Manchester City Vs Southampton

Manchester City vs Southampton has been a fixture that’s given us a lot of goals over the years, with the two offering thrilling matches in both the premier league and cup competitions.

Throughout this article, we’ll show you all of the data you need to know regarding this particular fixture, from the clubs’ previous records in this match to the stats relating to both teams, to ensure you have all of the information you need.

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Manchester City V Southampton Records

Here’s a history of the Manchester City vs Southampton records overtime:

Manchester City V Southampton Previous Results

Make sure to take a look at the previous results of Manchester City vs Southampton here:

Other Manchester City H2H Stats

If you want to check out other Manchester City H2H stats then check out the list below:

Other Southampton H2H Stats

If you want to check out other Southampton H2H stats then check out the list below:


So there you have it. There’s all the information you need to get up to speed with the history of Manchester City vs Southampton.

Historically, it’s safe to say Man City have had the upper hand over Southampton at both The Etihad and St Mary’s in recent years, with some sizeable victories and brilliant goals scored along the way.

This fixture has been one that many fans and neutrals have enjoyed over the years, with some terrific games at both stadiums.