Tottenham Hotspur Vs Crystal Palace

Goals ScoredHome TeamFinal ScoreAway TeamDate Of Match
Highest Aggregate7Crystal Palace3 - 4Tottenham Hotspur1980/1981
Highest Tottenham Hotspur score:4Tottenham Hotspur4 - 2Crystal Palace1980/1981
Highest Crystal Palace score:2Crystal Palace2 - 2Tottenham Hotspur1977/1978

Tottenham Hotspur Vs Crystal Palace Records

Tottenham winsDrawsCrystal Palace wins
FA Cup214
League Cup110

Tottenham Hotspur Vs Crystal Palace Previous Results

2019/2020Thu 14 SepTottenham Hotspur4 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
2018/2019Mon 03 AprTottenham Hotspur2 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Fri 10 NovCrystal Palace0 - 1Tottenham HotspurLeague
2017/2018Sat 25 FebCrystal Palace0 - 1Tottenham HotspurLeague
Sun 05 NovTottenham Hotspur1 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
2016/2017Wed 26 AprCrystal Palace0 - 1Tottenham HotspurLeague
Sat 11 MarCrystal Palace0 - 0Tottenham HotspurLeague
Sun 20 AugTottenham Hotspur0 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
2015/2016Tue 21 FebTottenham Hotspur0 - 1Crystal PalaceF.A. Cup
Mon 23 JanCrystal Palace1 - 3Tottenham HotspurLeague
Wed 20 SepTottenham Hotspur1 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
2014/2015Tue 10 JanCrystal Palace2 - 1Tottenham HotspurLeague
Wed 06 DecTottenham Hotspur0 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
2013/2014Wed 11 JanTottenham Hotspur2 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Fri 18 AugCrystal Palace0 - 1Tottenham HotspurLeague
2004/2005Sun 22 JanCrystal Palace3 - 0Tottenham HotspurLeague
Thu 28 DecTottenham Hotspur1 - 1Crystal PalaceLeague
2003/2004Tue 03 JanTottenham Hotspur3 - 0Crystal PalaceF.A. Cup
1997/1998Tue 28 MarCrystal Palace1 - 3Tottenham HotspurLeague
Fri 24 NovTottenham Hotspur0 - 1Crystal PalaceLeague
1994/1995Fri 14 AprCrystal Palace1 - 1Tottenham HotspurLeague
Wed 27 DecTottenham Hotspur0 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
1992/1993Mon 30 JanCrystal Palace1 - 3Tottenham HotspurLeague
Tue 22 AugTottenham Hotspur2 - 2Crystal PalaceLeague
1991/1992Thu 16 FebTottenham Hotspur0 - 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Fri 22 DecCrystal Palace1 - 2Tottenham HotspurLeague
1990/1991Mon 17 AprCrystal Palace1 - 0Tottenham HotspurLeague
Fri 22 SepTottenham Hotspur1 - 1Crystal PalaceLeague
1989/1990Fri 03 MarTottenham Hotspur0 - 1Crystal PalaceLeague
Sat 18 NovCrystal Palace2 - 3Tottenham HotspurLeague
1986/1987Tue 31 JanTottenham Hotspur4 - 0Crystal PalaceF.A. Cup
1980/1981Sun 12 NovTottenham Hotspur4 - 2Crystal PalaceLeague
Sat 19 AugCrystal Palace3 - 4Tottenham HotspurLeague
1979/1980Wed 15 MarTottenham Hotspur0 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Fri 06 OctCrystal Palace1 - 1Tottenham HotspurLeague
1977/1978Sun 17 DecTottenham Hotspur2 - 2Crystal PalaceLeague
Sun 12 NovCrystal Palace1 - 2Tottenham HotspurLeague
1972/1973Fri 27 JanCrystal Palace0 - 0Tottenham HotspurLeague
Sat 09 SepTottenham Hotspur2 - 1Crystal PalaceLeague
1971/1972Sun 01 JanCrystal Palace1 - 1Tottenham HotspurLeague
Mon 18 SepTottenham Hotspur3 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
1970/1971Mon 24 AprTottenham Hotspur2 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Tue 19 SepCrystal Palace0 - 3Tottenham HotspurLeague
1969/1970Tue 26 DecTottenham Hotspur2 - 0Crystal PalaceLeague
Wed 23 AugCrystal Palace0 - 2Tottenham HotspurLeague

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