Unibet Deposit Methods

Unibet is an online sports betting platform that has become one of the UK’s more notable sports betting sites, providing a great range of ways to bet on various events.

However, before you start playing there, it is important to know the accepted currencies involved – and how your Unibet account would handle payments in the long term.

Depositing money into your Unibet account

Depositing money into Unibet is fairly easy, just like the withdrawals. The process is fairly similar, meaning that it is not hard to deposit funds by following the on-page instructions.

  1. Log into to your Unibet account.
  2. Choose the “Deposit” option.
  3. Choose one of the payment options. Each payment option shows its minimum and maximum deposit limits and other important details.
  4. Input the amount of money you want to deposit.
  5. Wait for the deposit to complete.

Different deposit methods take varying amounts of time – bank transfer payment options can have deposit delays of 2-3 days, and other methods tend to be a matter of minutes.

Keep this in mind since the deposit button only submits the request.

Issues with your chosen payment options may delay the deposit (for example, your card provider freezing your card to prevent malicious use).

Unibet minimum deposit limit

The minimum deposit limit at Unibet is £5 when betting online.

This means you must meet this minimum deposit amount of £5 every time you make a deposit.

The site does not mention any maximum deposit limits. This should mean that there is no upper deposit limit, allowing you to deposit as much money as you want without issue. However, large online bank transfers (or payments through all the deposit methods) may cause issues like debit card freezing or security calls from your bank account provider.

Does Unibet accept credit or debit cards as a payment method?

Unfortunately, Unibet does not accept credit cards currently. Many companies behind major credit and debit cards have moved away from the gambling world.

Debit cards, however, are still freely usable as Unibet payment methods. They also have the added benefit of requiring no extra fees when you make a Unibet payment or withdrawal.

Withdrawing money from a credit or debit card usually takes a few minutes. However, it is important to remember that some credit and debit cards will have more delays in their payments, especially if your bank is concerned about your bank statement or activity.

Does Unibet accept prepaid cards as deposit methods?

In many cases, a prepaid card will work as long as no restrictions are stopping you from using it in that way. For example, PaySafeCard should be a valid option.

Withdrawing money from Unibet

Withdrawing money from Unibet is a relatively simple process, and the site’s customer support team can clear up any issues with withdrawing funds.

The process of trying to withdraw funds is quite easy to follow:

  1. Log in to your Unibet account.
  2. Select the “Make a Withdrawal” option. This should give you a list of withdrawal methods and their minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.
  3. Choose the payment service you want to use. Be sure to enter any required details as directed.
  4. Enter the number of funds you want to withdraw.
  5. Click the withdraw button – you have just made a request to withdraw funds to your chosen payment platform.

Why can’t I withdraw money from Unibet?

If you can’t withdraw money from Unibet, your payment method may not be verified yet.

This means that Unibet payment methods need to be verified to use them properly.

Follow the on-site instructions or contact customer support if your payment method is not working.

Unibet minimum withdrawal amount

The minimum withdrawal amount at Unibet is £10 for a single withdrawal.

This means that, regardless of payment method, you must make a Unibet withdrawal of at least £10 each time.

Unibet maximum withdrawal request

The payment platform you use for your Unibet withdrawal changes the maximum withdrawal amount.

For example, a bank transfer gives you a limit of £100,000 per day, whereas sites like Trustly can cut this down to £50,000 per day.

Unibet Betting

The betting process on Unibet is easy enough to pick up. Like many gambling sites, most details are on the site itself, and the Unibet customer support team can help you if you feel lost.

Betting through your online account is a painless experience. However, choosing the right deposit and withdrawal payment method can be important – the wrong Unibet withdrawal options could delay your withdrawal, for example.

The maximum payout for a single bet sits at £250,000. This is per bet, meaning each individual bet you make on the Unibet casino.

Depending on your withdrawal method, you may not be able to (or want to) withdraw all of your winnings at once.

The payment method you use is not Unibet, and Unibet has no control over things like their fees or verification methods.

