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Finding the right betting exchanges for your needs can be important. As one of the UK’s most notable exchanges, the Matchbook betting exchange is likely to be one of the first that you will run into.

But what does the Matchbook betting exchange offer compared to other online betting site options and exchanges? More importantly, what kind of features are there to set Matchbook apart from its peers?

What is Matchbook Betting Exchange?

Originally founded for a North American market until it switched to a UK focus in 2011, Matchbook has always been an easy-to-use sports bet site that offers a range of different gaming experiences.

The exchange has become one of Matchbook’s key features, and for a good reason. Anybody with a Matchbook account has access to a betting exchange that covers dozens of betting markets, from top games to major sports matches and horse racing events.

Is Matchbook Sports Safe?

Every part of playing at Matchbook exchange is secure. Proceeding into the site gives you a secure site connection, with only legitimate traffic allowed on the site itself.

While playing, you may see a warning like “site connection is secure, proceeding”. This “site connection is secure, proceeding” warning part of standard site connection checks – the site connection is made secure to prevent malicious bots from mixing with legitimate traffic.

The site itself is fully licensed and regulated by the Alderney gambling control commission and the UK gambling commission and uses very carefully-chosen tools to keep the site connection secure. Proceeding into certain pages may require CAPTCHA checks to keep bots away from legitimate traffic.

Matchbook Sports Sign Up Offer

Matchbook keeps its commission rates low, but that is not the only reason to switch over.

Matchbook Football £30 WELCOME BONUS
Matchbook Football

New customers only. Sign up using the bonus code ‘Matchbook30’. Place your first bet, if it loses, we will refund your first bet stake as a free bet. The first bet must be placed within 7 days of registration and at odds of 1.8 or more. The max refund is a single £30 free bet and will be applied to your account with 72 hours of qualifying bet settlement. 18+ only. BeGambleAware.

Full T&C's Apply

Signing up at the Matchbook site ensures that you get their welcome bonus – a 0% commission rate on horse racing for 90 days with the code COMMFREE90.

While this might not sound that impressive at first, it can add up to quite a lot of profit over time – if you bet £100 on a 2.0 odds bet, then you can expect to turn a £100 profit instead of the sub-£90 profits that most sites offer.

Ongoing Promotions at Matchbook

Beyond the welcome offer, there is a range of promotions. The site ensures that there are always new offers to enjoy, giving players more options in how they tackle popular markets.

The most notable bonus is a money-back offer from the code MATCHBOOK30. This gives you a full refund of your first bet at odds of 1.8 or higher if you lose – a simple but effective welcome offer for new customers who want their first deposit to go a little further.

Right now, visiting the promotions page on the site ensures that you get a full breakdown of things like:

  • “Pay 100 Get £30” via the Starburst Promotion.
  • A “Pay 20 to get £30” bonus for the Divine Fortune Jackpot Bonus.

Matchbook Sports Expert Analysis

If you are interested in getting the full betting exchange experience, from exchange odds to live betting features, then Matchbook can be a great place to turn.

Exchanges not only allow for some interesting betting into niche sports, but unlike many other exchanges, Matchbook tries to keep betting simple. High rollers can bet alongside new customers through a variety of big events, live-streaming sports and other markets, all with low commission rates.

It is important to remember that betting on an exchange can take some time to figure out. For example, choosing to place bets as a back bet or a lay bet can have a significant impact on your experience, so make sure you understand how placing a bet works before you jump in and start playing.

Which Sports Can I Bet on at Matchbook?

Matchbook betting exchange offers a huge range of sports to bet on, all of which can be accessed in their own sections of the site. Being signed up to the Matchbook site ensures that you can enjoy all of them equally.

While some game and sports markets are given more room than others, players can use both the browser site and the Matchbook mobile app to bet on things like:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Colossus Jackpots
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Enhanced Specials
  • Golf
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Horse Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Politics
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Matchbook Online Betting Site Sports Odds

Exchanges can be a very different experience for people who are brand new to them, and making an exchange bet can be intimidating if you are not entirely sure how the bet-placing system works. Matchbook betting exchange is no exception.

If you are not sure how odds work at exchanges, slow down and make sure that you look into the process of making a bet.

Like most betting sites, odds are shown clearly, allowing bettors to make bets based on additional information rather than just guesses. However, Matchbook also makes it clear that they are not responsible for the bets made using any outside information.

