Fulham Vs West Ham United

The Fulham vs West Ham United fixture has been known to showcase some close games over the years with some excellent goals throughout, it is always a great game due to it being one of the many London derby’s

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Goals ScoredHome TeamFinal ScoreAway TeamDate Of Match
Highest Aggregate7Fulham3 – 4West Ham United1953/1954
Highest Fulham score:7West Ham United7 – 2Fulham1967/1968
Highest West Ham United score:4West Ham United4 – 1Fulham1956/1957

Fulham Vs West Ham United Records

Here are all the records between Fulham and West Ham United:

Fulham winsDrawsWest Ham wins
FA Cup222
League Cup100

Fulham Vs West Ham United Previous Results

Have a look at the previous meetings between Fulham and West Ham United:

2018/2019Wed 22 FebWest Ham United3 – 1FulhamLeague
Fri 15 DecFulham0 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
1919/1920Tue 01 AugFulham1 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
1920/1921Tue 01 AugFulham0 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
1921/1922Tue 01 AugFulham2 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
1922/1923Tue 01 AugFulham0 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
1932/1933Tue 01 AugFulham4 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
1933/1934Tue 01 AugFulham3 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
1934/1935Tue 01 AugFulham3 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
1935/1936Tue 01 AugFulham4 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
1936/1937Tue 01 AugFulham5 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
Tue 01 AugWest Ham United3 – 3FulhamLeague
1935/1936Tue 01 AugWest Ham United0 – 0FulhamLeague
1934/1935Tue 01 AugWest Ham United2 – 1FulhamLeague
1933/1934Tue 01 AugWest Ham United5 – 1FulhamLeague
1932/1933Tue 01 AugWest Ham United1 – 1FulhamLeague
1922/1923Tue 01 AugWest Ham United1 – 0FulhamLeague
1921/1922Tue 01 AugWest Ham United1 – 0FulhamLeague
1920/1921Tue 01 AugWest Ham United2 – 0FulhamLeague
1919/1920Tue 01 AugWest Ham United0 – 1FulhamLeague
2013/2014Sun 01 JanFulham2 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
Thu 30 NovWest Ham United3 – 0FulhamLeague
2012/2013Mon 30 JanFulham3 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
Fri 01 SepWest Ham United3 – 0FulhamLeague
2010/2011Tue 26 DecFulham1 – 3West Ham UnitedLeague
Mon 02 OctWest Ham United1 – 1FulhamLeague
2009/2010Tue 02 MayFulham3 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
Wed 04 OctWest Ham United2 – 2FulhamLeague
2008/2009Wed 18 JanWest Ham United3 – 1FulhamLeague
Wed 27 SepFulham1 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
2007/2008Thu 23 FebFulham0 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
Thu 12 JanWest Ham United2 – 1FulhamLeague
2006/2007Fri 13 JanWest Ham United3 – 3FulhamLeague
Sat 23 DecFulham0 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
2005/2006Mon 23 JanWest Ham United2 – 1FulhamLeague
Sun 17 SepFulham1 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
2003/2004Fri 24 FebWest Ham United0 – 3FulhamF.A. Cup
Tue 14 FebFulham0 – 0West Ham UnitedF.A. Cup
2002/2003Tue 26 DecWest Ham United1 – 1FulhamLeague
Mon 23 OctFulham0 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
2001/2002Sat 01 AprFulham0 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
Fri 03 NovWest Ham United0 – 2FulhamLeague
1979/1980Wed 22 MarWest Ham United2 – 3FulhamLeague
Fri 10 NovFulham1 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
1978/1979Tue 21 NovFulham0 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
Sat 02 SepWest Ham United0 – 1FulhamLeague
1967/1968Fri 03 FebWest Ham United7 – 2FulhamLeague
Sat 23 SepFulham0 – 3West Ham UnitedLeague
1966/1967Sun 05 NovWest Ham United6 – 1FulhamLeague
Sun 15 OctFulham4 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
1965/1966Sun 26 MarWest Ham United1 – 3FulhamLeague
Mon 02 OctFulham3 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
1964/1965Tue 12 DecWest Ham United2 – 0FulhamLeague
Tue 22 AugFulham1 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
1963/1964Tue 11 AprFulham2 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
Thu 30 NovWest Ham United1 – 1FulhamLeague
1962/1963Thu 06 AprFulham2 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
Fri 17 NovWest Ham United2 – 2FulhamLeague
1961/1962Sun 30 AprWest Ham United4 – 2FulhamLeague
Sat 21 OctFulham2 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
1960/1961Sat 18 MarWest Ham United1 – 2FulhamLeague
Sun 29 OctFulham1 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
1959/1960Sun 16 AprWest Ham United1 – 2FulhamLeague
Tue 31 OctFulham1 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
1957/1958Wed 01 FebFulham2 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
Thu 21 SepWest Ham United3 – 2FulhamLeague
1956/1957Fri 15 DecWest Ham United2 – 1FulhamLeague
Fri 18 AugFulham1 – 4West Ham UnitedLeague
1955/1956Sat 21 JanFulham3 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
Sun 17 SepWest Ham United2 – 1FulhamLeague
1954/1955Tue 11 AprFulham0 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
Sat 08 AprWest Ham United2 – 1FulhamLeague
1953/1954Mon 16 JanFulham3 – 4West Ham UnitedLeague
Tue 05 SepWest Ham United3 – 1FulhamLeague
1952/1953Thu 06 AprFulham2 – 3West Ham UnitedLeague
Mon 03 AprWest Ham United1 – 2FulhamLeague
1948/1949Sun 07 MayFulham2 – 0West Ham UnitedLeague
Mon 11 DecWest Ham United1 – 0FulhamLeague
1947/1948Mon 01 MayFulham1 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
Wed 13 DecWest Ham United3 – 0FulhamLeague
1946/1947Sat 09 SepFulham3 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
Sat 02 SepWest Ham United3 – 2FulhamLeague
1938/1939Sun 24 DecWest Ham United1 – 0FulhamLeague
Sun 27 AugFulham3 – 2West Ham UnitedLeague
1937/1938Sun 19 FebFulham1 – 1West Ham UnitedLeague
Mon 09 OctWest Ham United0 – 0FulhamLeague

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We have provided consumer with all of the relevant information to familiarise yourself with the history of the rivalry between Fulham ad West Ham United.

In recent years, West Ham have been the more dominant side at both Craven Cottage and The London Stadium, with incredible goals and important wins.

This clash is popular among both sets of fans, with exciting matches happening at both venues.