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While Ladbrokes as a company has existed since the 1800s, it has not kept its services stagnant. The need for new, innovative gambling options saw a new Ladbrokes website crop up in 2013 – the Ladbrokes betting exchange.

Whether you have used a betting exchange before or barely even know what betting exchanges are, it can be important to understand what this new Ladbrokes website option does differently.

Like any betting system, there can be a lot of quirks and specific details to look into before you even consider playing there for yourself.

This Ladbrokes review will dive into the features of its betting exchange, as well as the details that make it stand out and the limitations that you might run into as a new player.

What is Ladbrokes Exchange?

The Ladbrokes betting exchange is an optional betting system that allows users to place bets against one another, usually leading to higher sports betting odds overall.

This makes it an appealing option for experienced online bettors who want higher stakes and greater rewards.

If you are not familiar with betting exchange platforms, they are effectively just focused on online betting between the players.

Most of the time, players can either bet for or against a certain outcome, with competing bets having an impact on one another and increasing the potential rewards earned by the winning side.

Bets are matched – placing a “back” bet (betting on the win) means that your bet is matched up by somebody making a “lay” bet (betting on the loss). This makes them a much more competitive way to bet, and the betting exchange set up by Ladbrokes is no exception.

Is Ladbrokes Exchange Sports Safe?

The Ladbrokes exchange is just as safe as the Ladbrokes website itself – both are owned by a company that many people trust and that has been in the online casino and sports betting space for decades.

This alone should make it a trustworthy place to play since it is offering the same levels of security and support as the original betting site.

Of course, it is still a good idea to make exchange bets carefully and to protect your betting account. Do not share online account details openly, and always withdraw money to trusted platforms.

Ladbrokes Betting Exchange Promotions

Ladbrokes offers a good range of welcome bonus features and promotions, allowing exchange players to get some useful bonuses when they start out.

Ladbrokes Exchange Sports Sign Up Offer

Upon registering, new players will get £20 in free bets and a further £5 stake on sports. This free bets bonus of £20 is divided into four free bets instalments of £5, and the free bets bonus can be used instantly after signing up.

You have seven days before the free bets expire, so be sure to use them while they are still available

Keep in mind that some deposit methods might be excluded from this bonus feature, so check the terms and conditions before making a deposit. It is important to know the specifics behind the bonus ahead of time.

Ongoing Promotions at Ladbrokes Exchange

While the welcome offer is the main focus, Ladbrokes promotions do not end with just the sign-up bonus.

A weekly promotion system means that players can be awarded every day for betting on specific matches and game types, giving new arrivals a reason to vary up their bets or explore other betting exchange features.

There is also an offer that allows players to win up to £100 if they guess the outcome of three games correctly. While niche, this can be a great promotion for players who are feeling lucky, allowing them to get an influx of cash very quickly.

Greyhound racing and horse racing fans can also get their own unique bonus features, along with casino players getting access to bonuses purely for casino games.

Ladbrokes Exchange Sports Expert Analysis

If you are interested in creating an exchange Ladbrokes account to embrace the unique sports betting opportunities it offers, then it can be a good idea to understand the platform first.

Exchanges are heavily tied to the bets that players make. For example, if you place a back bet, then somebody needs to place a lay-style bet at the same odds before the bet can go ahead. This means that there usually are not any fixed odds, for better or for worse.

While having no fixed odds means that it is easier to get better odds than fixed-odds betting sites, getting the best odds also requires that another payer matches your Ladbrokes odds. Not having fixed odds also means that betting exchanges can be a more specialised betting platform than a regular sport betting site.

Winning bets are still paid out as normal, with various different cash-out option choices depending on what you prefer to use.

Looking at single bets, it is much easier to get the best odds for your betting style, but not using fixed odds forces you to wait for another player to meet your bet types and odds.

Which Sports Can I Bet on at Ladbrokes Exchange?

