What is a Union Jack Trebles Bet?

A union jack trebles bet type is a nine selection wager placed in a grid.

This grid is split into three columns and three rows, which make up your union jack trebles on this bet.

You have nine selections across ABC, DEF, GHI. However, these are split into eight different trebles.

Union jack bets can be some of the riskiest and largest you can place on horse racing. This is why it is often seen as a novelty choice.

Union jack bet win conditions can be complex. That is because there are multiple ways to win. Across your nine selections, there are also going to be numerous ways for you to ‘win’ without claiming a return.

Read on to find out more about union jack bets.

How to Place a Union Jack Trebles Bet?

To place a union jack trebles bet, you need nine selections or choose nine horses.

  • These 9 selections are split into 8 trebles. As mentioned, these are divided into different alphabetised grids.
  • Your 9 selections are lettered A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I.
  • The trebles available for you to bet on in the grid are ABC, DEF, GHI, CEG, ADG, CFI, AEI and BEH.
  • To win in a union jack trebles bet, you will need all your horses in one treble to win.
  • Therefore, in an example treble, you will need at least horse A, B and C to win.
  • Interestingly, the letters B, D, F and H appear the least in trebles. E appears in the most, with a 4 treble count.
  • Effective betting on a union jack treble may involve choosing lower odds for your ‘E’ pick. This means you could convert on as many trebles as possible.
  • However, it may also be worth choosing longer odds on E bets for your potential total return to be higher.

This is not always the most complex form of betting available. However, regardless of odds format, and even if four selections win their races, you may still not make much money in your return.

How to Use the Union Jack Trebles Bet Calculator?

Unless you’re Rain Man, you’re probably going to need the help of a union jack trebles bet calculator to work out your potential winnings. Following these simple steps should tell you everything you need to know…

  1. Select ‘Union Jack Trebles’ on the dropdown for ‘bet type.’
  2. The Number of Selections will choose nine picks automatically
  3. Select the ‘Outcome’ for each selection like ‘Winner’, ‘Placed’, ‘Lost.’
  4. Select the ‘Odds’ for each selection like ‘3/1’, ‘5/1’, ‘12/1’
  5. Select the ‘Stake’ wagered per bet like ‘£2’, ‘£10’, ‘£30.’
  6. The Union Jack Trebles bet Calculator will work out total outlay, total profit and return for you
Enter Bet Details
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Enter Bookmaker Bonuses
Total Outlay:

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Total Profit:

Are Union Jack Trebles Bets Worth It?

Union jack trebles bets could make you a lot of money, but it is a high-risk bet.

Many bookmakers and punters see this type of bet as very high risk, and even as a novelty, outside of traditional betting and the kind of bet you will normally use in horse racing.

A union jack betting slip is also likely to be fairly complex. A union jack bet relies on a select number of combinations, meaning there is a rare chance that you will convert on multiple trebles.

However, these bets are still very popular. It is worth remembering that you could strike lucky with multiple horses and still not make a profit. The maximum number of winners you could bet on in a union jack and still not get money back is six.

Therefore, it is all about allocating the right horses to the right spots in the grid. Not always an easy process!

How many Horses Need to Win for a Union Jack Trebles Bet?

In a union jack trebles bet, you can win with at least three horses.

However, it is also possible to lose a union jack trebles bet when between three and six of your horses win.

If between seven and nine of your horses win, you will see a guaranteed return. However, as always with any bets, the amount you win will depend entirely on your stake and your odds.

A union jack trebles bet is an excellent choice if you choose multiple race favourites. However, your potential returns are likely to be much lower.

Other Nine Selection Bet Types

Here are other bet types that include nine selections:

  • Union Jack Round Robin – these bets follow a similar pattern to trebles, and use the same grid. However, there are more bets on each of your nine selections. In this type, you’ll take advantage of 24 single stake about bets, as well as 8 `trixies. In total, this means you are placing 80 bets!
  • Union Jack Patent Bet – again, this uses the same grid. However, it combines both the round-robin and the trebles betting style. You have 24 singles and 7 trixies, with trebles making up 3 x 3 selections. In total, you are placing 56 bets.

However, the closest bet type to union jack trebles is the goliath flag.

In some ways, the goliath flag bet may seem more complex. This is because you place 247 bets in total.

However, you are only ever betting on eight different horses or selections. A union jack bet requires you to bet on more horses or selections.

The amount you pay in total, however, is likely to be much less. You are placing 24 bets on a union jack treble, and ten times this on a goliath!

Which Bookmakers Use a Union Jack Trebles Bet?

Despite being relatively uncommon, several bookmakers still accept this type of bet, including some of the most recognisable betting companies:

What Happens if a Selection is a Non Runner?

If you’re new to betting, there may be several rules that you aren’t too familiar with….one of which being non-runners.

If for any reason your horse doesn’t end up running, it will not be considered a loser. That selection will be voided, and the remainder of your bet will run as usual.

What Happens if a Selection Dead Heats?

Unlike non-runners, dead heats are a little more confusing. In essence, if one of your horses is involved in a dead heat, the stakes during that part of the bet will be divided by two (if only 2 horses are included in the dead heat).

It’s worth noting that this may significantly affect your returns, so make sure you account for this – especially when working out your returns on the union jack trebles bet calculator.

Union Jack Trebles Free Bets Bonus

Although there should be nothing against you using your free bet on a union jack trebles bet, it’s not always advisable.

That’s because free bet stakes are always deducted from any winnings, so you would need to make sure you win over that amount to be left with any returns.

For that reason, singles and doubles are usually the more popular, and less confusing choice for free bets.

Other Bet Types

There are a range of other bet types too. To find out about the different types of bets, please take a look at these pages below:


If you fancy a change fro your usual bet type, the union jack trebles bet is certainly an interesting one.

We recommend taking a closer look at these bets if you are betting on a large meeting or event and there are multiple horses you like the look of.

However, do always remember that the amount you pay for these bets will be much more than your average treble selection. The potential profit on a union jack bet may be much less than your initial bet.

Take a close look at horizontal and vertical slots and consider which position you’d like to put each selection in.

Many people have made big money from union jack bet picks – but always use a calculator to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into, and to set up an example that’s likely to work

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