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Betdaq is often considered to be the second-largest betting exchange in the world and one of the top choices for anybody who’s looking to embrace betting in a more direct way.

Whether you have heard of Betdaq before or have not stumbled across it until this review, it is important to understand what the platform does differently from its peers. Like any betting exchange, there are a lot of different factors that can change your entire betting experience.

This review will dive into the quirks, features, Betdaq website, and other details of using the Betdaq betting exchange, as well as any limitations or restrictions that new players may want to know about before they join.

What is Betdaq Betting Exchange?

Betdaq is a company that operates the Betdaq betting exchange, the second-largest betting exchange in the world. As with most exchanges, it focuses on users placing bets against one another over a range of virtual sports and casino games.

Betdaq’s exchange is fully licensed and regulated to operate in the UK and offers a range of unique betting options to let players get more invested in sports betting. You can start paying using an existing Betdaq account if you already have one, meaning that the Betdaq exchange is only a few clicks away.

If you are not familiar with betting exchange platforms, they are essentially a way to bet against real people. Players can bet for or against certain outcomes, with individual bets having an impact on one another.

Bets are matched – placing a “back” bet (betting on the win) means that your bet is matched up by somebody making a “lay” bet (betting on the loss). This makes them a more competitive and varied way to bet, and the betting exchange set up by Betdaq is no exception.

Is Betdaq Sports Safe?

Like most exchanges, the Betdaq exchange needs to be safe and secure. The platform uses all of the latest and most reliable security options, from data encryption to general site security safeguards, and comes from a company that has no history of misleading or scamming customers.

Each Betdaq account is kept secure through a variety of specific steps, ensuring that punters do not have their information stolen easily.

As one of the world’s top exchange sites, you can expect a great level of safety and security that matches the systems used by other top gambling sites.

Of course, it is still a good idea to make exchange bets carefully and to protect your betting account. Do not share online account details with strangers, and be sure that you are managing your money through trusted payment methods and wallets.

Betdaq Sports Sign Up Offer

The welcome bonus at Betdaq is relatively simple, but that does not make it a bad one. Right now, there are three welcome bonuses that players can choose from.

Commission Offer

New players can get a 0% commission on all exchange sports for 100 days. This is done via the promo code 0COMM100, usable during registration. After the 101st day, the commission rate is returned to the usual 2%, which is still low compared to some other betting sites.

Cashback Offer

Players can earn up to £1,000 cashback on commission charged during the first 30 days of using their new account. Usual T&Cs apply, and the bonus is activated with the promo code DAQBACK.

Bet £10 Get £10 Offer

After using the promo code V1010, a new player can earn £10 in free bet money by placing their first bet of £10 on the exchange or sportsbook virtual sports.

This bonus is applied if you lose that bet – the £10 Betdaq free bet acts as compensation if you lose the initial £10, allowing you to treat it like a free bet.

Note that there are other restrictions to consider when using Betdaq exchange free bets, so be sure to look into the terms and conditions of the bonus if you need to know anything specific.

Ongoing Promotions at Betdaq

The promotions currently active at Betdaq are all of the three mentioned above. However, keep in mind that this does not make them the only promotions you can ever use on the Betdaq exchange.

Like many betting exchanges, Betdaq has lot of rotating Betdaq bonus features and promotional offers. The promotions page on the Betdaq website provides an easy way to review current Betdaq offers, which could include a range of promotional code bonuses and other features.

Be sure to look into potential bonuses and promotions for the Betdaq sportsbook, especially if you are a brand-new player. Like most betting exchanges, you can usually activate most bonuses through any payment method, making it easy to get bonuses that you can use.

Note that some promotions are only for specific betting markets or particular virtual sports games and may have particular odds requirements or other limitations that you need to consider. New customers should look into the terms and conditions of a bonus before deciding to use it.

Betdaq Sports Expert Analysis

If you are interested in creating a Betdaq account to see if the Betdaq exchange suits your particular wants and needs, then you need to understand the platform itself. The site and platform you choose are a core part of exchange betting, so having the right site can make a huge difference to your experience.