The Ladbrokes exchange offers a range of different sports betting options, most of which you will probably have heard about in any regular Ladbrokes review. This includes a range of regular, live, and all-virtual sports, including:

  • Rugby League games
  • Premier League games
  • Football betting
  • Horse racing (including Irish horse races)
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Formula One races
  • Tennis
  • Darts
  • Boxing
  • Snooker/Pool

Players can also bet on some non-sport events, such as various TV events (such as the Oscars and X-Factor results) or a range of novelty bets (such as the hottest month of the year).

Free live streaming is also available, meaning that players can enjoy live-streaming bets for whatever sport or event they are most interested in.

Ladbrokes Exchange Sports Odds

Ladbrokes aims for enhanced odds guaranteed, trying to offer improved Ladbrokes odds as often as possible. This, along with the lack of fixed odds, means that it is a lot easier to get the best odds for your betting style.

However, remember that you can only get your odds guaranteed if you are matched by another player. Since fixed bets are not the main focus of the site, you will need to wait for a player to match your odds if you are aiming for something very specific.

If you still are not sure how odds work at exchanges, slow down and make sure that you look into the process of making bets. Exchanges can be a very different experience for people who are brand new to them, and making exchange bets can be intimidating if you are not entirely sure how the betting system works.

The current Ladbrokes exchange offer allows new players to earn £20 in free bets, valid for 7 days. Free bet offers like this give you a great chance to learn how these online bookies exchanges work, all without having to risk your own money on bets that you do not fully understand.

Bet Limits

Ladbrokes Exchange has a minimum bet of £0.01, which is an incredibly low bet amount.

Note that there is a minimum deposit amount of £5, so you can’t just deposit a single penny and start playing. You will need to deposit at least £5, but you can bet as little as £0.01 per bet if you prefer.

Note that some bonus features are triggered by hitting particular deposit limits. This might mean that a welcome offer or other promotion could require more than the minimum deposit amount, so be sure that you understand the terms and conditions of each bonus beforehand.

In-Play Betting

The betting exchange offers both pre-event betting and in-play betting, allowing players to bet ahead of time or during the game/event itself.

Note that there may be certain bet types excluded from in-play bets and that odds may change rapidly depending on the most likely outcome. The exchange has no fixed odds, and that applies during games as well.

Different betting markets will have their own specific rules and restrictions for how players can bet. There will also be cases where you cannot make a certain bet anymore or will not be able to access a bonus feature during a game.

Additional Features

The Ladbrokes exchange can provide a range of additional features. While some of these have already been mentioned, others are less obvious but still incredibly useful.

Live streaming means that players can watch the games they bet on, allowing them to make more natural in-play bets.

This does not apply to all betting markets or games and is usually reserved for events that would get widespread coverage anyway.

You can expect live streaming, a range of user support features, clear breakdowns of betting odds, a range of free bet features and odds boosts, and fully-functional live betting options. Once you have a Ladbrokes account, you can enjoy every part of the platform without issue.

Customer Service

The customer support team for the exchange is the same team that handles the main work at Ladbrokes, and that means that you can expect good-quality support.

If you have any Ladbrokes account reg or management issues, then do not be afraid to contact them for more details or some assistance. They can offer a good range of support options and will work with you to resolve any issues that you are currently dealing with.

While this Ladbrokes review will not go in-depth about the customer service, there are a lot of positive opinions and reviews about the customer service team online. This means that it should be easy to get help with your Ladbrokes account if you start running into any issues.

Ladbrokes is a long-standing and well-regarded company, and its customer service team are going to reflect that. Ladbrokes offer good support options and expertise, and that applies to the exchange site as well.

How to Get Started at Ladbrokes Exchange Sports

If you want to start playing at Ladbrokes, then it is not hard to get yourself set up. The account reg process is simple, and the platform makes it easy to understand what you need to do to get all signed up there.

Remember to double-check the account and payment information that you end up using. You do not want to make a mistake on sign-up, or you may be stuck trying to correct a range of smaller issues that are getting in the way of your betting experience.

Step 1: Visit the Ladbrokes Exchange Website

Visit the Ladbrokes website to get ready to make a Ladbrokes account. It is not hard to find the login page, which can also serve as a register page for new players.

