Betway Deposit Methods

Betway is a company focused on online gambling and was founded in 2006. The company offers gambling products, sportsbooks, betting, and online casino.

As the company grew, it expanded to London, South Africa, Malta, Cape Town, and more.

Betway offers high-quality entertainment for people who frequently gamble on betting markets.

Betway is one of the most reliable licensed bookmakers known for its safe deposit methods and withdrawals, especially for UK punters who prefer a safe and fast way to fund and get money from their accounts.

How to Deposit Funds On Betway

Betway is one of the many online betting sites that provide different deposit methods to choose from in the safest way possible.

Bettors must have an active account to deposit funds in an online sportsbook. You can deposit funds with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Betway account using your account information.
  2. Click on the Betway ‘Deposit’ tab.
  3. Select the preferred deposit option from the available Betway payment methods.
  4. Type the deposit amount.
  5. Click Deposit.
  6. Wait for it to be processed.

Only five debit bank accounts can be pooled on a Betway account. Read the terms and conditions for more Betway deposit options on their website.

The minimum deposit amount at Betway is £10, using debit cards and e-wallets.

Betway Minimum Deposit £10 Minimum Deposit Amount
Betway Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit amount at Betway is £10. Use debit cards and e-wallets for the min deposit. There is no charge for Betway transactions.

Full T&C's Apply

Betway Deposit time and limit

All the provided payment methods are convenient, allow players to make quick and safe deposits, and are a great withdrawal option.

Apart from a bank transfer, all the available payment options are time-saving, and players’ payments will be processed in a few minutes. The deposited funds will remain safe in your Betway account.

All you need to do is complete the login procedure, select your preferred Betway payment methods, and the bookmaker will transfer the funds immediately to your account.

When creating an account on this betting site, the Betway deposit options let you determine the deposit limits entirely by yourself. You are allowed to set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits.

Furthermore, the procedure is super easy, even for absolute beginners. You will need to open the dedicated deposit limits page. Then, press the Edit button, and make the changes you want. If you decide to decrease your limits, this will be applied instantly. On the other hand, increasing the deposit limits will be updated after 24 hours.

Betway Withdrawal Methods

The Betway withdrawal method is simple and easy, and you can do the following steps to withdraw money from your account:

  1. Log into a Betway account.
  2. Click “My Account.”
  3. Select the “Withdraw Funds” tab.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Click the “Withdrawal” tab.
  6. Wait for 24 hours for the funds to be processed.

The withdrawal funds will go straight to your registered bank account through bank wire. You can always check the transaction history for reviews of your withdrawals.

Betway withdrawal time may vary depending on the method selected by the player when submitting a withdrawal request.

However, Betway offers payment methods that allow for quick withdrawals so that players can receive their funds as soon as possible.

For example, using a debit card or bank transfer may take 1-2 business days for the funds to reach the player’s account, while using an e-wallet may take 2-24 hours. Additionally, UK players can use the Same Day Withdrawal feature with Visa, allowing them to receive their funds in under twelve hours.

What is the Maximum Withdrawal at Betway?

The maximum withdrawal amount at Betway is not stated.

Betway Max Withdrawal No Max Withdrawal
Betway Maximum Withdrawal

There’s no maximum withdrawal limits stated at Betway, allowing for players to enjoy unlimited max withdrawals from their account’s real money balance.

Full T&C's Apply

The unlimited withdrawals allows you to withdraw as much as you’d like from your account. Betway offer flexibility for players with no limit on what you can take out of your real money balance.

What is the Maximum Payout at Betway?

The maximum payout at Betway is £500k for top football events and competitions.

Betway Maximum Payout £500k Max Payout
Betway Maximum Payout

Maximum payout of £500,000 at Betway. This applies to top-tier football games and competitions, where wins are capped at £500k.

Full T&C's Apply

Most online bookmakers and physical branches have a win cap on sports betting. Betway’s max payout is half a million but this varies depending on the sport and competition.