Exchanges are connected to the bets that players make. Unlike online casino gambling, a betting exchange forces players to bet against one another, with the betting markets reacting according to how the players are betting.

You are not betting on online casino games against the site but against other punters that are matching your sports betting choices.

For people who are new to the concept of a betting exchange service, this can seem like a strange system at first. However, this kind of betting can become a great alternative to regular online gambling, leading to greater odds and higher potential profits if you get lucky.

Note that the competitive odds at betting exchange sites can change quite rapidly, with fixed odds being less common due to the nature of how betting exchanges work.

This can make it a very different experience, but one that is definitely worth pursuing if you want to try and make more money or bet on a wider range of games.

Winning bets are still paid out as normal, with various different cash-out option choices depending on what you prefer to use.

Looking at single bets, it is much easier to get the best odds for your betting style, but not using fixed odds forces you to wait for another player to meet your bet types and odds.

Which Sports Can I Bet on at Betdaq?

The Betdaq site exchange offers a range of different sports betting options, allowing payers to enjoy online casino gaming and sports betting on a variety of different events. This includes a range of regular and live sports, including:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Formula 1 races
  • GAA
  • Greyhound racing
  • Horse racing
  • Ice hockey
  • Politics
  • Rugby League games
  • Rugby Union games
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Virtual and Live Sports

A lot of these betting options also have their own varied bet types, such as betting for or against particular teams or aiming for specific results. This allows a lot of flexibility in how you bet, which can be important for new customers who have already spent a lot of time as sports bettors.

For example, with horse racing, you do not just have to bet on the horse racing winner. You can also bet on things like the position of a specific horse or bet that a certain hose does not win.

All of these horse racing bets also come with their own horse racing odds, meaning that there are a lot of moving pieces in how even simple horse racing bets can function.

This also means that finding the best horse racing odds is not easy since it depends entirely on the kind of bet that you want to make. Betdaq odds can cover a lot of different bases and bet types, and different Betdaq offers and promotions may apply to specific ones.

Betdaq Sports Odds

Betdaq uses a similar odds system to most other betting exchanges, meaning that odds are influenced quite heavily by the betting choices made by individual players. For example, like with the horse racing events mentioned above.

Bet Limits

Betdaq has a minimum bet of £0.01, which is an incredibly low bet amount compared to many other platforms. This means that players can use a single penny to make a bet rather than being forced into a certain minimum amount.

Note that there is a minimum deposit amount of £10, so you can’t just deposit a single penny as your entire first deposit and begin playing. You will need to deposit at least £10 but you can then bet as little as £0.01 per bet if you prefer.

This means that the betting exchange does allow for more flexible kinds of betting, such as splitting your deposits into a lot of smaller bets to spread between casino games and sports bets over a longer period of time. How you use this depends entirely on the way that you want to pursue exchange betting as your main goal.

Note that some bonus features are triggered by hitting particular deposit limits. This might mean that a welcome offer or other promotion could require more than the minimum deposit amount, so be sure that you understand the terms and conditions of each bonus beforehand

In-Play Betting

Betdaq provides options for both pre-event betting and in-play betting, allowing players to bet ahead of time or during the game/event itself, depending on their preferred bet style. Both of these are treated in mostly the same way, so players are not missing out by focusing on one bet type over another.

Note that there may be certain bet types excluded from in-play bets and that odds may change quite often depending on how bets are being placed overall. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of any in-play betting at the Betdaq betting exchange before you commit to a large bet.

Different betting markets will have their own specific rules and restrictions for how players can bet. Remember that in-play betting will not always be an option, especially not with certain free bet bonuses, so you will want to be sure that you can actually bet on an event in progress first.

Additional Features

The Betdaq exchange can provide a range of additional features. While some of these have already been mentioned, others are less obvious but still incredibly useful.