On mobile devices, you can use the Ladbrokes app. This serves as a mobile Ladbrokes platform, and you can use the app as an alternative to the browser site. On a desktop, the browser is the only reliable option.

Step 2: Sign Up

Signing up is simple. Follow the instructions on the screen and make sure that you get all of the important information correct.

If you make any mistakes, you can make changes later on, but it is best to get things correct ahead of time.

You will need to verify your ID once your account is made. This can be done in multiple ways, so be sure to look at the instructions if you still need to verify your identity and approve the account.

Step 3: More Info

Ladbrokes support can walk you through any issues that might arise and guide you through the proper setup process.

Remember that you will need to eventually set up payment options. Doing this early can make it easier to make a proper deposit later on, so be sure to look at the available payment methods.

Note that some payment methods will require the name on your Ladbrokes account to match the name on the payment method itself. This can be important – the accounts have to be ones that you own yourself.

You can add payment methods right after account reg or later on, but you will need at least one to make a deposit.

Like most betting sites, Ladbrokes will try to automatically return winnings to the accounts that you have used to deposit money. If it cannot (because you used a deposit-only method), then you can set up bank transfer options instead.

Ladbrokes Exchange Review FAQs

Why doesn’t Ladbrokes Exchange accept eWallets?

Ladbrokes Exchange does accept eWallets, but not all eWallets. Some are blocked from being used as a payment method due to various reasons, such as issues with being misused or not providing proper security.

You can see a full list of Ladbrokes payment methods on their site, and that includes the exchange, too. Alternatively, the Ladbrokes app will list valid payment methods on the deposit screen.

Remember that not all eWallets are created equally. Ladbrokes allows the most popular eWallet options to be used, but more obscure eWallet choices may not be available. Always check if a payment method is usable before trying to commit to it.

How come I can use a credit card at Ladbrokes Exchange?

Like a lot of UK betting sites, Ladbrokes does not accept credit cards alongside debit cards, at least for now.

A little while ago, credit cards became a black sheep of UK betting payment methods, with most sites not allowing it for any betting markets. Even other payment methods that took money from your credit card were blocked.

Ladbrokes offer debit card payments as a valid deposit method, although this depends on the kind of card. Note that those debit card providers may also have specific deposit limits and spending rules that could influence how you are able to bet.

Credit cards, as of writing this, are not available as a payment method for UK customers. Fortunately, moving money to third-party software and payment platforms can still allow you to play, as long as your credit card is not directly connected to the payments.

I bet £1 on a spread bet at Ladbrokes Exchange and lost £3! How come?

Spread betting is a lucrative but risky type of betting, and it can allow players to lose more than their original stake.

This is due to the way that spread bets are structured. While it would be too complicated to fully explain in this Ladbrokes review, the losses are mostly due to the competitive nature of the bets and the way that they are balanced between the back and lay bets.

If you want to make the Ladbrokes exchange work in your favour, then you need to understand all of these betting specifics.

Exchanges like this have bet types excluded by regular sites, so understanding what you are doing can be extremely important.

If you are confused, the site will have some resources to help you. However, doing your own research is usually the best way forward, especially if you are brand new to this kind of betting and are not really sure how it works.

Alternatively, if you trigger a free bets bonus, use those free bets (valid for 7 days) to experiment with different betting markets. This can let you get hands-on experience with how these kinds of systems work.

Is Ladbrokes Exchange licensed?

Ladbrokes exchange is operated by LC International Limited, a company licensed by the Government of Gibraltar. It is also fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, as all exchanges have to be.

Thanks to Ladbrokes’ long history of operating in the UK, it is easy to tell that it is a trustworthy and reliable place to bet. The exchange is just one of the company’s many services, but it is one that players can enjoy regardless of their skill and experience level.

Can I bet on credit at Ladbrokes Exchange?

Since credit cards are not a payment option at Ladbrokes, betting on credit is not really an option.

Since Ladbrokes is connected to BetDaq markets as a kind of third-party trading software, the rules of this software connection can also apply. This includes BetDaq trading ladders and other features not available on the Ladbrokes website itself.

In general, UK players cannot use credit cards for any kind of betting or gambling payments, regardless of the betting markets involved.

