Manchester City Vs Crystal Palace

The Premier League clash between Manchester City and Crystal Palace generates a great deal of anticipation, as both teams are renowned for their exciting style of football.

Although Manchester City has generally had the upper hand, the two sides have engaged in some intense and highly competitive matches.

Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of both teams, including past outcomes, previous encounters, statistics, and more. To assist with your football betting, we have created a detailed team guide for both Manchester City and Crystal Palace.

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Goals ScoredHome TeamFinal ScoreAway TeamDate Of Match
Highest Aggregate5Crystal Palace2 – 3Manchester City1980/1981
Highest Manchester City score:5Manchester City5 – 1Crystal Palace2015/2016
Highest Crystal Palace score:3Crystal Palace3 – 2Manchester City1972/1973

Manchester City V Crystal Palace Records

You can find all of the records for Manchester City vs Crystal Palace here:

Man City winsDrawsCrystal Palace wins
FA Cup301
League Cup201

Manchester City V Crystal Palace Previous Results

Be sure to take a look at the previous results of both Man City and Palace:

2019/2020Sat 19 OctCrystal Palace0 – 2Manchester CityLeague
2018/2019Sun 14 AprCrystal Palace1 – 3Manchester CityLeague
Sun 22 DecManchester City2 – 3Crystal PalaceLeague
2017/2018Tue 31 DecCrystal Palace0 – 0Manchester CityLeague
Mon 23 SepManchester City5 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
2016/2017Mon 06 MayManchester City5 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Tue 19 NovCrystal Palace0 – 0Manchester CityLeague
2015/2016Tue 16 JanManchester City4 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Mon 28 OctManchester City5 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague Cup
Thu 12 SepCrystal Palace0 – 1Manchester CityLeague
2014/2015Sat 06 AprCrystal Palace2 – 1Manchester CityLeague
Thu 04 AprCrystal Palace0 – 0Manchester CityLeague
Fri 20 DecManchester City3 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
2013/2014Sat 27 AprCrystal Palace0 – 2Manchester CityLeague
Sat 28 DecManchester City1 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
2009/2010Tue 27 AugCrystal Palace0 – 2Manchester CityLeague Cup
2004/2005Mon 15 JanManchester City3 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Wed 18 SepCrystal Palace1 – 2Manchester CityLeague
2001/2002Sat 16 MarManchester City1 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Sun 08 DecCrystal Palace2 – 1Manchester CityLeague
1999/2000Mon 04 MarCrystal Palace1 – 1Manchester CityLeague
Wed 11 SepManchester City2 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
1996/1997Thu 11 JanManchester City1 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Sat 14 SepCrystal Palace3 – 1Manchester CityLeague
1994/1995Mon 01 AprCrystal Palace2 – 1Manchester CityLeague
Thu 11 JanCrystal Palace4 – 0Manchester CityLeague Cup
Tue 10 SepManchester City1 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
1992/1993Sun 05 MayManchester City0 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Thu 17 OctCrystal Palace0 – 0Manchester CityLeague
1991/1992Thu 11 JanCrystal Palace1 – 1Manchester CityLeague
Sat 24 AugManchester City3 – 2Crystal PalaceLeague
1990/1991Mon 01 AprCrystal Palace1 – 3Manchester CityLeague
Sun 22 DecManchester City0 – 2Crystal PalaceLeague
1989/1990Sun 05 MayCrystal Palace2 – 2Manchester CityLeague
Mon 04 NovManchester City3 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
1988/1989Wed 01 MayManchester City1 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Tue 03 DecCrystal Palace0 – 0Manchester CityLeague
1987/1988Tue 07 MayCrystal Palace2 – 0Manchester CityLeague
Thu 05 DecManchester City1 – 3Crystal PalaceLeague
1984/1985Fri 02 FebCrystal Palace1 – 2Manchester CityLeague
Sun 29 SepManchester City2 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
1983/1984Sun 14 JanManchester City3 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Tue 27 AugCrystal Palace0 – 2Manchester CityLeague
1980/1981Thu 02 MayManchester City1 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Fri 29 NovCrystal Palace2 – 3Manchester CityLeague
1979/1980Sun 03 NovCrystal Palace2 – 0Manchester CityLeague
Sun 18 AugManchester City0 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
1972/1973Sun 28 AprManchester City2 – 3Crystal PalaceLeague
Thu 29 AugCrystal Palace1 – 0Manchester CityLeague
1971/1972Mon 22 JanCrystal Palace1 – 2Manchester CityLeague
Sun 18 AugManchester City4 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
1970/1971Tue 09 JanManchester City1 – 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Mon 19 AugCrystal Palace0 – 1Manchester CityLeague
1969/1970Sat 06 AprCrystal Palace1 – 0Manchester CityLeague
Mon 11 MarManchester City0 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
1965/1966Wed 18 DecCrystal Palace0 – 2Manchester CityLeague
Wed 16 OctManchester City3 – 1Crystal PalaceLeague
1964/1965Fri 19 AprCrystal Palace1 – 1Manchester CityLeague
Tue 16 AprManchester City0 – 2Crystal PalaceLeague

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