Live Streaming and Casino Table Games

Live streaming means that players can watch the games they bet on, allowing them to make more natural in-play bets. Live streaming is not available for all events but is still a readily accessible option for people who prefer to watch the games they are betting on.

The Betdaq casino allows players to enjoy a range of Betdaq casino games, taking a break from the betting exchange.

All of these Betdaq casino games come from major developers and are a good way to break up your betting sessions with some regular casino games instead. This includes classic table games, all fully accessible to customers.

Responsible Gambling

Offering a balance of features from other betting exchanges and online casinos, Betdaq also provides responsible gambling tools to let players manage their own betting. This makes it easy to limit your spending and keep track of your funds if you often find yourself spending more than you are comfortable spending.

Betting Exchange Tips

The Odds & Tips section provides free advice on how to bet well, meaning that new customers are not stuck having to figure things out on their own.

While these tips will not give you any exact answers, they are still a great way to get started with a particular betting type or to prepare yourself for trying new Betdaq markets that you have not touched before.

Trading Tools

For people who need more data, Betdaq offers breakdowns of a range of trading tools on its own dedicated pages. These pages detail the various trading tools that can help you place bets more effectively, allowing you to break into the world of more advanced trading tools with some actual guidance behind the options that you could select.

All of the trading tools are compatible with Betdaq in some way and can provide things like clearer betting odds or an easier understanding of information that the betting exchange itself can’t give you.

Customer Service

The customer support team at the Betdaq betting exchange are able to fix a wide range of problems and can be easily contacted through a variety of methods, including email and live chat.

Customer support can assist with any site issues you might have. This includes things like free bet features not being credited, mobile site games not loading properly, live betting not broadcasting, and jackpot games having issues or any concerns you may have about your account.

The Betdaq support team itself is available 24/7 via live chat and freephone, so getting hold of them is easy. Do not be afraid to contact them if you are having any problems with the site, your account, or any other parts of the betting experience.

While this Betdaq review will not go in-depth about the customer service, most of the feedback online has been very positive, with only occasional instances of greater service issues or problems that took longer than normal to fix.

Betdaq is a long-standing and well-regarded company, and the Betdaq customer support team are going to reflect that. If you happen to have any issues with the support team themselves, be sure to report it so that the site owners can correct the issues.

How to Get Started at Betdaq Sports

If you want to start playing at Betdaq, then it is not hard to get an account set up so that you can start making bets almost straight away. The account registration process is simple, and the site’s layout makes it easy to understand what you need to do to get all signed up there.

Remember to double-check the account and payment information that you end up using. You do not want to make a mistake on sign-up, or you may be stuck trying to correct a range of smaller issues that are getting in the way of your betting experience.

Step 1: Visit the Betdaq Casino Website

Visit the Betdaq exchange website to create a new account. The login page is clearly marked, so it should not be hard to understand how to get signed in to the betting site as a new player.

On mobile devices, you can use the Betdaq mobile app. This serves as a mobile version of the main site, meaning that you get access to all of the same features while playing on your mobile device.

Note that desktop users will be using their browsers to access the site, so you will want to choose a browser that is compatible with the site itself. This usually means choosing one of the bigger-name browsers since they are usually compatible with most betting site layouts and coding.

Step 2: Sign Up

Signing up is simple. Follow the instructions on screen and make sure that you get all of the important information correct. This can be done on either the Betdaq mobile site or the browser site, so do not worry too much about the platform that you are signing up on.

If you make any mistakes, you can make changes later on, but it is best to get things correct ahead of time. The Betdaq site makes it relatively easy to sign up, so you just need to make sure that you are double-checking key information before you confirm anything.

You will need to verify your ID once your account is made. This can be done in multiple ways, so be sure to look at the instructions if you still need to verify your identity and approve the account.

Remember that you will also want to keep your sign-in information saved somewhere secure, just in case. While there is a process to recover your betting site password if you forget it, this can take a while, so making it memorable but secure is the best option.