Is Ladbrokes Exchange user-friendly?

The exchange is designed to be easy to use, allowing players to quickly hop into Ladbrokes football betting or any other kind of sports betting they wish.

While it can take some time to learn how exchanges work, especially if you have never encountered them before, the Ladbrokes exchange is simple enough to understand with only some basic research.

The free bet welcome offer makes a big difference here. Having a free bet, even with min odds requirements, allows you to learn how the exchange works in a more practical way. This welcome bonus is available to all players, either via the browser or the Ladbrokes mobile app.

If you are moving to Ladbrokes exchange from another platform, such as Betfair exchange, then it is not hard to adapt to the differences between them.

Is Ladbrokes Exchange secure for payments?

Ladbrokes is secure. Using either the Ladbrokes mobile app or the browser site provides you with plenty of security, keeping your payment information and personal details safe.

As a company, Ladbrokes Coral has been consistent about keeping user information secure and avoiding any potential security breaches.

Even the non-exchange side of the site gets great security. For example, the site gets games from providers like Ash Gaming, which are known for being high-quality and not having any obvious vulnerabilities that third parties could exploit.

Is Ladbrokes Exchange reliable for customer support?

Regardless of your issue, the Ladbrokes customer service team should be able to help with whatever your issues are.

The customer support service is relatively easy to use. Players can create a ticket with a few clicks. Alternatively, they can contact the live chat team directly.

The customer support team will work quickly to sort out any issue. There should be no delay in a response to an issue you have.

Is Ladbrokes Exchange safe or scam?

Overall, Ladbrokes is a safe and trustworthy company. Ladbrokes have an excellent reputation, and all complaints regarding this exchange site are dealt with swiftly and fairly.

Ladbrokes has been around as a company for decades and has never shown any signs of being intentionally misleading to its customers.

Whether you have been into a physical Ladbrokes shop to bet in person before or are brand new to the company as a whole, Ladbrokes is a safe place to bet.

The Ladbrokes mobile app makes it easy to bet with just your phone, and the browser site is fully secure and protected.

Is the free bets bonus worth it?

Getting any kind of free bet bonus makes a big difference to these sites.

Be sure to grab any bonus that comes your way if you want it. Remember that some bonuses have min odds or deposit limit requirements that you need to meet before you can earn the bonus.

Other bonuses, like odds boosts, are similarly useful and can become invaluable for taking on all kinds of betting markets.

Do I need to verify my Ladbrokes account?

You will need to verify your ID before you can start playing on the exchange.

This verification can happen in multiple ways, so follow the instructions presented to you after signing up. You will need to provide verification before you can deposit money and place any bets, let alone withdraw any money.

Which game should I bet on at Ladbrokes?

Feel free to explore the betting options at the exchange ahead of time.

There are a lot of games to bet on, with the most popular being Premier League/football betting and horse racing bets.

Horse racing is one of the most notable due to horse racing being popular alongside horse racing bets.

Should I use the exchange before the normal site?

It is entirely valid to use the exchange as your main betting option. While many people will want to use the normal Ladbrokes site alongside it, the exchange can still be a great place to focus your “main” bets.

Just remember that the exchange, both on the mobile app and your browser, functions differently from standard betting sites.

Is the Ladbrokes exchange easy for new players to understand?

New players will want to take some time to learn how the exchange works. It can be a complex platform that requires some time to learn, and the idea behind exchanges means that they are often confusing at first.

Regardless of whether you are using the mobile app or your browser, exchanges are very different to normal betting sites and can be more complex overall.

Ladbrokes Exchange Summary

The Ladbrokes exchange provides a great range of ways to bet on various sports and can be a far more lucrative way to bet if you are prepared to tackle slightly stranger betting techniques.

However, finding the right exchange is important. Ladbrokes offers a good variety of features and bonuses to make everything a lot more streamlined, regardless of how familiar you are with exchanges as a whole.

If you are looking for somewhere new to play, then consider Ladbrokes’ relatively new exchange. Even if you have not used an exchange before, it can be a good place to turn for some new betting types or interesting events.

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