Sky Bet Deposit Methods

Sky Bet offers a good range of payment methods, allowing players to make withdrawals and deposits comfortably through whatever methods they prefer most. However, like any football betting site, it is important to choose the right method for your needs.

If you have considered betting on football at Sky Bet before, then it can be a good idea to spend some time looking at the football betting payment methods they offer. Like any site, it is important to find a payment method that works with the way you plan to bet and withdraw.

This article offers a quick overview of what to expect when it comes to the payment options at Sky Bet. If you want to know more about any of the platforms that Sky Bet supports, then keep reading below to see which options may be best for you.


How do I withdraw football bet winnings money from Sky Bet?

Sky Bet makes it easy to withdraw winnings from your football bets, providing a simple withdrawal system that does not take long to learn. It is not hard to withdraw your football betting winnings in only a few quick steps.

You can withdraw football betting winning funds from Sky Bet through the following steps:

  1. Log in to Sky Bet
  2. Go to your player’s account.
  3. Select Manage Payment Options.
  4. Choose your withdrawal method and amount.
  5. Confirm the withdrawal payment.

Sky Bet will typically return the money to you via the same method you used to deposit, if possible. This process should usually be the same, no matter which payment platform you use.

Note that requesting multiple withdrawals at the same time via the same platform may have them all lumped into one processed payment, but this depends on the withdrawal method you use.

What is Sky Bet Maximum and Minimum Withdrawal?

Sky Bet has a minimum withdrawal of £5 for players in the UK. This applies to all winning types, including football betting. You cannot withdraw less than £5 from Sky Bet.

The maximum withdrawal amount depends on the method used. Wire transfer offers a maximum withdrawal of £100,000, but different platforms have their own varying limits, such as:

  • Debit cards – £20,000
  • Wire transfer – £100,000
  • PayPal – £5,500
  • Paysafecard account – £2,000
  • Apple pay deposit – £2,000

Why can’t I withdraw my funds from Sky Bet?

There can be certain situations where football betting withdrawals may not be possible, usually due to temporary issues or blocks.

For example, there can be delays in certain payment methods that may make Sky Bet withdrawals impossible.

If your account is found to be doing anything suspicious, or it seems like the withdrawals are being made to somebody new who is not connected to your account, then Sky Bet may request additional identity verification.

How do I deposit money into Sky Bet?

You can deposit credit to your Sky Bet account via the following process:

  1. Log in to Sky Bet
  2. Go to your player’s account.
  3. Select Manage Payment Options.
  4. Choose your deposit method and amount.
  5. Confirm the withdrawal payment.

Be sure that you understand each deposit method you consider using before you make any deposits, just so you understand how the system works.

Remember that your deposit may include currency conversion fees if they are applicable. 

What is the Sky Bet maximum payout limit on a single football betting bet?

The maximum payout per bet at Sky Bet is £500,000 across all football betting types and events.

What is the maximum withdrawal from Sky Bet per day?

Sky Bet has a minimum withdrawal limit of £5 per day, with a daily withdrawal maximum of £100,000 via wire transfer.

Non-wire-transfer withdrawals are more limited at only £20,000 per day or lower, as mentioned earlier.

What is the maximum deposit from Sky Bet per day?

Sky Bet football betting has no maximum deposit amount. However, certain payment methods and platforms may enforce their own, so be sure that you understand the payment limits involved.

Does Sky Bet accept credit cards?

Sky Bet only accepts debit cards, not credit cards. This is in line with how many UK betting sites have moved away from credit cards due to various regulation changes.

However, you can still use most standard debit cards, including options like MasterCard, Visa, Electron and Maestro.

Deposits and withdrawals will appear on your card bank statement as coming from/going to Sky Bet.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Sky Bet to a Credit or Debit Card?

At their absolute worst, cards can take up to 6 days for withdrawn funds to be received. In general, you should expect card withdrawals to appear within 2-3 hours of making the request.

When you make your withdrawal using a visa card, you will be given a notification if your withdrawal is suitable for Visa direct. This can speed up the withdrawal slightly.

Card withdrawals from Sky Bet will be listed as Sky Bet in your account. All withdrawals are automatically sent back to the card that originally deposited the betting money, but if the payment is denied, a wire transfer to your bank will be used instead.

