Manchester United Vs Leeds United

The rivalry between Manchester United and Leeds United is one of the oldest and most fierce in English football. Both clubs were among the top teams in the country and regularly competed against each other in high-stakes matches.

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Goals ScoredHome TeamFinal ScoreAway TeamDate Of Match
Highest Aggregate7Manchester United2 – 5Leeds United1931/1932
Highest Manchester United score:6Manchester United6 – 0Leeds United1959/1960
Highest Leeds United score:5Leeds United5 – 2Manchester United1931/1932

Manchester United V Leeds United Records

Below you’ll find a table of the Man United vs Leeds United records:

Man Utd winsDrawsLeeds wins
League Cup500
FA Cup433

Manchester United V Leeds United Previous Results

If you’re looking for the previous results of Manchester United vs Leeds, take a look at the table below:

1922/1923Thu 01 AugLeeds United0 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
1923/1924Thu 01 AugLeeds United0 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
1925/1926Thu 01 AugLeeds United2 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
1926/1927Thu 01 AugLeeds United2 – 3Manchester UnitedLeague
1928/1929Thu 01 AugLeeds United3 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
1929/1930Thu 01 AugLeeds United3 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
1930/1931Thu 01 AugLeeds United5 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
1931/1932Thu 01 AugLeeds United1 – 4Manchester UnitedLeague
1936/1937Thu 01 AugLeeds United2 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
1926/1927Thu 01 AugManchester United2 – 2Leeds UnitedLeague
1923/1924Thu 01 AugManchester United3 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1922/1923Thu 01 AugManchester United0 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1936/1937Thu 01 AugManchester United0 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1931/1932Thu 01 AugManchester United2 – 5Leeds UnitedLeague
1925/1926Thu 01 AugManchester United2 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1930/1931Thu 01 AugManchester United0 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1929/1930Thu 01 AugManchester United3 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1928/1929Thu 01 AugManchester United1 – 2Leeds UnitedLeague
2011/2012Fri 20 SepLeeds United0 – 3Manchester UnitedLeague Cup
2009/2010Wed 03 JanManchester United0 – 1Leeds UnitedF.A. Cup
2003/2004Wed 21 FebManchester United1 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
Mon 28 OctLeeds United2 – 3Manchester UnitedLeague Cup
Fri 18 OctLeeds United0 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
2002/2003Tue 05 MarManchester United2 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
Sat 14 SepLeeds United1 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
2001/2002Sat 30 MarLeeds United3 – 4Manchester UnitedLeague
Sun 27 OctManchester United1 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
2000/2001Sun 03 MarLeeds United1 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Mon 21 OctManchester United3 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1999/2000Tue 20 FebLeeds United0 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Wed 14 AugManchester United2 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1998/1999Thu 25 AprLeeds United1 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Fri 29 NovManchester United3 – 2Leeds UnitedLeague
1997/1998Sat 04 MayManchester United3 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
Fri 27 SepLeeds United1 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
1996/1997Sat 28 DecManchester United1 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
Sat 07 SepLeeds United0 – 4Manchester UnitedLeague
1995/1996Wed 17 AprManchester United1 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
Tue 24 DecLeeds United3 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
1994/1995Tue 02 AprManchester United0 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
Mon 19 FebManchester United3 – 1Leeds UnitedF.A. Cup
Wed 11 SepLeeds United2 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
1993/1994Sat 27 AprLeeds United0 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
Mon 01 JanManchester United0 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1992/1993Thu 08 FebLeeds United0 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
Fri 06 SepManchester United2 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1991/1992Mon 15 JanLeeds United0 – 1Manchester UnitedF.A. Cup
Mon 08 JanLeeds United1 – 3Manchester UnitedLeague Cup
Sun 29 DecLeeds United1 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Sat 31 AugManchester United1 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1990/1991Sat 24 FebLeeds United0 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague Cup
Sat 10 FebManchester United2 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague Cup
Sun 08 DecManchester United1 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
Wed 28 AugLeeds United0 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
1981/1982Wed 03 AprLeeds United0 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
Mon 30 SepManchester United1 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1980/1981Wed 28 FebManchester United0 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
Fri 20 SepLeeds United0 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
1979/1980Fri 03 MayLeeds United2 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
Sun 08 DecManchester United1 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1978/1979Sun 24 MarManchester United4 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
Fri 23 AugLeeds United2 – 3Manchester UnitedLeague
1977/1978Fri 01 MarManchester United0 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
Tue 24 SepLeeds United1 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
1976/1977Tue 12 MarManchester United1 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
Wed 02 OctLeeds United0 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
1975/1976Wed 13 MarManchester United3 – 2Leeds UnitedLeague
Fri 11 OctLeeds United1 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
1973/1974Fri 09 FebManchester United0 – 2Leeds UnitedLeague
Sun 22 SepLeeds United0 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
1972/1973Thu 18 AprLeeds United0 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Mon 23 DecManchester United1 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1971/1972Mon 19 FebLeeds United5 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Wed 30 OctManchester United0 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1970/1971Thu 17 OctLeeds United2 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
Thu 15 AugManchester United0 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1969/1970Fri 26 JanManchester United2 – 2Leeds UnitedLeague
Fri 06 SepLeeds United2 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
1968/1969Thu 11 JanLeeds United2 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Sat 02 NovManchester United0 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1967/1968Fri 08 NovLeeds United1 – 0Manchester UnitedLeague
Fri 23 AugManchester United1 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1966/1967Tue 31 DecManchester United0 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
Tue 27 AugLeeds United3 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
1965/1966Sun 19 MayManchester United1 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
Fri 12 JanLeeds United1 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
1964/1965Wed 17 AprLeeds United0 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Thu 05 DecManchester United0 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1959/1960Mon 16 SepLeeds United2 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
Mon 09 SepManchester United6 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1958/1959Thu 21 MarManchester United4 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
Fri 01 NovLeeds United1 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
1957/1958Thu 11 JanLeeds United1 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Sat 07 SepManchester United5 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague
1956/1957Sat 30 MarLeeds United1 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
Sun 17 NovManchester United3 – 2Leeds UnitedLeague
1946/1947Mon 08 AprLeeds United0 – 2Manchester UnitedLeague
Sun 07 AprManchester United3 – 1Leeds UnitedLeague
1938/1939Wed 10 AprLeeds United3 – 1Manchester UnitedLeague
Sun 07 AprManchester United0 – 0Leeds UnitedLeague

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The history of Manchester United and Leeds United is one of intense rivalry and memorable matches, with both clubs having their fair share of victories and defeats.

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We hope this article has been informative and given you all of the information you need on the Manchester United vs Leeds matchup.