Bet Limits

While Matchbook has not set any clear deposit or bet limits as a whole, you can choose to have limits applied to your Matchbook account voluntarily. This comes in the form of a gross deposit limit that can be added for 24 hours, 7 days, or even an entire month.

This is great for bettors who want to limit what they can spend, and it can also be an extra level of security, keeping your account more secure by making it impossible to bet or withdraw above a certain amount.

In-Play Betting

The exchange offers both pre-event and in-play betting, allowing punters to bet either ahead of the event or during the event.

Note that not all games and events are included in in-play betting. Certain football games may not allow it, and casino games like Blackjack often have their own rules on how bets can be placed.

Additional Features

Matchbook offers brokerage services to provide extra security for punters who want to trade large amounts as part of their bets. This is extra security to ensure that every deposit and money transaction is kept secure, making it a good service for higher-stakes players.

This boosts security by letting you make a secure large-scale deposit or trade payments through a secure channel on the website itself. While it uses another website page, it is compatible with all regular banking methods, and the site ensures security for making larger bets or bespoke secure trades.

Contact Customer Service

The Matchbook customer support team is excellent, focusing on security and good service in every instance. From providing security against malicious bots to allowing a secure proceeding of large browser-based broker trades on the desktop site, they can help customers with any issues they face.

Customer support is able to help with bank transfer issues, website functionality problems, debit card issues, page loading errors, deposit problems, account security breaches, secure payment methods, and any other issues that users might run into on the Matchbook app or website.

How to Get Started at Matchbook Sports

It is not hard to sign up for Matchbook Sports and jump right into your favourite sports markets. The secure site connection means you will be secure proceeding into the site, and the site ensures that malicious bots are usually a non-issue.

If you want to start playing, then you need to actually find Matchbook (which should be easy enough) and make an account. You can do this either on the browser website or the Matchbook app – using the site ensures slightly easier navigation, but the app and site are functionally the same.

Step 1: Visit the Matchbook Website

Visit the login page to start making your account on the website. You are completely secure proceeding (there are methods to filter malicious bots out of legitimate traffic), so you have security in place when entering your details.

Follow the on-page instructions. You only need to keep to one page of the site to sign up, but make sure your site connection is stable – security means that losing internet access could force the page to time out or reload, and you would need to re-enter your secure details again.

Step 2: Sign Up

The on-page instructions in your browser or app will guide you through signing up. Make sure you use a supported browser – you want something functional and secure proceeding to the sign-up page.

You will need to verify your identity. This usually means further evidence of your identity, which will be detailed on the page itself. This is another security method to stop malicious bots and let only legitimate traffic.

Again, keep your site connection stable. Legitimate traffic still needs to access the page in the browser, and a good connection allows the secure sign-up to work properly.

Step 3: More Info

You can find out more details about sign-up offers, or bonus code features on any related page. Remember to check the promotions page before signing up – you might find a minimum deposit bonus or free bets on particular games that you can only get as a new player.

Be sure to prepare your payment options, too. You can review the recommended and accepted payment options on the website itself or on the FAQ page.

Setting up an account on a payment platform and funding some money into it will allow you to try placing a bet almost immediately. As long as you use a secure payment website that Matchbook considers acceptable, you will be able to move money into your Matchbook account.

The sign-up process on a browser page and an app page are basically the same. The only difference is the browser website, and app page layout – the secure login, protected connection and any bonus code features are always going to be the same.

Matchbook Review FAQs

Why doesn’t Matchbook accept eWallets like most betting sites?

Matchbook does not accept e-wallets for a range of reasons. Not only does this make the site more secure from malicious bots or non-legitimate traffic, but it also means that all bets have to come from cards.

Cards are easier to trace back to the person making the payment, which can lead to more secure proceeding bets. This makes it harder for malicious bots to make automated payments or for ID thieves and fake ID holders to place more bets.

This commitment to secure platforms means that it is a lot harder to manipulate any kind of browser or page flaws. While it limits player deposit options, it also keeps the website a lot safer, and most players will use the same method (debit cards) anyway.

How come I can use a credit card at Matchbook?

While most platforms do not allow credit cards in the UK, Matchbook surprisingly does. The reasons behind this are mostly only known by the website staff and owners, but it allows another method of secure payment.

