BetVictor Deposit Methods

If you have created a new account with Bet Victor, you will most likely have many questions, including the various kinds of payment methods that you can use.

In this guide, we are sharing everything you need to know about the payment methods at Bet Victor, including both deposit methods and how you can withdraw funds.

This website has multiple payment method options for all account holders, ensuring you can find the best one for your needs.

We will help you find the best payment method with your Bet Victor account, so keep reading.

How Do I Withdraw Funds From Bet Victor?

The following steps are the way to start withdrawing funds from Bet Victor:

  1. Register to make a BetVictor account and ensure you are signed in
  2. Click the ‘My Account’ button once you have logged in
  3. Under this tab, you will find a button to ‘Withdraw’. Click on this to start the process
  4. From this, you will be able to choose your BetVictor withdrawal method. To do this, enter the amount you would like to withdraw from your BetVictor account based on the funds you have
  5. Confirm the amount and wait for the withdrawal requests to be accepted

Based on your chosen withdrawal method, your request may be accepted within a few days, and you will receive your winnings as cash out.

Regardless of the withdrawal method, all BetVictor withdrawal requests should be made to the same place used to deposit money into your account.

What Is The Minimum BetVictor Withdrawal Amount?

Bet Victor sets a minimum withdrawal amount of £5 for all UK accounts, which is relatively low compared to other casinos and betting websites.

How To Deposit Money Into My BetVictor Account?

To deposit funds into your account, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your BetVictor account
  2. Once you have logged in, there will be a green button for ‘Deposit’ on your screen. Click this to choose your payment method and deposit funds into your account.
  3. On this page, you will see the various approved payment methods. Players can choose from these different payment methods to make a BetVictor deposit, ensuring something for everyone. It is important to know that any deposit methods you choose must also be used to withdraw funds.
  4. Following your deposit method selection, follow the instructions on the screen, such as entering your card details or account information as well as the deposit amount you want
  5. After entering these details, click the large green button at the bottom of the page to deposit into your account. This should work instantly.

UK players making their first deposits can also qualify for some welcome bonus or offer like a free bet stake, so take note of this when choosing your deposit methods.

If you have made a new BetVictor account and are depositing funds for the first time, you may get free bets or free spins based on the method used and how much you deposit into your account.

This is why it is a good idea to make a BetVictor account and play on this site.

Please note that wagering requirements apply to any qualifying bet. The highest payout will be limited based on these requirements and methods used to deposit.

What Is The Minimum Deposit Amount At Bet Victor?

BetVictor has a minimum deposit amount of £5 for all online players.

BetVictor Minimum Deposit Minimum Deposit is £5
BetVictor Minimum Deposit

Min deposit is £5 at BetVictor using debit cards and e-wallets. There is no transaction fee for depositing the minimum amount at BetVictor.

Full T&C's Apply

This is similar to many other popular UK brands for online gambling, sports betting, and casino games.

What is the BetVictor maximum payout limit on a single bet?

For BetVictor, the maximum payout is £500,000 for a single bet. This is usually only accessible for horse racing.

BetVictor Max Payout Max Payout at BetVictor is £500k
BetVictor Maximum Payout

Max payout at BetVictor is £500,000. Sports bets winnings are capped at £500k for football and horse racing.

Full T&C's Apply

This is because races like the Grand National and Cheltenham have high payouts.

There are smaller payout limits across the Bet Victor website, such as for the roulette game, which is a minor event with a maximum payout of £10,000 for a single bet.

Read the terms and conditions of all games and betting events to ensure you know what you can withdraw.

What is the maximum withdrawal from BetVictor per day?

The maximum withdrawal for players at Bet Victor per day is £100,000.

BetVictor Max Withdrawal Max Withdrawal is £100k
BetVictor Maximum Withdrawal

Maximum withdrawal of £100k using bank transfers at BetVictor. Bettors can enjoy huge withdrawal amounts at

Full T&C's Apply

This high withdrawal amount is not usually found at online casinos in the UK, making BetVictor a great option for most players.

However, like other casinos, it is important to note that the withdrawal times vary at Bet Victor.

The withdrawal time determines how long it will take to get the funds into your bank account and can vary based on the withdrawal method you choose.