How to register on Betway Sportsbook Online

Betway provides a very easy registration process for new players wanting to punt on online gambling sites.

Account information and personal information are required. After giving all the information needed, you need to verify your account, and everything is set.

Suppose Betway cannot verify your account automatically.

In that case, they may ask you to provide documentation, such as a driver’s license, passport, or utility bill, to complete the identity verification process.

New and existing players have access to many Betway promotions, which is a very exciting feature for this online betting site. One promo Betway offers is the welcome bonuses for new participants. New bettors are given different promo codes to choose from while signing up.

In claiming the welcome bonus offer, UK and Ireland new players should have a minimum deposit of £10 from registering the account until the 7th day.

One must wager on odds of 1.75 or more at least once. For more info, free bets are also given occasionally; visit the Betway site.

Importance of Payment Method Options

Betway, a popular betting site, offers various payment methods for withdrawing and depositing funds.

This can be seen as a sign of reliability and trustworthiness.

This gives Betway users more control over their money, as they can choose from various payment methods to deposit and access their funds.

If you win a large amount of money with a Betway cash-out bet, it may be advisable to use a safer method for your withdrawal options. On the other hand, the site offers convenient payment options if you need to make a quick deposit before a major event and want to take advantage of Betway’s welcome bonus and free bets.

Betway also allows you to change how you fund your account, providing a potentially better overall experience by allowing you to use different payment and withdrawal methods.

Does Betway accept Debit Cards?

Betway allows Debit Cards for withdrawals and deposits.

No transaction fees are applied when betting on Betway with a Debit card.

Withdrawing earnings from your Betway account using Debit Cards is instant.

A disadvantage to punters who use Debit Cards when depositing on Betway is that gambling transactions will appear on their bank statements.

When making payments, players can use various bank cards, including Visa and MasterCard.

Does Betway accept PayPal?

Betway accepts PayPal as a banking method for withdrawals and deposits.

When gambling on Betway with PayPal, a transaction fee of 3.4% will be charged.

An advantage to using PayPal to withdraw from Betway is processing times are as fast as 24 hours.

Another great advantage for some gamblers is that gambling transactions do not appear on bank statements when betting on Betway using PayPal.

With over 300 million users worldwide, PayPal payments is one of the payment options in the online sports betting world known for its high-level security through encryption technology.

Does Betway accept Mpesa?

Betway accepts Mpesa as a viable payment method, providing users with a convenient and efficient way to transact on the platform.

Making Betway stand out as one of the few bookmakers that offers Mpesa as a payment method.

When depositing with Mpesa on you will not have to pay a transaction fee

Withdrawing cash on Betway using Mpesa will be in your account in a matter of minutes.

Gambling transactions made on Betway with Mpesa will appear in your bank statements which may be seen as a disadvantage for some punters.

Customers of Betway, recognise Mpesa as a convenient method of payment for deposits and withdrawals.

Does Betway accept Trustly?

Betway accepts Trustly as a valid method of payment for both deposits and withdrawals.

When withdrawing your winnings from Betway with Trustly, you will not incur a transaction fee.

Withdrawals from Betway using Trustly are usually processed within a timeframe of 1-4 hours.

All deposits and withdrawals conducted from Betway with Trustly will be reflected in your bank statements. acknowledges Trustly as a secure and effective payment method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Does Betway accept Neteller?

Betway accepts Neteller as a depositing and withdrawal method.

A disadvantage to betting on Betway with Neteller is that a transaction fee of 3.99% is charged.

Winnings can take up to 24 hours to appear in your bank when betting on Betway using Neteller.

Punters prefer Neteller as a payment method due to gambling transactions not showing on bank statements.

Neteller is the same payment method as Paypal and offers many services, such as bank transfers.

Does Betway accept Skrill?

Betway does not accept Skrill as a payment method.

Skrill is an online payment and money transfer service.

You can use Skrill to send money, pay online, and buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It’s widely used for online gambling and international transactions.

