Newcastle United Vs Fulham

The Newcastle United vs Fulham fixture has produced plenty of excitement over the years, with both teams contributing to some classic matches.

This article provides all the essential data you need to know about this particular fixture, from the clubs’ previous records in this match to the statistics relating to both teams, to ensure you have all the necessary information.

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Goals ScoredHome TeamFinal ScoreAway TeamDate Of Match
Highest Aggregate7Fulham3 – 4Newcastle United1936/1937
Highest Newcastle United score:7Newcastle United7 – 2Fulham1960/1961
Highest Fulham score:4Fulham4 – 1Newcastle United1982/1983

Newcastle United Vs Fulham Records

Find all of the Newcastle vs Fulham records here:

Newcastle winsDrawsFulham wins
League Cup102
FA Cup400

Newcastle United Vs Fulham Previous Results

You can see the previous results of Newcastle United vs Fulham below:

2018/2019Fri 12 MayFulham0 – 4Newcastle UnitedLeague
Fri 22 DecNewcastle United0 – 0FulhamLeague
2016/2017Sat 11 MarNewcastle United0 – 0FulhamLeague
Sat 05 AugFulham1 – 0Newcastle UnitedLeague
1934/1935Tue 01 AugFulham3 – 2Newcastle UnitedLeague
1935/1936Tue 01 AugFulham3 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
1936/1937Tue 01 AugFulham3 – 4Newcastle UnitedLeague
1934/1935Tue 01 AugNewcastle United1 – 1FulhamLeague
1936/1937Tue 01 AugNewcastle United1 – 1FulhamLeague
1935/1936Tue 01 AugNewcastle United6 – 2FulhamLeague
2013/2014Wed 15 MarFulham1 – 0Newcastle UnitedLeague
Thu 31 AugNewcastle United1 – 0FulhamLeague
2012/2013Fri 07 AprNewcastle United1 – 0FulhamLeague
Sun 10 DecFulham2 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
2011/2012Sat 21 JanFulham5 – 2Newcastle UnitedLeague
Mon 28 AugNewcastle United2 – 1FulhamLeague
2010/2011Thu 02 FebFulham1 – 0Newcastle UnitedLeague
Mon 13 NovNewcastle United0 – 0FulhamLeague
2008/2009Tue 16 MayNewcastle United0 – 1FulhamLeague
Thu 09 NovFulham2 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
2007/2008Wed 22 MarNewcastle United2 – 0FulhamLeague
Fri 15 DecFulham0 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
2006/2007Fri 03 FebFulham2 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
Sat 09 SepNewcastle United1 – 2FulhamLeague
2005/2006Sat 14 JanFulham1 – 0Newcastle UnitedLeague
Sun 10 SepNewcastle United1 – 1FulhamLeague
2004/2005Thu 04 MayFulham1 – 3Newcastle UnitedLeague
Tue 07 NovNewcastle United1 – 4FulhamLeague
2003/2004Thu 19 JanNewcastle United3 – 1FulhamLeague
Sat 21 OctFulham2 – 3Newcastle UnitedLeague
2002/2003Wed 19 AprFulham2 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
Thu 21 DecNewcastle United2 – 0FulhamLeague
2001/2002Sat 08 AprNewcastle United1 – 1FulhamLeague
Fri 17 NovFulham3 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
1983/1984Fri 03 MarFulham2 – 2Newcastle UnitedLeague
Sun 05 NovNewcastle United3 – 2FulhamLeague
1982/1983Sun 26 FebFulham2 – 2Newcastle UnitedLeague
Mon 16 OctNewcastle United1 – 4FulhamLeague
1979/1980Wed 12 AprFulham1 – 0Newcastle UnitedLeague
Fri 01 DecNewcastle United2 – 0FulhamLeague
1978/1979Fri 21 AprNewcastle United0 – 0FulhamLeague
Sat 16 DecFulham1 – 3Newcastle UnitedLeague
1967/1968Thu 20 AprFulham2 – 0Newcastle UnitedLeague
Sat 14 OctNewcastle United2 – 1FulhamLeague
1966/1967Sat 04 FebFulham5 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
Sun 24 SepNewcastle United1 – 1FulhamLeague
1965/1966Sun 07 MayNewcastle United1 – 1FulhamLeague
Mon 30 OctFulham2 – 0Newcastle UnitedLeague
1960/1961Thu 31 AugFulham4 – 3Newcastle UnitedLeague
Thu 24 AugNewcastle United7 – 2FulhamLeague
1959/1960Sun 05 MarNewcastle United3 – 1FulhamLeague
Tue 17 OctFulham4 – 3Newcastle UnitedLeague
1951/1952Thu 09 FebFulham1 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
Fri 29 SepNewcastle United0 – 1FulhamLeague
1950/1951Fri 31 MarFulham1 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
Sat 11 NovNewcastle United1 – 2FulhamLeague
1949/1950Sat 04 FebNewcastle United3 – 1FulhamLeague
Sun 24 SepFulham2 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
1947/1948Fri 14 AprNewcastle United1 – 0FulhamLeague
Wed 27 SepFulham3 – 0Newcastle UnitedLeague
1946/1947Wed 22 MarNewcastle United1 – 3FulhamLeague
Thu 16 NovFulham0 – 3Newcastle UnitedLeague
1938/1939Sat 18 MarFulham1 – 1Newcastle UnitedLeague
Sun 12 NovNewcastle United2 – 1FulhamLeague
1937/1938Sun 09 AprNewcastle United1 – 2FulhamLeague
Mon 27 NovFulham1 – 2Newcastle UnitedLeague

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