For most withdrawal methods, the waiting time is between three and five working days.

Does Bet Victor Accept Credit Cards?

Unfortunately, BetVictor does not accept credit cards for deposits or withdrawals.

Despite being a common payment method at some UK casinos, BetVictor prohibits the use of credit cards.

This decision is in line with efforts by many credit card companies to curb gambling addiction among their customers, leading to a disconnection between them and BetVictor.

Does BetVictor Accept PayPal?

Bet Victor accepts PayPal for deposits and withdrawals.

Depositing money into Betvictor Using PayPal ensures instant processing without any associated fees!

To transfer your funds from Betvictor to PayPal, the withdrawal process takes just 24 hours!

One advantage of depositing and withdrawing to Betvictor using Paypal is that any gambling transactions do not show up on your bank statements.

This is why many Betvictor customers across the UK select Paypal as their chosen E-wallet to claim their winnings.

Does BetVictor Accept Skrill?

Bet Victor accepts Skrill as a convenient method for making deposits and withdrawals.

To deposit money into Bet Victor using Skrill, you will be charged a 1% transaction fee.

Withdrawing money from Bet Victor to Skrill, typically takes just 1 to 3 days.

Any gambling transactions made from Bet Victor using Skrill will appear on your bank statements

Many customers of Bet Victor opt to use Skrill as their e-wallet of choice for its quick and convenient withdrawal time.

Does BetVictor Accept Bitcoin?

Bet Victor does not accept Bitcoin as one of its withdrawal methods.

Cryptocurrency methods, including Bitcoin, are not supported for depositing or withdrawing funds on Bet Victor.

However, there are plenty of other payment methods available for you to choose from.

Does BetVictor Accept Revolut?

Betfair accepts Revolut as a valid payment method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Before you make any deposits or withdrawals with BetFair using Revolut, you must disable the gambling block via the Revolut app, a process that requires 48 hours.

When you choose to deposit cash into Betfair using Revolut, there are no transaction fees.

Many gamblers find it highly convenient that withdrawing money from Betfair using Revolut is typically instantaneous.

All gambling transactions made through BetFair using Revolut will show on your bank statements.

For UK customers at, Revolut is perceived as an easy and efficient method for both withdrawing their winnings and funding their accounts.

Does BetVictor Accept Monzo?

BetVictor does not accept Monzo as a payment strategy.

Monzo is a digital bank you can use on your phone to manage your money, like a regular bank but with a mobile app.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that Monzo is part of Mastercard, and BetVictor does accept these debit cards.

Does BetVictor Accept Amex?

Amex is not accepted as a form of deposit or withdrawal method at BetVictor.

However, other options such as debit cards and various e-wallets are available for use on the website.

It’s crucial to review the deposit limits and minimum withdrawal amounts associated with each payment method, as these may vary.

Does BetVictor accept PayPhoneBill?

BetVictor acknowledges Paysafecard as an accepted payment option.

There is no transaction fee for withdrawing from BetVictor using Paysafecard.

Withdrawals from the BetVictor website via Paysafecard are generally completed within a day.

The information on your BetVictor account should correspond with the details on your Paysafecard account.

Customers of throughout the UK identify Paysafecard as a reliable method for accessing their earnings.

Does BetVictor Accept Apple Pay?

Betvictor accepts Apple Pay as a withdrawal and deposit method. 

When withdrawing from BetVictor using Apple Pay, your funds will be processed back to the same card used to deposit, with no transaction fees attached. 

Betvictor processes Apple Pay account withdrawals through bank wire transfers, which takes approximately 1-5 days.

Any deposit or withdrawal made from using Apple Pay will appear on your statements.

Many Betvictor customers with an IOS device opt to use ApplePay for their gambling transactions, as it is rapid and convenient for bettors.

Does BetVictor Accept Pay By Phone Payments?

Paying via phone bill is not an accepted method for any online gambling payments on BetVictor.

“Pay by Phone Payments” in betting means you can add betting money using your mobile phone number, and the charges will appear on your phone bill or be deducted from your prepaid balance.

Direct payments from your bank account can be made using bank transfer, which is recognized as both a deposit and withdrawal method on BetVictor.

Does BetVictor Accept Google Pay?

Betvictor accepts Google Pay as a valid payment processor for depositing funds into your gambling account.

