Coral Deposit Methods

As an online betting platform, Coral offers a range of ways to deposit and withdraw money.

Like any site, not all of these options are identical – and many have their own quirks or limitations worth knowing about.

Here are the valid Coral deposit methods and withdrawal methods you can use to manage your funds, as well as any related details on Coral minimum deposit limits and withdrawal restrictions.

Depositing money into your Coral account

Depositing money into Coral is easy.

  1. Log into Coral.
  2. Select “Deposit” in the “My Account” tab.
  3. Choose your payment methods.
  4. Choose your deposit amount.

Different deposit methods take varying amounts of time. However, most methods allow you to deposit funds very quickly.

Note that certain deposit methods may have additional Coral deposit limits. These deposit limits are usually from the platform itself, not your Coral account.

Some providers may freeze or delay your large deposits for security reasons.

Coral minimum deposit amount

The minimum deposit amount at Coral is £5.

Note that some payment methods may require you to deposit more than this as part of their platform’s minimum deposit amount.

Does Coral accept credit or debit cards as a payment method?

Coral does not accept credit card deposits due to several major UK regulations.

However, Coral accepts debit cards as valid Coral payment methods.

Note that you can still move money from a credit card account to another platform and make the payment that way.

Does Coral accept prepaid cards as deposit methods?

Prepaid cards are considered valid Coral deposit methods but obviously cannot be used for Coral withdrawal in any form.

These can be a good alternative to credit cards, serving the same role as debit cards.

Be sure to contact support before using a less well-known prepaid card. It is important to know if your chosen card will actually work.

Withdrawing money from Coral

Withdrawing coral payments and winnings is not hard. A coral withdrawal only takes four quick steps.

  1. Log into your Coral account.
  2. Select the withdraw button and browse the Coral withdrawal methods.
  3. Choose the withdrawal method you want to use.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the Coral withdrawals.

Note that some withdrawal methods may require extra security checks.

Why can’t I withdraw money from Coral?

If you can’t withdraw money from Coral, your payment method may not be verified yet.

This means that the Coral payment methods you have chosen require your information to be verified to use them properly.

Follow the on-site instructions or contact customer support if your payment methods are not working.

Coral minimum withdrawal amount

The minimum withdrawal amount at Coral is £5 for UK users.

This minimum withdrawal amount means you can only withdraw funds of £5 or higher.

Coral maximum withdrawal request

Per day, you can withdraw up to £20,000 from Coral.

This maximum limit applies to all Coral withdrawals and withdrawal methods.

Coral Betting

Betting on Coral is simple; you can use any valid Coral deposit method to place bets.

If you are new to betting as a whole, then the directions on the Coral website can make the process very straightforward.

Be sure to take any betting bonuses into account when playing.

For example, new Coral accounts may get a limited set of free bets, valid until a specific time.

These are often given on account reg or with your first deposit, so it helps to understand these bonuses ahead of time.

Coral Payment Methods

Coral can support a range of payment methods and deposit method options.

Some of these have particular limitations and core benefits that make them suitable for specific situations or better for certain types of betting behaviour than others.

Like most betting sites, Coral has tried to keep all notable payment methods included.

However, many platforms may restrict or limit their connection to betting, cutting off certain options.

Certain deposit methods may only be available in certain places or have extra deposit limits and usage requirements that make them better for certain Coral customers over others.

Understanding each provider’s payment options can be important for a new Coral user.

Does Coral Accept PayPal?

Coral supports PayPal, which is most likely the most popular payment method on the internet (and amongst online casinos).

PayPal allows incredibly fast deposits and 12-hour withdrawals.

This can be a good alternative to paying directly from a bank account or debit card.

Does Coral Accept Skrill?

Coral accepts Skrill as a valid payment choice outside of the UK. However, UK players cannot use Skrill.

This means that you may have to turn to other platforms, like a PayPal account, to make fast and reliable payments in this manner.