Note that payment processing can take a few extra days if you are using a card issued outside of the UK.

Does Sky Bet accept PayPal?

As an e-wallet, PayPal is an accepted payment method at Sky Bet and is a popular option for easy deposits. This becomes useful for time-sensitive bets, such as for live football betting events.

Deposits using PayPal are instant. Make sure that you verify your account before attempting to make a deposit, just in case.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from Sky Bet to PayPal?

PayPal withdrawals from any Sky Bet site can take around 24 hours to be received into the e-wallet. At worst, this may take a few days if there are significant delays. 

If your PayPal account requires verification, then you will need to verify it all first before you can withdraw or deposit properly.

Does Sky Bet accept Skrill?

While it was originally an option on the site, Sky Bet no longer accepts Skrill as a payment method. Sky Bet players who previously used Skrill will have to resort to other payment methods to withdraw and deposit at Sky Bet.

Does Sky Bet accept Bitcoin?

Unfortunately, Sky Bet does not accept Bitcoin cryptocurrency as a method of payment for deposits or withdrawals. 

The site does not accept any cryptocurrency whatsoever, meaning that you will have to convert your crypto into regular money to use it at Sky Bet.

Does Sky Bet accept Revolut?

Sky Bet does not accept Revolut payment for deposits or withdrawals. However, there are similar alternate methods for making payments quickly.

Does Sky Bet accept Monzo?

Monzo is treated like a debit account by many sites, making it a great option to use at Sky Bet. However, it is still important to familiarise yourself with the way that the platform works ahead of time.

If you have any issues whilst using a Monzo card on Sky Bet, be sure to contact customer support for immediate assistance.

How long does it take to withdraw winnings from Sky Bet to Monzo?

Monzo usually attempts to have your money processed and sent by the following working day, meaning that it can take up to 24 hours to receive a full payment. However, in practice, this is usually closer to only a few hours.

Monzo uses a specific cycle system for its payments, meaning that some payments may take longer than others, depending on when they are requested.

Does Sky Bet accept Amex?

Amex is not an accepted payment method at Sky Bet and cannot be used by players.

However, there are many similar payment options available at Sky Bet that can stand in for it.

Does Sky Bet Sport accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is an accepted method of payment on all of Sky Bet’s football betting types, and allows players to make payments in both GBP and EUR. 

Apple Pay hides your personal bank data from Sky Bet, making it a good payment method for people who want to hide anything that malicious third parties could steal. There are also no extra charges or fees attached to using Apple Pay as either a withdrawal or deposit payment method at Sky Bet, making it a more reliable option than some other payment platforms.

Remember that you can confirm your deposit using Touch ID, face recognition or just your Apple Passcode for added security.

How long does it take to withdraw cash from Sky Bet to Apple Pay?

A withdrawal from the Sky Bet website using Apple Pay will take around 1-3 working days. In some cases, this can reach up to 5 working days if there are delays or other issues with the payment, but Sky Bet use a payment processing system that should prevent most of these problems from occurring.

All Sky Bet withdrawals are sent back to the bank account that you used to make your initial deposit, if possible. If this is not an option, then the money will arrive in your bank via wire transfer.

Does Sky Bet accept Phone Bill?

While it is not mentioned on the Sky Bet site, some UK players have mentioned that they can use phone bill payments. 

It seems to be one of the few payment methods that the site is not directly open about offering, but it can still be a valid option in many different cases.  The most important part is checking the T&Cs to make sure that you can make the deposits correctly.

Naturally, withdrawals are not possible straight to your phone bill. You will usually have to go through a middleman platform, which could lead to it taking well over a day to withdraw your money.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from Sky Bet to Phone Bill?

Phone bill deposits can take a varying amount of time to fully deposit but will usually be processed in an hour or two.

Withdrawals may not be an option, and you might need to use a middleman platform, which means your withdrawal could take over a day to complete.

Does Sky Bet accept Boku?

You can use Boku to make deposits at Sky Bet in a similar vein to phone bill payments. Of course, as a new platform, there are also additional restrictions and benefits to consider.

Thanks to its ease of use and relatively simple payment options, Boku is a popular deposit method for online betting sites. This makes Boku great for football betting at Sky Bet.

How long does it take to withdraw winnings from Sky Bet to Boku?