There are still many other payment methods to choose from on the Betway site.

Does Betway accept Starling?

Betway does not accept Starling as a banking method.

Starling Bank is a digital-only bank in the UK that operates through a mobile app. It offers services like current accounts, business accounts, and easy online banking features.

A great payment alternative to Starling is PayPal. Check out betting brands which use PayPal.

Does Betway accept Bitcoin?

Betway does not accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment.

While Bitcoin is gaining more popularity, it’s clear that most traditional betting sites have not yet embraced it as an accepted form of payment.

Does Betway accept Revolut?

Betway does not accept Revolut as a payment method.

Revolut is a digital app that offers banking services like a bank account, debit card, and money transfers. It’s useful for handling different currencies and is popular for travel and online use.

Does Betway accept Monzo?

Betway does not accept Monzo as a payment betting type.

Monzo is a digital-only bank in the UK that operates through a mobile app. It offers services like current accounts, savings accounts, and allows for easy money management and budgeting.

Does Betway accept Apple Pay?

Betway accepts Apple Pay as a valid form of payment for withdrawals and deposits.

You could be charged a transaction fee when betting on Betway using Apple Pay depending on which payment gateway is linked to your e-wallet.

Processing times from Betway can vary when withdrawing using Apple Pay due to the different methods of payment attached to your digital wallet.

Based on which banking method is linked to your Apple Pay, your gambling transactions could appear onto your bank statements.

If the payment processor connected to your Apple Pay is a Debit Card then the transactions will show on your statements from Betway. If using Skrill, Paypal, or Neteller then they will be hidden.

Does Betway accept Google Pay?

Betway accepts Google Pay as a withdrawal and deposit option.

When depositing money into Betway using Google Pay, you will not be charged a transaction fee.

Gambling transitions will not appear on your bank statements when betting on Betway through Google Pay.

Google Pay is useful for Betway because it’s a quick and secure way to deposit money into your betting account from your phone, without having to enter your card details every time.

Does Betway accept Pay by Phone Bill?

Betway does not list Phone Bill as a payment option.

“Pay by Phone Bill” means you can deposit money into your betting account, and the amount gets added to your monthly phone bill. This way, you don’t need to use a credit card or bank transfer for the deposit.

Does Betway accept Boku?

Betway has introduced Boku payments, streamlining the deposit and withdrawal processes. Boku’s prevalence in casinos can be attributed to its straightforward approach to adding bet credits.

When depositing into Betway using Boku, there are no transaction fees involved.

However, it’s important to note that you cannot use the same method for withdrawals from Betway. To access your Betway winnings, you’ll need to establish an alternative payment method, such as PayPal. The withdrawal duration will then depend on the chosen additional payment method.

It’s worth mentioning that gambling transactions made at Betway through Boku will be visible in your bank statements.

For Betway customers, especially those interested in sports betting, Boku presents a convenient option that eliminates the need for providing extra personal information.

Does Betway Accept Klarna?

Betway accepts Klarna payments on its platform for deposits and withdrawals.

It’s important to note that the Klarna credit feature, including spread losses and buy now pay later options, cannot be utilised for gambling transactions with Betway.

When making a deposit to Betway using Klarna you will have to pay a transaction fee of 2%

Withdrawing from Betway to Klarna takes around 24 hours to process.

All gambling transactions made with Klarna on will appear in your bank statements, which may be seen as a disadvantage for some bettors.

UK customers of Betway recognise Klarna as a convenient payment method for deposits and withdrawals.

Does Betway accept Paysafecard?

Betway accepts Paysafecard as a payment method.

If betting on Betway with a Paysafecard Mastercard then a fee will be attached, although a classic pin paysafecard does not charge a fee.

Withdrawal times from Betway using a Paysafecard can take from 2-24 hours.

An advantage to punters when betting on Betway with Paysafecard is gambling transactions will not appear on bank statements.

Does Betway accept EcoPayz?