Step 3: Add Sports Betting Payment Methods

It is important to add payment methods to the Betdaq casino and exchange. If you do not, then you have no way of actually depositing or withdrawing money on your own. You are not limited to just one payment method, either, but you need at least one to play properly.

Be sure to choose a payment platform from the list of viable payment options at Betdaq. Remember that some payment methods will require the name on your Betdaq account to match the name on the payment method itself. You want to be sure that you have set up your payment options correctly from the very beginning.

Betdaq customer service can help you with any payment problems that you might run into, but only from their end. You will have to talk to the payment platform’s support team to resolve issues relating to that platform specifically.

Step 4: More Info

The support team at Betdaq can walk you through any parts of the process that you do not understand, mainly via the live chat system. Like most betting companies, they will want you to verify your identity before playing, so make sure that you have an ID method on hand and understand the basics of how the process works.

You will also need to set up payment methods to make your deposits. Doing this ahead of time can help you get started with betting straight away, but this depends entirely on your own preferences and the platform that you want to use.

Like most betting sites, Betdaq will try to automatically return winnings to the accounts you have used to deposit money. If it cannot (because you used a deposit-only method), then you can set up bank transfer options instead

Betdaq Review FAQs

Like most Betdaq reviews, it is hard to cover every detail in depth. However, rather than having to look up questions in individual Betdaq reviews yourself, this FAQ can break down some common questions surrounding the platform and the way that players can use it.

Remember that you can always ask the support team for more details about something that you do not understand. The more you know about a platform, the easier it becomes to make it your next preferred exchange without having to second-guess your decision.

Why doesn’t Betdaq accept eWallets?

While Betdaq Exchange does accept eWallets in general, many eWallets are blocked from being used as a payment method due to various reasons. This is mostly due to issues with being misused or not providing proper security, or just generally not being popular enough to be added to the site.

Most well-known payment platforms will be available at Betdaq, but be sure to review which options you can use before playing. It is important to know if you can use a specific payment method ahead of time.

You can see a full list of payment methods on the site, and that includes the exchange, too. Alternatively, the mobile app will list valid payment platforms on the deposit screen.

Remember that not all eWallets are created equally. Betdaq allows the most popular eWallet options to be used, but more obscure eWallet choices may not be available. Always check if a payment method is usable before trying to commit to it.

How come I can’t use a credit card at Betdaq?

Credit cards are not accepted at Betdaq due to legal reasons. Many betting sites moved away from using credit cards under some recent regulatory changes, meaning that Betdaq will not accept credit cards as a valid payment method.

This often includes eWallets funded using a credit card, too. Anything that has your credit card directly connected to the payment will be refused, meaning that you will have to turn to debit cards or an alternate payment method instead.

Remember this when choosing payment platforms. Since Betdaq follows the same rules as most other betting exchanges within the UK, you will need to use methods that these exchanges allow, and that often means finding alternatives to credit cards if that is how you usually pay for things.

I bet £1 on a spread bet at Betdaq and lost £3! How come?

Spread betting can allow players to lose more than their original stake but is considered a much more lucrative kind of sportsbook bet.

This is due to the structure of spread bets and the way that they work in the context of an exchange. While it would be too complicated to fully explain in this Betdaq review, the losses are mostly due to the competitive nature of the bets, with both back bets and lay bets influencing the odds and value.

Since spread bets literally spread out the bet, there is a lot more room for success but also much harsher consequences if you fail and do not have any kind of backup plan.

What is a ‘stop loss’?

A stop loss is a point where you can request that your trade is automatically flagged as a loss, allowing you to avoid further losses. This can be useful for limiting the amount that you will lose during a spread bet, where losses can sometimes be unpredictable.

Betdaq online casino does have the resources to allow for a stop-loss, giving players some more room to protect themselves from excessive losses.

For example, you might use a spot loss on greyhound racing to try and limit the amount of potential loss that you can suffer, giving you some extra security without actually changing anything about the back bets and lay bets that you are making initially.

