What is a Union Jack Round Robin Bet?

A union jack round robin bet is a bet with nine selections, covering 80 different combinations.

These bets take place in a 3×3 grid. This grid is also commonly used in other union jack bets, such as patents, trixies and trebles.

However, this proves popular because it tends to combine traits from other union jack types.

The main difference between a round-robin on a union jack compared to others is that these bets focus on the straight lines available, rather than other groupings.

In this guide, we will take a look at what you should know about this wager, and why it might be worth you considering.

How to Place a Union Jack Round Robin Bet?

To place a union jack round robin bet, you will need to make nine selections.

  • When you enter bet details for this type of bet, you will need to allocate your races, or horses, on the union jack grid.
  • This grid is usually numbered 1 to 9 or is lettered A to I.
  • There are 80 bets available in the wager, and you will need to place money on them all. This means you will need to consider funding 80 times your usual stake.
  • For example, while you may pay £5 on single bet types, the wager will expect you to pay £400 all in.
  • This union jack bet consists of 24 single stake about bets, along with 8 trixies. This can split down into 24 doubles and 8 trebles.
  • 80 bets can seem like a lot of combinations. This is certainly true. However, it is only a fraction of the number of potential groupings in a union jack grid!
  • This type of wager focuses on grouping straight lines in the jack’s main grid. This means there are three verticals, three horizontals, and two diagonals to choose from.

This union jack bet is one of the more complex and may be one of the riskier picks for novice punters. In some circumstances, bookmakers and bettors treat any union jack bet as a novelty choice.

However, there is nothing to say your total return won’t make you a profit!

How to Use the Union Jack Round Robin Bet Calculator?

If you’re going to be betting on multiples with lots of selections and bets, the bet calculator will quickly become your best friend. So, be sure to use the union jack round robin bet calculator to work out your total stakes and potential returns before placing your bet. Here’s how:

  1. Select ‘Union Jack Round Robin’ on the Bet Type dropdown
  2. The Number of Selections will choose 9 picks automatically
  3. Select the ‘Outcome’ for each selection, such as ‘Winner’, ‘Placed’, ‘Lost.’
  4. Select the ‘Odds’ for each selection such as ‘3/1’, ‘5/1’, ‘12/1’
  5. Select the ‘Stake’ wagered per bet such as ‘£2’, ‘£10’, ‘£30.’
  6. The Union Jack Round Robin bet Calculator will calculate total outlay, return and profit
Enter Bet Details
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Total Profit:

Are Union Jack Round Robin Bets Worth It?

Union Jack Robin Bets can represent good value – provided you put your selections in the right places.

To be able to win on a round-robin, you will simply need to make sure that you cover a selection along a straight line.

For example, a winning bet could be 1,2,3 (A, B, C) as a treble or 1,5 (A, E) as a double. You could also get a win from a single stake around on 8,7 (H, G) or 3,6 (C, F).

There are a lot of combinations to consider. However, placing 80 bets will only be worth it if you use a calculator and carefully fill out your betting slip.

These types of round robins are available across various online sports regardless of odds format. When placing this bet, you may need to carefully consider the odds for each slot on the grid to maximise your return.

How Many Horses need to Win for a Union Jack Round Robin Bet?

You only need two horses to win to claim money back on a union jack round robin bet.

However, it is possible to have more horses win and not to make a return. This is why it is one of the riskiest betting options available, though it is also one of the most lucrative.

You may need at least seven horses to win, out of nine, for you to make a guaranteed return.

However, this could be a huge bonus, as it will mean your horses cross multiple of the 8 trebles and 24 doubles.

Other Nine Selection Bet Types

Here are other bet types that include 9 selections:

  • Union Jack Trebles – this offers you the same grid and 9 selections, with fewer bets available. This may be a more straightforward option for new punters looking to try union jack selections for the first time.
  • Union Jack Patents – again, this is a simpler variant of the union jack. Like the trebles, this simplifies the robin format to focus purely on a single bet type.
  • 9 fold accumulator

Which Sports Bookmakers make a Union Jack Round Robin Bet?

As far as multiple bets go, the union jack round-robin is one of the most uncommon, with most punters preferring bet types with fewer selections and less total bets, as your total outlay will be smaller.

That being said, you can still get this type of bet on with some of the following bookmakers

What Happens if a Selection is a Non-Runner?

If a horse is entered into a race but doesn’t end up running, it is considered a non-runner. So, how will this affect your union jack round robin bet? Well, quite simply, that selection is classed as void, but the remainder of your bet still stands.

For example, any trebles that contain your non-runner will be settled as doubles.

What Happens if my Selection Dead Heats?

In simple terms, a dead heat is a draw between 2 or more horses. If you have a horse that dead heats in your union jack round robin bet, the price (odds) for that selection will be divided by two and then settled as a winner.

Unless you have backed an even priced, or odds on horse, you will still make a profit from this selection.

Union Jack Round Robin Free Bets Bonus

As mentioned previously, the union jack round robin is not a common bet type and its probably not advisable to use it for any free bets bonuses you are granted.

As free bet stakes are also deducted from your winnings, you’d be better off using free bets on singles or doubles, where you are more likely to get a return.

Other Bet Types

There are a range of other bet types too. To find out about the different types of bets, please take a look at these pages below:


As somewhat of a novelty, a union jack round robin bet is excellent for a bit of fun, but probably not a bet type you’d want to place daily.

If you manage to get lucky and place your selections in the right place on the grid, then you could be in for huge returns. However, we recommend taking a look at other union jack bets first, such as the trebles, which may be easier to manage if you are a novice punter.