Tottenham Hotspur Vs AFC Bournemouth

Over the years, the match between Tottenham Hotspur and AFC Bournemouth has been renowned for creating an electrifying atmosphere for fans, whether in the Premier League or cup competitions.

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Goals ScoredHome TeamFinal ScoreAway TeamDate Of Match
Highest Aggregate6AFC Bournemouth1 – 5Tottenham Hotspur2015/2016
Highest Tottenham Hotspur score:5Tottenham Hotspur5 – 0AFC Bournemouth2018/2019
Highest AFC Bournemouth score:0AFC Bournemouth0 – 0Tottenham Hotspur2015/2016

Tottenham Hotspur Vs AFC Bournemouth Records

The records for Tottenham Hotspur vs AFC Bournemouth can be found below:

Tottenham winsDrawsBournemouth wins
FA Cup001

Tottenham Hotspur Vs AFC Bournemouth Previous Results

Here’s are the previous results for Tottenham vs Bournemouth:

2018/2019Sat 04 MayAFC Bournemouth1 – 0Tottenham HotspurLeague
Thu 26 DecTottenham Hotspur5 – 0AFC BournemouthLeague
2017/2018Mon 11 MarAFC Bournemouth1 – 4Tottenham HotspurLeague
Mon 14 OctTottenham Hotspur1 – 0AFC BournemouthLeague
2016/2017Mon 15 AprTottenham Hotspur4 – 0AFC BournemouthLeague
Tue 22 OctAFC Bournemouth0 – 0Tottenham HotspurLeague
2015/2016Tue 19 MarTottenham Hotspur0 – 0AFC BournemouthLeague
Fri 25 OctAFC Bournemouth1 – 5Tottenham HotspurLeague

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