Is Betdaq licensed?

Betdaq exchange is licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission, as all exchanges have to be. The latter of these organisations is the official online gambling regulator for any operators that serve players in Great Britain.

This means that it is legally permitted to operate within the UK, which is obviously a good thing for anybody considering playing there.

Betdaq is quite well-known for being a great place to bet, meaning that it is generally a betting site you can trust. However, if you are still not sure, do not hesitate to do your own research or ask support for more information about the platform itself.

Can I bet on credit at Betdaq?

Since credit cards are not a payment option at Betdaq, betting on credit is not really an option.

As mentioned above, this also applies to any payment platforms that are funded directly through your credit card, like PayPal. Since these are still taking the money straight out of your card and putting it into the site as a single payment, this is not permitted.

However, you can usually move the money to another platform and then pay from that platform as an indirect credit card payment.

In general, UK players cannot use credit cards for any kind of betting or gambling payments, regardless of the betting markets involved.

Is Betdaq user-friendly?

The Betdaq exchange is designed to be easy to use, even for new players, allowing users to quickly hop into whatever kind of sports betting they wish.

Due to being regulated under the UK Gambling Commission, there are certain standards that the Gambling Commission require. In general, each exchange and casino page will be easy to use, and you can always contact support if you are stuck on how to access a certain feature.

While it can take some time to learn how exchanges work, especially if you have never encountered them before, the Betdaq exchange is simple enough to understand with only some basic research.

Is Betdaq secure for payments?

Using either the Betdaq mobile app or the browser site provides you with plenty of security, keeping your payment information and personal details safe. As a company, they have been consistent about keeping user information secure and avoiding any potential security breaches.

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission requires a certain level of data protection and security, so users are in no danger of having their information stolen or sold easily.

Is Betdaq reliable for customer support?

Customer support is easy to access and provides support for anything from in-play Irish horse racing live betting to in-depth account issues that require technical assistance.

Whether you are unable to claim a Betdaq sports bonus even though you have the free bet valid and ready to earn or are just having trouble depositing money into the site, contacting support will lead to professional assistance and an easy fix.

Is Betdaq safe or scam?

As a fully licensed and regulated betting site, there is absolutely no reason to think that Betdaq is a scam of any kind.

Not only are there countless Betdaq review pieces out there discussing the value and reliability of the platform, but also many different Betdaq exchange review articles that go in-depth on things like the free bets bonuses and the site’s general functionality.

If you are interested in paying at Betdaq, then this Betdaq review should have said it all – it is a great site with a lot of different options to expand your betting, making it an ideal choice of betting exchange for people who want somewhere new to bet.

Remember that personal preference is a large part of betting. If you do not like a certain aspect of Betdaq, then you can always just ignore it or look around for other betting options. However, from a purely objective point of view, Betdaq is completely safe and does not have any hidden scams or embedded sketchy behaviour.

Betdaq Summary

This Betdaq review has gone into a lot of specifics about the platform and what it offers, from the free bets to the functional side of the exchange. However, like most platforms, you can’t make a full judgement until you explore it yourself.

If you want to know more than what is laid out in this Betdaq review or just have specific questions that you want answers to, then do not hesitate to contact its support team to learn anything that was not covered here. The more you know about a platform, the easier it becomes to jump in and start betting on your own terms.

The free bets bonuses alone make Betdaq a great place to bet, with the current free bets bonus being a highly flexible one that allows you to leverage your free bets across a range of game and event types.

While this article could get into more depth, such as rating Betdaq sports bonus features against other platforms, it is clear to see that Betdaq is a worthwhile site to consider. Most Betdaq reviews will tell you that it is a great exchange with a lot of useful features and promotions to engage both new and long-time betting punters.

Remember to bet responsibly, and always go in with a plan. Whether you are looking up betting tips or formulating an entire strategy, it is important to know what you are going to do once you are signed into the site and have your free bets ready to use.

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