Does Coral Accept Mpesa?

Coral cannot accept Mpesa as a payment method. However, this may change in the future.

Does Coral Accept Neteller?

Neteller provides instant deposit times and a simple account structure, allowing for quick deposit options.

Even using your Neteller account for a first deposit is easy since that Neteller deposit will not have any fees or major limitations behind it.

Even so, you will still need to meet the Coral deposit minimum and any other important Coral deposit requirements or restrictions.

Does Coral Accept Apple Pay?

Specific payment options like Apple Pay can be a great way to deposit quickly.

This is a reliable e-wallet but is more secure than most e-wallets due to being an Apple-specific platform.

This might be preferable to using a debit card or PayPal deposit since

Apple Pay can be slightly more anonymous and secure than most other e-wallets and options. Of course, this requires you to be set up with an Apple account and already have a bank account (or another funding source) connected.

Does Coral Accept Monzo?

Coral accepts Monzo, treating it like a debit account or debit card.

This makes it a viable choice of both Coral deposit methods and Coral withdrawal options and a good alternative payment option overall.

Does Coral Accept Revolut?

While temporarily disabled as a payment method, Coral now accepts Revolut cards as Coral withdrawal and deposit methods.

Does Coral Accept Trustly?

Trustly can be used as a Coral payment method and can sometimes even offer a unique welcome bonus to Trustly users in some cases.

Note that Trustly was only adopted by the site a while after it was opened, so you should double-check before making Coral connect to Trustly. Online gambling restrictions could pop up at almost any time.

Does Coral Accept Payforit?

Coral accepts Payforit as a payment method. This adds the money to your next Coral phone bill.

Note that you must register your mobile or landline to the Coral site. Since this is a phone bill payment method, registering is important if you want to make phone bill payments properly.

Does Coral Accept Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is an accepted payment method at Coral, but it can only be used to deposit cash.

The prepaid card cannot be used to withdraw money for obvious reasons.

Does Coral Accept Naira?

Coral cannot accept Naira as a payment method. However, this may change in the future.

Does Coral Accept Bitcoin?

Coral does not accept Bitcoin or any form of cryptocurrency.

Does Coral Accept A Bank Transfer

It may be possible to pay/deposit through a direct bank transfer.

This depends on your bank, so be sure to explore the possibility of a direct bank transfer if it is the best option.

Even so, it is often a good idea to focus on other platforms first and foremost.

These can be safer and more reliable deposit platforms, especially if you already have an account on existing e-wallets.

If you do not want to show your bank account details, bank transfers or a debit card may not be the best option.

E-wallets and similar platforms can hide all payment details relating to your bank transfers and debit card account.

Other Options

There is a range of other Coral deposit options out there.

Some of these will allow you to make an easy Coral deposit with a service you already touch, while others will be a more obscure Coral deposit method that you may not have heard of before.

Contact support or visit the Coral site to learn more about the options you can use when making a deposit or withdrawal.

Other Details to Note

Keep track of details like maximum deposit limit amounts, deposit types excluded by certain platforms, welcome bonus eligibility and other factors.

All the payment details and information about each platform should be easy enough to find, but you still need to look carefully.

Every platform is good for something. With PayPal and Visa, fast funds can quickly fill in for your insufficient funds. However, others may accept more of your Coral maximum payout daily or open you up to a better welcome bonus.

For example, the minimum deposit amount can be an important detail that many people overlook.

Some platforms may only allow payments of £10 or more, despite Coral having a £5 minimum limit. This can make small deposits less viable.

Can Coral restrict betting?

Coral keeps track of each casino bonus you use and will restrict your account if you violate any TOS rules.

This means using multiple accounts to gain extra bonuses or falsifying your information.


Coral has a lot of different ways to make withdrawals and deposits as long as you meet the minimum deposit requirements.

The entire platform should function as expected as long as you follow the minimum and maximum deposit limits and do not try to use the deposit types excluded above.

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