What is a Super Heinz Flag Bet?

A Super Heinz Flag bet is a wager you make on 7 selections.

The Super Heinz Flag bet is one of the largest available to punters. It allows you to make 162 bets in total.

These are split into doubles, trebles, four-folds, five-folds, six-folds and single stake about bets.

As this is one of the most complex bets available, it is generally recommended to horse racing punters and enthusiasts who know a lot about the sport.

This wager is likely to make you a lot of money depending on the selections you make, as there are many different combinations. However, even if one horse wins out of your seven, there is no guarantee that you are going to make a return.

However, you could still win with few horses claiming a race. Please take a look through our following guide and learn more about this wager, and why it is so important to use a calculator.

How to Place a Super Heinz Flag Bet?

To place a Super Heinz Flag bet, you will need to make seven selections.

These are split across 162 separate bets of different types.

The types of bet available in a Super Heinz Flag are:

  • 21 Doubles
  • 35 Trebles
  • 35 FourFolds
  • 21 FiveFolds
  • 7 SixFolds
  • 21 Single Stakes (About)

It is important to remember that in horse racing, even choosing three or four selections can be tricky. Seven selections will require firm knowledge of which horses are likely to perform well in specific races.

However, if you do have a good idea of which horses are likely to do well, the many combinations in a Super Heinz Flag will ensure you have every chance to get your stake back.

Working out a Super Heinz bet, and your total return from stake can be difficult on your own. With a calculator, you can make sure that your separate bets are accounted for, and that you know what to expect should specific races or selections come in.

How to Use the Super Heinz Flag Bet Calculator?

Considering the Super Heinz Flag bets contains 162 different bets, it would be almost impossible to work out your winnings manually, so be sure to use this bet calculator to calculate both your total stake and your potential winnings:

  1. Select ‘Super Heinz Flag’ on the Bet Type dropdown
  2. The Number of Selections will automatically choose seven picks
  3. Select the ‘Outcome’ for each selection like ‘Winner’, ‘Placed’, ‘Lost.’
  4. Select the ‘Odds’ for each selection like ‘3/1’, ‘5/1’, ‘12/1’
  5. Select the ‘Stake’ wagered per bet like ‘£2’, ‘£10’, ‘£30.’
  6. The Super Heinz Flag bet Calculator will work out total outlay, return and total profit
Enter Bet Details
# Outcome Odds Place Odds
Place Odds
Enter Bookmaker Bonuses
Total Outlay:

Total Return:

Total Profit:

Are Super Heinz Flag Bets Worth it?

Many punters like the Super Heinz Flag bet because it can give you a lot of insurance.

As there are so many combinations compared to a few selections, there are plenty of big chances to win.

However, as always, there is a considerable risk. Betting a single stake of £3 on a straight bet is one thing. When you bet the Super Heinz Flag, you will need to multiply this by 162!

Therefore, a simple £5 stake will end up requiring a payment of £810. It is a large sum to invest. Therefore, it makes all the more sense to use the right calculator to make sure your selections win.

How many Horses need to Win for a Super Heinz Flag Bet?

You only need one horse to win to claim a Super Heinz Flag return.

However, this is not guaranteed. As there are many different combinations, you need to carefully place your favourite horses and selections on your bet slip.

Many punters advise that the best way to make your stake back from a Super Heinz Flag is to balance choices with a variety of outcome odds.

Only the bravest of bettors look for long odds when they bet the Super Heinz. It is reasonable to blend short and long odds for a balanced result.

Even then, there are risks. However, this wager type is one of the most exciting and most potentially rewarding available at UK bookmakers right now.

Other Seven Selection Bet Types

There are no other bets that offer a total of 7 selections outside of the ‘Super Heinz’ type.

This makes the Super Heinz bet a unique seven-fold accumulator, with the flag bet differing in terms of the types of bet included.

The main Super Heinz bet will cover 120 bets, for example, which means the return total profit may be lower, but the amount of money you need to pay into your bets will decrease, too.

Other bets such as a patent have seven different bets for you to make, but only across three selections. This gets more confusing when you consider the union jack version of the bet, too!

There are other bet types with more than seven selections:

  • Union Jack Bets – these involve nine selections across a 3×3 grid. There are multiple ways to bet via union jack.
  • Goliath Bets – a Goliath wager is enormous – as it covers 247 different bets! However, you only ever make eight selections.

A Super Heinz Flag bet may be an excellent choice for anyone new to larger bets and different stake type options. It may be safer than most, too. That is, providing you are using a calculator to get a handle on your returns!

Which Bookmakers do a Super Heinz Flag Bet?

Interested? There are plenty of bookmakers which enable you to place a Super Heinz Flag bet type, including some of the most recognisable names in the industry:

What Happens if a Selection is a Non Runner?

When placing a multiple bet, you may be presented with the fact that one or more of your horses is a ‘non-runner’. SO what does this mean for your bet?

In layman’s terms, this selection is just voided, meaning the rest of your bet can carry on as normal.

Although a little frustrating, non-runners are not the end of the world as essentially any trebles in your bet will just be settled as doubles, and any four folds will be settled as trebles and so on.

What Happens if my Selection Dead Heats?

As with non runners, a dead heat can have a significant impact on your bet. A dead heat is a draw between two or more horses. So, how are dead heats settled?

If one of your horses is involved in a dead heat, it will still be settled as a winner.

However, the odds for that horse will be slashed in half, as it has shared the win with another horse. So, as frustrating as this may seem, it’s not the worst outcome.

Super Heinz Flag Free Bets Bonus

With a huge 162 total bets in a Super Heinz Flag bet, it’s probably not wise to use a free bet on this bet type, as your unit stake may be too small to make any substantial returns.

It’s also worth noting that when you are given a free bet, the stake will be taken out of any winnings, so you’ll need to win more than your stake to walk away with any cash.


What is a Super Heinz Bet?

The Super Heinz bet is a 120 bet accumulator.

It differs from the flag bet because it has fewer total stakes, as well as a seven-fold accumulator. It also has no single stakes.

What is the Difference Between Heinz and Lucky 63?

Lucky 63 bets have six selections and fewer bets, with 63 in total.

This means the stakes on a Lucky 63 are lower than through Super Heinz, but there are also less winning combinations.

Other Bet Types

There are a range of other bet types too. To find out about the different types of bets, please take a look at these pages below:


We recommend taking a look at this bet if you are new to accumulators. However, a betting calculator is always a good idea if you are struggling to understand how to fill out the slip with your bets.

For an easier time of things, you may wish to look at a betting calculator for a simple Heinz bet. This may give you a smaller total return. However, it will demand a lower unit stake.

The Super Heinz flag is one of the most popular bet types for those just getting into accumulator bets. It’s an excellent midground option.