChelsea4 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Sat 24 AugCrystal Palace0 – 2ChelseaLeague
1997/1998Mon 11 MarChelsea6 – 2Crystal PalaceLeague
Fri 13 SepCrystal Palace0 – 3ChelseaLeague
1994/1995Tue 05 MarChelsea0 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Tue 24 SepCrystal Palace0 – 1ChelseaLeague
1992/1993Fri 15 MarCrystal Palace1 – 1ChelseaLeague
Sat 06 JanCrystal Palace3 – 1ChelseaLeague Cup
Thu 07 NovChelsea3 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
1991/1992Thu 08 FebChelsea1 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Sat 26 OctCrystal Palace0 – 0ChelseaLeague
1990/1991Sun 08 DecChelsea2 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Wed 28 AugCrystal Palace2 – 1ChelseaLeague
1989/1990Tue 16 AprChelsea3 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Thu 26 DecCrystal Palace2 – 2ChelseaLeague
1988/1989Sun 14 JanChelsea1 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Fri 30 AugCrystal Palace1 – 1ChelseaLeague
1983/1984Sun 14 AprCrystal Palace0 – 1ChelseaLeague
Tue 19 NovChelsea2 – 2Crystal PalaceLeague
1982/1983Tue 19 MarCrystal Palace0 – 0ChelseaLeague
Wed 06 NovChelsea0 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
1981/1982Fri 12 AprCrystal Palace0 – 1ChelseaLeague
Sun 17 MarChelsea1 – 2Crystal PalaceLeague
1972/1973Sun 31 MarCrystal Palace2 – 0ChelseaLeague
Mon 25 NovChelsea0 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
1971/1972Mon 08 AprChelsea2 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Wed 20 NovCrystal Palace2 – 3ChelseaLeague
1970/1971Wed 10 AprChelsea1 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Sat 13 JanCrystal Palace0 – 0ChelseaLeague
1969/1970Fri 27 DecCrystal Palace1 – 5ChelseaLeague
Fri 30 AugChelsea1 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague

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Throughout this article we have provided you with all the crucial information you need to familiarise yourself with the history of the rivalry between Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

In recent years, Chelsea have been the better side at both Stamford Bridge and Selhurst Park, with some narrow victories and the odd comfortable win.

This fixture is usually a very one sided affair in terms of final result but can often provide a very close game. As a fan of either of these teams it is one you look for when the fixtures release as they are both London clubs.