I bet £1 on a spread bet at Matchbook and lost £3! How come?

Spread bets are a particular kind of bet that can actually lose the bettors more than they stake. This is part of the risk of a spread bet – since players are placing a bet against one another on an exchange website, the circumstances are different from simply placing a bet on a football game itself.

What is a ‘stop loss’?

A stop-loss is a website/browser function that automatically closes out a trade once things pass a certain price level. This can be used to limit how much you are spending on games by committing (or not committing) to a bet as soon as it hits your maximum threshold.

This is often used by players to make sure that they do not overspend without realising that they are doing it.

Is Matchbook licensed?

Matchbook is a fully licensed and registered website. By being registered, the site ensures that it can operate legally and also proves that it actually provides all of the required steps and features of a gambling exchange in the UK.

Can I bet on credit at Matchbook?

In theory, you can bet on credit, but it depends on how you do it. Check the site’s FAQ or talk to staff to learn more since there can be a lot of specifics behind betting like this.

Is Matchbook user-friendly?

Matchbook’s site is designed to work in both the browser (across multiple common browser programs) as well as the Matchbook app. It can function just fine on a desktop browser, tablet browser, or even a mobile phone browser if needed.

Note that the app is better for tablet and phone users, while the browser is the main way that desktop players would play. Switching from one platform to another does not cause any issues, so you can use the browser on your desktop and the app on your phone without problems.

Matchbook is meant to be user-friendly and easy to get into, providing easy navigation. Similar to sites like Betfair, it puts emphasis on making things like trying to get in touch with customer service easy.

The design is obviously still unique compared to Betfair, but both Matchbook and Betfair offer a similar style of ease of use.

Is Matchbook secure for payments?

The site ensures that legitimate traffic gets proper protection from malicious bots, while malicious bots are almost completely unable to pass as legitimate traffic.

Payments are kept entirely secure, and the site limits accepted payment methods to only the most reliable choices. However, payments are also not withheld or delayed, meaning that you will not miss out on live-streaming bets due to an overly-secure connection.

The secure connection features are the most important part of the site’s security measures. Each connection between the site and a payment platform is meant to be a secure connection, with Matchbook working to ensure a properly secured connection each time you pay.

Does the Matchbook site use proper security?

Matchbook uses similar steps to the Cloudflare Ray ID system. While not actually using Ray ID, most sites have something similar to Ray ID – using Ray ID allows them to track each action a user takes, with each user’s Ray ID requests pinpointing security issues.

Of course, it is not just this kind of Ray ID system. Like most sites, it has a Ray ID-style monitoring tool alongside regular site security measures. Even then, the Ray ID-style identifiers are not actually from Ray ID: the specifics of Matchbook’s security are known only to their own staff.

Is Matchbook reliable for customer support?

The easily accessible customer support options at Matchbook enable fast connection to the support team. Life chat offers an instant connection, while other methods like email can be a slower connection that still gets the job done just fine.

With multiple ways to begin a connection with the service team almost instantly, it is incredibly easy to get help with your problem, whether it is a site internet connection issue or a major account security breach.

Is Matchbook safe or scam?

Matchbook is entirely safe. It has a solid connection to major regulatory bodies, aims for a secure connection and betting experience, and does not seem to engage in anything even remotely questionable.

As long as your browser is able to provide a safe connection (the same kind of connection that you would need on every site), then you can enjoy betting at your own leisure without any risk of being scammed.

Remember that there is always a chance that third parties may try to breach the site or scam users. While Matchbook is almost completely safe, using some common sense is important to avoid obvious scams or pitfalls.

Do I need a separate account for the Matchbook Casino?

A single account covers all of your activity at Matchbook, including the casino and the exchange. If you already have a casino account, then you can start playing at the exchange right away with almost no extra steps needed.

Matchbook Summary

Finding the right exchange is important, and Matchbook seems like a great choice. Not only does it offer a great range of experiences and games, but the site itself is very secure and has clearly been designed for ease of use.

If you are interested in playing somewhere that offers a good balance of features and functions, then Matchbook can be a great choice. Even if you are using another exchange already, Matchbook is a great place to diversify your betting or explore some new promotions.

At the end of the day, only you can decide which exchange is best for you. However, Matchbook is easily one of the better choices, and missing out on it could be a huge mistake for both new and veteran punters.

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