Unibet Payment Methods

Unibet can support a range of payment method and deposit method options.

Many of these payment and deposit methods come with specific benefits while occasionally offering drawbacks or limitations that might force you to seek a specific option.

Like many online casinos, Unibet tries to keep all deposit methods and payment methods as valid options.

However, this depends on the payment methods – a certain deposit method may not be available due to the company that owns it refusing to allow gambling payments.

PayPal and Unibet

Unibet supports making a PayPal e-wallet deposit, providing near-instant processing times and no additional fees. This has made it a very popular withdrawal and deposit method, speeding up payments dramatically.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Unibet to PayPal?

Through PayPal, expect a min. withdrawal amount of £15 and max. deposit amount of £10.

Payments are incredibly fast, often near-instant. At worst, you may have to wait around 12 hours for the transfer process to complete.

Skrill and Unibet

A Skrill account is a valid e-wallet deposit and withdrawal method at Unibet. It is a good alternative to using a PayPal account.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Unibet to Skrill?

Deposits are usually instant, keeping the average processing time lower than most other options when you add funds to your account. Withdrawal payments come within around 12 hours at most.

Being an E-wallet, Skrill can generally offer faster payments than most other platforms, especially when you deposit money into your account on the site.

Bitcoin and Unibet?

Currently, Unibet does not accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrency types.

However, it is possible to turn cryptocurrency into a regular currency you can use to deposit at Unibet.

Other payment and deposit method options

Unibet can work with many other payment methods, many of which will be more useful than others in specific situations.

This gives you many different options to choose from, depending on your needs.

Like many online gambling platforms, Unibet tries to keep all major payment methods open. However, not all options are available since the payment provider may limit how their platform can be used.

Here are some of the other deposit methods and withdrawal options on offer.

Bank Transfer

It may be possible to pay/deposit through a direct bank transfer. This depends on your bank, so be sure to explore the possibility of a direct bank transfer if it is the best option.

Even so, it is often a good idea to focus on other platforms first and foremost.

These can be safer and more reliable deposit platforms, especially if you already have an account on existing e-wallets.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Specific payment options like Apple Pay can be a great way to deposit quickly.

This is a reliable e-wallet but is more secure than most e-wallets due to being an Apple-specific platform.

This might be preferable to using a debit card or PayPal deposit since Apple Pay can be slightly more anonymous and secure than most other e-wallets and options.

Of course, this requires you to be set up with an Apple account and already have connected a bank account (or another funding source).


Neteller provides instant deposit times and a simple account structure, allowing for quick deposit options.

Even using your Neteller account for a first deposit is easy since that Neteller deposit will not have any fees or major limitations behind it.

You will still need to meet the Unibet deposit minimum and any other important Unibet deposit requirements or restrictions.

Other Payment Options

There is a range of other Unibet deposit options out there. Some of these will allow you to make an easy Unibet deposit with a service you already know, while others will be a more obscure Unibet deposit method that you may not have heard of before.

Contact support or visit the Unibet site to learn more about options when making a deposit or withdrawal.

Can Unibet restrict betting?

Unibet keeps track of each casino bonus you use and will restrict your account if you violate any TOS rules. This means using multiple accounts to gain extra bonuses, putting in false personal details, or finding ways to abuse bonus offers.

Unibet offers various options and features meant to be used by a customer a single time, and most users are expected only to have one account.

Having multiple, especially if it becomes clear you are doing it to violate the platform’s rules, will lead to restrictions.

Issues like Visa Electron declines or issues with wagering requirements can be resolved by support. Support can also voluntarily restrict your account if you have a gambling problem.


Unibet has a lot of different ways to make withdrawals and deposits as long as you meet the minimum deposit requirements.

It offers all of the standard deposit and withdrawal options and a range of other ways to get your money in and out of the platform safely.

Everything should be completely fine if you adhere to the minimum deposit amounts.

However, you can always contact support if something goes wrong or if you need further information on handling your money correctly.

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