When you deposit on BetVictor using Google Pay, you will not pay a transaction fee.

Withdrawals made from BetVictor using Google Pay can take about 24 hours to appear in your account.

Any gambling transactions made on Betvictor using Google Pay will show up in your bank statements, this could come as a disadvantage for some punters.

Customers of highly recommend using Google Pay as your desired e-wallet for the efficiency of making deposits and withdrawals

Does BetVictor Accept Neteller?

BetVictor does accept Neteller as one of the payment methods for deposits and withdrawals.

When depositing cash into BetVictor using Neteller you need to pay a 2.5% transaction fee.

Withdrawing from BetVictor using Neteller is a fast and easy process that takes around 24 hours.

Any gambling transactions made from BetVictor with Neteller will show your bank statements. customers recognise that Neteller is one of the quickest and most trusted methods for cashing out.

Does Betvictor accept Klarna?

BetVictor does not accept Klarna into its array of accepted methods.

BetVictor offers a variety of other payment methods for users to choose from, each with its own set of features and advantages.

It’s advisable for users to explore the available alternatives and select the most suitable option for their deposit and withdrawal needs on BetVictor.

Does BetVictor accept Boku?

Boku currently does not allow users to make deposits or withdraw funds.

However, this article provides a comprehensive list of alternative methods that you can choose from to manage your transactions.

Does BetVictor accept Ecopayz?

BetVictor currently does not accept Ecopayz transactions.

Many online casinos are increasingly adopting Ecopayz as a popular method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Does BetVictor accept Ethereum?

Ethereum is not accepted as a valid payment method for bets that exceed the designated qualifying limit.

However, BetVictor are actively exploring and considering additional payment options to enhance our user experience and broaden the range of accepted transactions.

So be sure to keep an eye out for further updates on the BetVictor site.

Does BetVictor accept Payforit?

BetVictor has not incorporated Payforit into its roster of accepted payment methods.

This implies that individuals who wish to engage in transactions or make deposits on the BetVictor platform are unable to do so using Payforit.

Users are encouraged to explore alternative payment options available on BetVictor’s platform to ensure a seamless and convenient gaming or betting experience.

Does BetVictor accept Trustly?

BetVictor acknowledges Trustly as a legitimate payment option for both deposits and withdrawals.

When you withdraw your earnings from BetVictor using Trustly, there are no transaction fees involved.

Withdrawals from BetVictor via Trustly are usually completed within a timeframe of 1-4 hours.

Transactions made to and from BetVictor using Trustly will be reflected in your bank statements. identifies Trustly as a reliable and effective method for managing deposits and withdrawals.

Does BetVcitor accept Mpesa?

BetVictor currently does not support Mpesa due to certain operational and technical considerations.

The integration of Mpesa as a payment method involves specific requirements and infrastructure that are not currently aligned with BetVictor’s systems.

Does BetVictor accept Starling?

BetVictor allows the use of Starling Bank for both depositing and withdrawing cash.

Adding funds to your BetVictor account via Starling Bank is a straightforward process free of transaction fees.

Retrieving money from your BetVictor account using Starling typically requires 1-2 banking days.

When you make a withdrawal from using Starling, it will be reflected in your bank statements.

Regardless of using or the Starling App, the Starling card is a recognized payment option for betting services.

Does BetVictor accept Naira?

BetVictor does not currently support the use of Naira for gameplay.

However, players can make transactions using the following accepted currencies:

  • British Pounds
  • Australian Dollars
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Euros

What Payment Options Are Not Accepted On BetVictor?

The following methods cannot be used as a deposit or withdrawal option at BetVictor:

  • Credit cards
  • Naira
  • Klarna
  • Trustly
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • PayForIt
  • EcoPayz

What Payment Options Are Supported By BetVictor?

The following methods can be used for both deposits and withdrawals at BetVictor:

  • Debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • E-wallets, like Google Pay and Skrill
  • PaySafeCard
  • Neteller
  • PayPal

The minimum deposit requirement is £10 for most of these payments, such as debit cards.


BetVictor has a great range of options for their players regarding payments.

Most of these methods are connected to debit cards in some way, but they vary in terms of the minimum and maximum amount accepted.

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