Betway accepts Ecopayz for deposits and withdrawals , allowing users to seamlessly integrate this widely accepted payment method into their transactions on the platform.

When you transfer funds to Betway using EcoPayz, you won’t incur any transaction fees.

For the majority of e-wallets at Betway, encompassing EcoPayz through Visa Direct, the withdrawal duration varies between 24 to 48 hours.

Your bank statements won’t display any gambling activities conducted on Betway through Ecopayz.

E-wallets like EcoPayz on are becoming increasingly favored for their user-friendliness and clear transactions, safeguarding bookmakers in their free bet dealings and other financial activities.

Does Betway accept Ethereum?

Betway does not currently support the utilisation of Ethereum for either depositing funds into your account or withdrawing credit.

Ethereum payments are not accepted as a valid method for financial transactions on the Betway platform, both in terms of adding funds to your account and withdrawing any existing credit.

Does Betway accept Payforit?

Betway does not currently recognise Payforit as an accepted method of payment on its platform.

If you were considering using Payforit for transactions on Betway, please be advised that this particular payment option is not supported at this time.

Verification requirements for Betway payment methods

Betway requires all users to complete an account verification process called Know Your Customer (KYC) to comply with legal age requirements for gambling in certain jurisdictions.

This allows you to automatically verify your account, with no additional effort required, as long as you provide accurate personal information when registering for your Betway account.

In some cases, Betway may request additional documentation to verify your account.

It is important to ensure this process is complete, as Betway will not process withdrawals for unverified accounts.

Betway will typically attempt to put the funds in the deposit method when initiating a withdrawal.

However, the original payment method may not be available for withdrawals in some cases. In such cases, you can select an alternative withdrawal method.

Which bank cards are accepted by Betway?

The following debit cards can be used to add funds to your Betway account:

  • Starling Debit Cards
  • HSBC Bank Card
  • Monzo Debit Cards
  • Santander Bank Card
  • Revolut Debit Cards
  • Natwest Bank Cards
  • Visa Electron

At Betway, you can pay with most debit cards depending on your banking options.

Bank transfers also ease the funding for your betting account. When you deposit money using a debit card, the funds will be immediately available, and there are no fees.

Visa and Mastercard are also among the choices. It highly depends on your preferred payment method.


Does Betway accept credit cards?

Betway does not accept credit cards as a payment method due to a UK ban on licensed bookmakers accepting credit cards.

For more information on this ban, you may want to refer to a guide on credit card betting sites.

Please note that in 2020, credit card deposits such as American Express Betting Deposits were also banned for UK sports betting, online casinos, and online bingo.

Have you met the play-through requirements?

Ensure you attempt to withdraw your cash balance, as a Bonus Balance or Free bet cannot be cashed out.

Once you have converted your bonus to a Betway cash balance by meeting the play-through requirements, you can request a payout.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Betway to a Debit Card?

In the UK, withdrawing funds can usually take up to two working days to reflect in your banking account from Betway.

Meanwhile, for cards issued outside the UK, you must wait around 3-5 days.

For cards issued outside the UK, funds may take 3-5 days to reach your bank.

If you request a withdrawal from Betway using a method that supports Visa direct, you will be notified, and your funds should arrive in your account within a 2-hour window. Please note that a bank rapid transfer will be sent to the name registered on your Betway account.

What is the minimum withdrawal from a Betway account?

When using the Betway withdrawal method, you can claim £10 or the currency equivalent.

Make sure to have enough cash balance before requesting a payout. There is a minimum Betway withdrawal limit of £5.

There are many Betway withdrawal options for different clients, and you must find out what is best for your withdrawal limits and your preferred method.

  • Try accessing the bookmaker’s website using a different web browser.
  • Check that you have the latest version of your browser installed.
  • To use certain features, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker if you have one enabled.
  • Ensure you have installed the latest Java and Adobe Flash Player versions.
  • If the issue continues, try clearing the cache and cookies of your internet browser, or better yet, contact Betway.

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