What is a Single Stakes About Bet?

A single stakes about bet lets you choose two selections from two different events.

These come together to create two different bets. You will need to make a minimum of your initial stake back on your first event, however, to be able to fund the second.

A single stakes about bet is a common feature in many multi-bets. For example, you will find single stake about bets in a super flag, alongside doubles, trebles, four folds and five folds.

A single stakes about bet calculator will help you to understand your potential return. While this type of bet may seem simple, it can sometimes get rather complex!

Keep reading our complete guide to the single stakes about wager before you go ahead and put any money down.

How to Place a Single Stakes About Bet?

To place a single stakes about bet, you will need to bet on two separate events.

  • You first place your original stake on the first half of the bet.
  • Should this half of the selection win and give you back at least your stake, this will pay towards the next part of the bet.
  • The second event is covered in the next part. In this second selection, you will aim to win back both your original stake on top of the additional part.

The SSA bet layout can seem tricky at first. However, it is simple to get used to if you remember that money for the second event will only cross over if you convert on the first.

This type of bet is sometimes called a cross bet, a crossover bet, or an up and down.

It appears in several larger multi-bet options regardless of odds format. For example, you will often see it form part of a round-robin, whether it is one selection in a union jack or otherwise.

How to Use the Single Stakes About Bet Calculator?

Although it’s not the most confusing bet type and only has two selections, it’s still worth using a bet calculator when placing a single stakes about bet. Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Select ‘Single Stakes About’ on the Bet Type dropdown
  2. The Number of Selections will automatically choose two picks
  3. Select the ‘Outcome’ for each selection like ‘Winner’, ‘Placed’, ‘Lost’
  4. Select the ‘Odds’ for each selection like ‘3/1’, ‘5/1’, ‘12/1’
  5. Select the ‘Stake’ wagered per bet like ‘£2’, ‘£10’, ‘£30’
  6. The single stakes about bet Calculator will work out total outlay, return and total profit
Enter Bet Details
# Outcome Odds Place Odds
Place Odds
Enter Bookmaker Bonuses
Total Outlay:

Total Return:

Total Profit:

Are Single Stakes About Bets Worth It?

Single stakes about bets are worth your money as they are very low risk.

While they are a little more complex than straight bets, you can make a higher return and effectively double your cash bet if you find two events you are confident in.

Many punters will choose an SSA bet if there are two favourites in two separate races they fancy at a single meeting.

What is worth remembering is that to be able to convert on these bets, you need to make back at least your stake on the first part. Otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock the second.

These bets are very low risk and they only need one stake from you. Therefore, there is only one bet to make, but you could lose it all in that second part.

Double stakes really does help to make things interesting. However, to return total profit, you’re going to need to find an odds balance in both parts.

How Many Horses Need to Win for a Single Stakes About Bet?

You need two horses to win for a single stakes about bet to give you a return.

While you may win on the first part of a bet, you also need to make sure that you win on bet 2.

While there is only one original stake, there are 2 bets – it’s a really interesting setup, and can make bank for you if you manage 2 clear wins.

Many bookmaker services offer this type of cash bet, as well as the double stakes about bet, which takes things a little further.

Other 2 Selection Bet Types

The other type of bet including 2 selections is the double stakes about bet.

This is excluding a basic ‘double’, where you place one bet on two different outcomes.

Like the SSA, the DSA comes in two parts. However, the main difference lies in how much money goes into the second part.

This 2 selection bet requires you to place double your stake on part 2. Therefore, it is higher stakes and considered riskier than the SSA.

Other 2 bet selection types include a classic double, as well as a straight forecast or reverse forecast, which involves choosing 2 horses in the same race and betting on them both to finish 1st and 2nd.

Which Bookmakers do a Single Stakes About Bet?

A single stakes about bet is more popular than some of the more obscure multiples bets. Therefore, whoever you bet with, you should be able to place this bet both online and in stores.

What Happens if a Selection is a Non Runner?

As with other multiple bets, a non-runner in a single stakes about bet is simply voided. Although, as this bet type only has 2 selections, it makes the whole bet seem a bit of a waste of time.

So, our advice would be to double check that your selections are still running before placing your bet.

What Happens if my Selection Dead Heats?

Sometimes in horse racing, the result can quite literally be too close to call. In this instance, a photo finish is declared.

If the photo finish can still not split the horses to declare a clear winner, then a dead heat is declared. A dead heat, simply put, is a draw between two (or in some very rare occasions three) horses.

If a horse in your bet is involved in a dead heat, the stake for that part of the bet is halved but is still considered a winner. So, if this happens, don’t despair, just make sure to include this information when working your returns out.

Single Stakes About Free Bets Bonus

Free bets are a fantastic way to try out new bets, as you are not wagering with your cash. So, if you have a free bet bonus available, then a single stakes about bet could be a good way of turning that into real, withdrawable cash.


What is an Up and Down Bet?

An up and down bet is another name for a single stakes about bet.

This is sometimes referred to as an any to come bet, or an ATC.

Other Bet Types

There are a range of other bet types too. To find out about the different types of bets, please take a look at these pages below:


Although not hugely common among the modern-day punter, single stakes about bets can provide an exciting twist on regular singles and doubles bets – so it’s a bet type we recommend considering.

Be sure to choose a bookmaker offering your fair odds and at least two selections. Place your number data into a calculator before you give a bookmaker your cash and get a handle on what you’re likely to see at the end result.

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