What is a Goliath Flag Bet?

A goliath flag bet type is a bet with eight selections.

These will include 303 different bets, making it one of the biggest bet types available for you to get into.

As this is such a large and sometimes complicated bet type with many potential winning selections, it is always a good idea to take a look at a free calculator.

Let’s consider everything you need to know about selections in your goliath bets. Whether you are interested in a goliath bet on horse racing or otherwise, it’s important to know how these bets work at each level.

How to Place a Goliath Flag Bet?

So, how do you place a goliath flag bet? Firstly, you’ll need you to make eight selections across different events.

These will cover all bets variations possible, making it one of the most lucrative betting opportunities available – if you get it right!

However, it is also one of the riskiest. The following eight selections apply in any goliath bet:

  • 20 single stakes about bets
  • 28 double bets
  • 56 treble bets
  • 70 four folds
  • 56 five folds
  • 28 six folds
  • 8 seven folds
  • One eight fold accumulator

While there are 8 selections in total, there are actually 303 bets in total. Therefore, these bets are not always for the faint of heart, and you will likely need a calculator to work out your return.

In some cases, a goliath bet may vary and offer you 247 bets in total. 247 bets or 303 bets, there are still a lot of selections for you to make!

How to Use the Goliath Flag Bet Calculator?

Here is the step by step guide how to use the goliath flag bet calculator:

  1. Select “Goliath Flag” on the ‘Bet Type dropdown
  2. The ‘Number of Selections will automatically choose eight picks
  3. Select the ‘Outcome’ for each selection like “Winner”, “Placed”, “Lost”
  4. Select the ‘Odds’ for each selection like “3/1”, “5/1”, “12/1”
  5. Select the ‘Stake’ wagered per bet like “£2”, “£10”, “£30”
  6. The Goliath Flag bet Calculator will work out total outlay, return and total profit
Enter Bet Details
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Place Odds
Enter Bookmaker Bonuses
Total Outlay:

Total Return:

Total Profit:

Are Goliath Flag Bets Worth it?

It is possible to win big money on a goliath flag bet, even from as few as two selections.

However, as there are so many different selections, your stake is also likely to be substantial. As always, the higher the stake, the higher the potential total return.

What is really interesting about the goliath bet is that you can make a return without having all your selections win. Therefore, you could see a return on your four fold bets and five fold bets, even if you don’t win on your six fold bets. This is regardless of your odds and regardless of your original stake, too.

However, you will need to make sure that all your bets in at least two selections win for you to take any money home or make a return.

For example, even if 19 out of your 20 single stakes win, you won’t convert on that selection.

That said, the more selections you choose which do make a return, the more money you could win in total. This applies to horse racing, football and beyond.

The goliath bet is one of the most exciting bets on the bookies’ sheet right now. However, as always, consider your investments and bet selections carefully. A goliath bet is high risk.

How Many Horses Need to Win for a Goliath Flag Bet?

As there are no single bets, you will need at least two different selections to win to get money back from a goliath flag bet.

For example, if all your horses in your eight fold accumulator and your doubles selection win, you will make a return on your stake.

The more selections win, the more money you will get back. That much is simple! However, the money you made from 1 eight fold accumulator might be very different from what you made on your single stakes.

Before you apply yourself to a goliath bet, make sure to use a calculator, as this will help you to work out your chances of winning, and potential returns on your stake.

Other 8 Selection Bet Types

There are no other bet types with 8 selections, other than a standard 8 fold accumulator.

However, a Union Jack bet is larger than a goliath flag bet. This includes 9 selections, all of which are trebles.

However, many punters and bookmakers see this bet type as a ‘novelty’.

Which Bookmakers do a Goliath Flag Bet?

When it comes to placing bets on horse racing, most punters will choose the more popular multiples bets, such as Lucky 15’s, Patents, Trixie’s etch, however, there are still bookmakers that will accept a goliath flag bet.

What Happens if a Selection is a Non Runner?

When betting on horses, your horse may not actually end up running, for a number of reasons. For example, they may have been entered in the race but then the trainer may feel the ground has changed and is no longer suited to the horse.

So, what does that mean for your bet? Well, if you have a non-runner in your bet, it will be classed as void and the rest of your bet will still stand. SO, for example, if you bet on a treble, that would then essentially become a double.

What Happens if my Selection Dead Heats?

Dead heats in horse racing are relatively uncommon, however, if one does occur, you’re going to need to know how your bet will be settled.

So, there’s good and bad news. If one of your selections ‘Dead Heats’, that selection is still deemed a winner, but the downside is your stake for that part of the bet is halved. If there are 3 horses involved in the dead heat, the stake will be divided by three.

Goliath Flag Free Bets Bonus

Free bet bonuses from bookmakers are a great way to make some profit for nothing – and for this reason, punters tend to play it safe and use them to bet on singles or doubles.

However, there’s nothing to stop you using your free bet bonus on a goliath flag bet.

Just remember, there are 303 total bets in a goliath flag, so if you’re using, let us say, a £10 free bet, your unit stake will only be around 3p so you’d need a lot of your selections to win to make a return (Depending on their odds, of course).

Other Bet Types

There are a range of other bet types too. To find out about the different types of bets, please take a look at these pages below:


We recommend considering a goliath bet if you have carefully considered the cost factor. While you could make money from accumulators and treble bets from your stake in these selections, you will always need to beware of the risk.

Multi-selection bets can bring in a lot of money from your stake regardless of odds, such as a Lucky 15. However, your chances of winning on a goliath bet are far lower than with smaller bets.

That shouldn’t put you off trying the goliath bet out for yourself! Take a look at bookmakers offering single stakes, accumulators and more under this umbrella and weigh up the pros and cons.

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