Wire transfer withdrawals from Sky Bet Sport, including those from phone bill deposits, can take up 1-5 days. You will have to verify your identity with a one-off text code before the money can be sent over.

Wire withdrawals that have been requested by users are fastest when you are using the same currency. If currency conversion is involved, the payments may take longer.

Does Sky Bet Accept Google Pay?

Google Pay is an accepted method of payment for Sky Bet football betting. If you have connected a debit card to your account, you will be able to deposit funds online, but credit cards may still be refused.

There are no extra charges involved in using Google Pay, and withdrawals and deposits are fast compared to many other platforms, making this an excellent option for handling betting money quickly.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Sky Bet to Google Pay?

Withdrawals from Sky Bet via Google Pay take around 2-3 hours to reach your bank account once processed. Sky Bet will sent the money automatically to the same account that you used to make the Sky Bet deposits in the first place.

Does Sky Bet accept EcoPayz?

Sky Bet does not allow players to use EcoPayz.

Does Sky Bet accept Ethereum?

Sky Bet does not allow players to use Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency, as a payment method. Any past means of using cryptocurrency on Sky Bet to make those payments has been prevented.

If you have Ethereum that you want to use for football betting, you will need to convert it into regular money to use it at Sky Bet.

Does Sky Bet accept Neteller?

While previously available as an option, Sky Bet no longer allows Neteller as a payment method. This includes using it for withdrawals, even if you previously had.

Does Sky Bet accept Payforit?

No, Sky Bet Sport does not seem to accept Payforit as one of their deposit methods and withdrawal options when it comes to Sky Bet football betting.

Does Sky Bet accept Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is an accepted payment method on Sky Bet sites.

Using Paysafecard allows site users to deposit funding through real-world vouchers.

A Paysafecard voucher allows you to upload qualifying bet credits without having to enter any secure details into the Sky Bet websites. This can also skip a lot of the busy work involved in getting a new e-wallet set up just for one banking site.

How long does it take to withdraw winnings from Sky Bet to Paysafecard?

Withdrawals from Sky Bet sites, including Paysafecard withdrawals, can take up to 24 hours to be received.

Does Sky Bet accept Trustly?

Trustly is one of the most popular deposit methods used for Sky Bet Sport’s football betting options, offering fast withdrawals and relatively secure deposits.

This can be a simpler alternative than using more complex payment options, serving as a quick and easy payment method.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Sky Bet to Trustly?

Withdrawals from Sky Bet through Trustly can take between 1-5 days to be secured.

Sky Bet will send you an email once your Trustly withdrawal has been processed and the funds have been transferred to your bank account.

Note that there are no confirmed hard time limits for Trustly, so the platform may have varying payment times depending on a range of factors.

Does Sky Bet accept Mpesa?

Unfortunately, Mpesa is not an accepted method of payment on the Sky Bet betting site.

However, there are many other payment options you can choose from that Sky Bet will allow for deposits, withdrawals, or both.

Does Sky Bet accept Naira?

Sky Bet Sport is not able to accept Naira as a form of payment.

Does Sky Bet accept Starling Bank?

Starling acts as a debit account, meaning that Sky Bet can usually approve it for both withdrawals and deposits.

Most of the rules and requirements here will be the same as debit cards, so go back and read that section of this guide if necessary.

Why does Sky Bet restrict bets on football betting accounts?

There are many reasons why Sky Bet may restrict bets on your betting account, such as if you are using prohibited betting techniques. When it comes to football betting, you need to follow site rules and not break any T&Cs regulations.

If your gameplay suggests you are using banned techniques, your account can be blocked, and any funds you have earnt may be retained or disregarded. This includes things like using multiple Sky Bet accounts to move money around or using multiple new player bonuses.

Sky Bet have the right to ban any individual that has conducted fraudulent, unlawful or improper activity. If you stay focused on normal football betting, everything should be fine.

Read the terms and conditions for Sky Bet to learn more about improper conduct and bannable/restriction-worthy offences.

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Sky Bet is a great place for football betting, and the various payment methods on offer make it even easier to use a range of payment options when playing there. If you are interested in betting at Sky Bet, then it is important to know which options you have available.

Be sure to review each payment method’s T&Cs before you commit to using one. The more you know about a platform, the easier it becomes to avoid unexpected fees or limits to how you can bet.

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